Nam Em's husband-to-be shamelessly gave fake goods, admitted to being a freeloader, and will not 'let go'

Phúc SenMar 12, 2024 at 10:45

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Although Nam Em continuously made accusations against her fiancé Bui Huu Cuong, on a recent livestream, the male businessman still declared that he would not break up with the beauty. Even said it bluntly, claiming to be a parasite.

On the afternoon of March 10, on his personal Facebook page, businessman Bui Huu Cuong - Nam Em's fiancé - had a livestream on the Tik Tok platform. It's easy to see that he's not popular with netizens when he's constantly being mocked about "exploding", stealing from Nam Em and giving fake scarves (imitation products of big brands) as gifts on March 8 to his fiancée. .

Nam Ems husband-to-be shamelessly gave fake goods, admitted to being a freeloader, and will not let go - Photo 1

Faced with criticism from public opinion, Bui Huu Cuong did not appear to be "indifferent" as he repeatedly cursed in response. He also confirmed that Nam Em is just angry and the two did not break up like many people speculated. The male businessman also did not hesitate to admit that he was "freeloading" from Nam Em, proud that he had to be "talented" to be able to "freeload" from famous models and actors. He also shared in a previous livestream: "Can you be freeloaders like me? Freeloading is also an art and the person who is allowed to be freeloaded is of a very high class. There is no c.hild. Which beauty queen or model does he love or does he let another guy be a freeloader without that guy being superior?

Nam Ems husband-to-be shamelessly gave fake goods, admitted to being a freeloader, and will not let go - Photo 2

As for Nam Em, on the evening of March 9, she caused a stir on social networks when she had an intense argument on livestream with her fiancé. Not only did Nam Em accuse her "other half" of being patriarchal despite not spending any m.oney to take care of her, she also expressed her frustration and anger when her boyfriend continuously showed himself superior and threatened to break up. The beauty queen born in 1996 bluntly criticized: "Don't pretend to be Nam. If you don't come home tomorrow, I'll break up with you." Who do you think you are? Are you the creator? You are the almighty being. "What's wrong? Why have I tried so many times and still don't know how to change"; "I thought you were my family member so I had to behave properly. Don't come up here and o.ff your patriarchal attitude and change the concept like you're a kind man. I "I'm r.evealing my shirt for people to see my back"; "There is no one who can be with a patriarchal man like you."

Nam Ems husband-to-be shamelessly gave fake goods, admitted to being a freeloader, and will not let go - Photo 3

Although Bui Huu Cuong denied the breakup, Nam Em's move of "giving up" her boyfriend to someone else and Nam Anh's celebratory status also made people believe that the couple had really "gone their separate ways" after many years. times of conflict, unable to find common ground.

Nam Ems husband-to-be shamelessly gave fake goods, admitted to being a freeloader, and will not let go - Photo 4

Before that, Nam Em continued to make people "laugh and cry" when she exposed her fiancé right on live air. Specifically, while singing, her husband-to-be appeared, she stopped and reminded Huu Cuong not to make trouble anymore. In response, the male businessman, in his current role as manager of Nam Em, said he had contacted everywhere to find a show for her and the possibility of having a show was up to 99%.

Nam Ems husband-to-be shamelessly gave fake goods, admitted to being a freeloader, and will not let go - Photo 5

Hearing this, the beauty queen born in 1996 seemed indifferent. She smiled and said: "Are you sure, mom? I'll probably say it. You exploded and everyone on social networks knows you exploded." Faced with the sarcasm of his fiancée, Huu Cuong responded: "What exploded, because of your mouth, many people called me today."

Refusing to stop, Nam Em continued to explain: "What's the point of calling, the important thing is calling to book a show to sing or calling to complain. As long as you call to book a show, then it's worth talking about, the rest is up to you guys. "It has nothing to do with me. I'm used to the sound of explosions, I live in Ba Diem, not at a bomb camp."

Nam Ems husband-to-be shamelessly gave fake goods, admitted to being a freeloader, and will not let go - Photo 6

After the two's conversation was cut into a clip and widely shared on social networking forums, people had a big laugh when witnessing the two's contradictions. Previously, also on the livestream, Miss Mekong Delta bluntly criticized her boyfriend for refusing to work, letting her be the breadwinner, and even often provoking her, leading to extreme statements. "Mom wants to be by my side, take care of me, but she refuses to go to work, I'm the one who goes to work. And now I'm mad, I curse and she gets excited at me, it has to be like that and that's it." When I saw things getting worse, I advised my mother not to do that anymore," Nam Em said.

Nam Ems husband-to-be shamelessly gave fake goods, admitted to being a freeloader, and will not let go - Photo 7

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