Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career

Phúc SenJan 11, 2024 at 16:49

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Dong Dai Vy is a male star who once had a love relationship with entertainment queen Pham Bang Bang. Shining bright thanks to the role of a lifetime with Trieu Vy in Mom, Tiger, Dad, Cat, leaving a strong impression.

Dong Dai Vy was born on February 3, 1979, is of Manchu ethnicity, born in Fushun city, Liaoning province. He became one of the rare Chinese stars to step on the Oscars red carpet thanks to his participation in Kim Lang Thap Tam Thoa by great director Truong Yimou.

In 2003, Dong Dai Vy received the audience's attention when playing the role of Duong Thuy in Ngoc Quan Am . Thanks to this film, he received the Favorite Actor a.ward at the Kim Ung Awards and the Song Thap Giai a.ward.

Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career - Photo 1

The actor's career shined brightest when he collaborated with Trieu Vy in the TV series with the modern social theme Mom Ho Dad Meo in 2015.

In the Chinese entertainment industry, Dong Dai Vy is considered a talented actor, with a series of roles on the small screen and in movies. Furthermore, he is a man who loves his wife and values his family. His life contains many interesting things to the public, all showing the image of a man closer to home than an art star.

Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career - Photo 2

Dong Dai Vy is a tai chi master. On social networks, he often guides free exercises so audiences can watch and practice easily.

Dong Dai Vy is a famous man who loves his wife and cares about every smallest detail. In 2012, when the couple attended the Cannes Film Festival, Quan Duyet was injured because of wearing high heels. He carried his wife from the red carpet to the hotel. This action is considered by netizens to be more "super romantic" than the movie. However, for the main actor in the movie "Tiger Mom, Cat Dad", it is a natural thing that a husband must do. Dong Dai Vy and Quan Duyet have been in love since college.

Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career - Photo 3

Dong Dai Vy's image always changes through each film. He is not afraid of the challenge of finding roles with different personalities and destinies... Therefore, he surprised the audience when he appeared in the movie Hollywood Adventures with the strangest image ever. .

Dong Dai Vy is a very diligent actor. To date, he has participated in more than 50 television series and 20 movies. Compared to actors of the same generation such as Tran Khon, Huynh Hieu Minh... Dong Dai Vy is not equal when considering the criteria of a "handsome guy" but is considered A-class in terms of strength. Up to now, Dong Dai Vy has collaborated with most of China's brightest actresses such as Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing, Chau Tan, Zhang Ziyi...

Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career - Photo 4

One of the most important things in Dong Dai Vy's current life is how to raise his 5-year-old daughter well. Famous for his image of a gentle father in the movie "Tiger Mom, Cat Dad" but Dong Dai Vy affirmed that he has a different way of teaching his children, not as strict but not as gentle.

In 2015, Dong Dai Vy continued to b.ig. He caused a stir on the small screen with his role in the movie Tiger Mom, Cat Dad . In addition, he also appeared with Trieu Vy and Huynh Hieu Minh in a movie that stirred up Hollywood, which was very popular with movie fans.

Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career - Photo 5

The love story between him and actress Quan Duyet is mentioned as a fairy tale. The couple has been together for more than 15 years but has never been involved in any scandal. It is known that Dong Dai Vy spent a lot of effort to pursue his wife. At that time, Guan Yue was a teacher at Shanghai Theater Academy. She possesses impressive academic achievements, a well-educated background and beautiful beauty.

Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career - Photo 6

The wedding of the two took place in April 2008. After many years of marriage, the couple now has 3 children together, 2 girls and 1 b.oy. Dong Dai Vy once expressed very sweetly to Quan Duyet: "Except for the time when filming on set, at other times if you see me outside, holding hands with a certain g.irl, it's definitely the right g.irl." I love the most - teacher Quan. Even if I later enter middle age or old age, even if she gets old, as long as she is by my side, I will feel that this life is complete."

Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career - Photo 7

The actor was also rumored to be in love with Pham Bang Bang. Lost in Beijing (2007) is the movie that made love for him and "Entertainment Queen" Fan Bingbing. In the film, Dong Dai Vy plays An Khon, and Pham Bang Bang plays Luu Binh Qua. Lost in Beijing is a movie that caused Pham Bang Bang to face a lot of criticism from fans because of her h.ot scene with Dong Dai Vy. Even the acting of the actress born in 1981 was so realistic that many scenes between her and Dong Dai Vy were suspected of being "fake love movies".

Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career - Photo 8

The couple's relationship once made the media c.razy because it was unclear what the truth was. The two often attend events together, and the romantic gestures of Dong Dai Vy and Pham Bang have fueled rumors that the two are in love. When asked by the press, Hoan Chau's "Kim Toa" surprisingly said: "I was not mature enough, too immature to face challenges, but he gave me the feeling great sense of safety".

Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career - Photo 9

This makes the audience believe even more that the two have close feelings. A source once revealed that Pham Bang Bang wanted to marry Dong Dai Vy and was willing to give up her career. However, this love did not last long and no one knows why the two could not get together. After breaking up, Pham Bang Bang admitted: "I am grateful to him for teaching me so many things."

Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career - Photo 10

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