Li Quyen mentioned the breakup, and Lin Baozhou showed a sad mood

Mỹ HoaJun 03, 2024 at 15:49

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Over the years, Li Quyen has continuously received attention from the audience and media for her relationship with Lin Baozhou. It seemed that the 4-year love story could not be broken, recently, the singer born in 1981 suddenly posted a moody story, sparking a rift.

Li Quyen mentioned the breakup, and Lin Baozhou showed a sad mood - Photo 1

On her personal page, the singer posted a post with the message: "Farewell, who can die for anyone. Maybe it's just... Life as well as death! Do you know that after a breakup, love is only beautiful when it begins?" Along with that, the singer born in 1981 shared a black and white photo of her face.

Netizens immediately suspected that Li Quyen and young love Lin Baozhou had a problem. However, others netizens think that this is just a contemplative sentence, collected.

Li Quyen mentioned the breakup, and Lin Baozhou showed a sad mood - Photo 2

On the other side, without waiting for insiders to explain, netizens discovered Lin Baozhou's strange move. Specifically, at 1am on June 3, the male model also posted a story on his personal page. Notably, Lin Baozhou used a rather moody piece of Chinese music to post the image.

Li Quyen mentioned the breakup, and Lin Baozhou showed a sad mood - Photo 3

In the past, Lin Baozhou often shared images related to his forte running. So the fact that the male model shared a moody song has made many people talk. This, in turn, made netizens believe that the couple really had problems.

This isn't the first time the two have been plagued by breakup rumors. Not long ago, the "Dreams Come True" singer wrote that their story should stop when they no longer have enough feelings together. At that time, Lin Baozhou affirmed with the comment "Fully together", but this time it seemed different.

Li Quyen mentioned the breakup, and Lin Baozhou showed a sad mood - Photo 4

The way Li Quyen opened up about having problems with Lin Baozhou made many people suspect that she and the young love were "sulking each other" or implicitly declaring "going their separate ways", but some people thought that this was a new lyric. Currently, those are just speculations of netizen, and the heroine has not officially spoken about the above status.

Li Quyen publicly dated Lin Baozhou in February 2021. Her young love, born in 1993 in Taiwan. Later, he returned to Vietnam to live, study and work. Previously, Lam Baozhou graduated from the Faculty of Finance and Banking of Oriental People's University. However, this beauty has long had a passion for art.

Li Quyen mentioned the breakup, and Lin Baozhou showed a sad mood - Photo 5

Despite finding new happiness, after the breakdown of their marriage with businessman Duc Huy, the love story of the two has been entangled in a lot of noise and scrutiny. Even insiders admit to being under a lot of pressure from public opinion.

Li Quyen mentioned the breakup, and Lin Baozhou showed a sad mood - Photo 6

Earlier, when sarcastically accused of raising her boyfriend, the "queen of the tea room" once frankly responded: "If one person in the right stage is the one who storms the pillar, the other is the support rear, taking care of the nurturing, sometimes running on the neck anxious and giving more brilliant results. You can't build it alone if you don't have someone to share everything. No one feeds anyone, I do one you have to do another. It's not like the doll in the glass cabinet sits idle and feeds people.

In life, whoever can do it, now every man or woman is equally hard. And sometimes, the warm decency that makes the shoulder steady and peaceful is more precious than anything else. Whoever needs what will look for that. Personally, Quyen doesn't like people who don't take others seriously."

Li Quyen mentioned the breakup, and Lin Baozhou showed a sad mood - Photo 7

Currently, overcoming all the turbulence, Lin Baozhou and Li Quyen are still together, proving their beautiful feelings. Not only that, Le Quyen and her young love often spend time traveling together. Although they are 12 years younger than each other, the beautiful sister is still passionately loved by young love, not afraid that Le Quyen once broke up her marriage and had a warm b.oy born in 2011.

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