Huan Hoa Hong "teaches" Nam Em's husband, giving each other advice that everyone agrees with

JLOFeb 26, 2024 at 16:02

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In recent hours, Nam Em - Huu Cuong continued to make noise throughout social networking forums when they openly argued on livestream and "exposed" each other. They even said goodbye online.

After this incident, Nam Em's fiancé continued to r.eveal the current situation of the Tien Giang beauty. He said Nam Em was mentally agitated. Nam Em's fiancé said:

Huan Hoa Hong teaches Nam Ems husband, giving each other advice that everyone agrees with - Photo 1

"If they had warned me and I still continued like this, I would definitely have to pay the price. I have to understand the law, so after all these actions, Nam Em stopped everything. People called to check on Nam If you continue to livestream loudly or else it's over. Nam Em is mentally agitated and I'm just the manager... Everyone understands what it means. If Nam Em mentions it again, he will have to be dealt with."

Huan Hoa Hong teaches Nam Ems husband, giving each other advice that everyone agrees with - Photo 2

The actions of Nam Em's fiancé quickly attracted attention and caused social networks to "explode" a stream of mixed controversy. Many people think that he is moving to blame everything on Nam Em after all the controversial livestream noise.

In the midst of this, a famous internet phenomenon suddenly spoke up to advise Nam Em's husband.

"In general, I want the best for Cuong so I advise you. You shouldn't scold anyone. If you watch collage videos, you shouldn't say it to me. Men do that to each other, drag each other online. I just I want to be good for you, I have no qualifications to teach you. I rushed into the path of causing trouble on the internet and was hated and attacked, so I accidentally spoke and became c.razy. Bravery and wisdom must go to the gate. I just know. It's not like having 3 cents and then going online to talk dirty and vulgar and then show it off."

Huan Hoa Hong teaches Nam Ems husband, giving each other advice that everyone agrees with - Photo 3

When her name was called out, Nam Em's husband responded: "Sorry guys, including Huan and Tien, please don't mention my name. Because when you mentioned Nam Em, you were talking about me. It's tiring to mention it." there".

Currently, Huu Cuong and Huan Hoa Hong's war of words is receiving attention from netizens.

Huan Hoa Hong teaches Nam Ems husband, giving each other advice that everyone agrees with - Photo 4

Returning to Nam Em's story, in recent days, she has not yet escaped the circle of gossip. The reason stems from her previous series of innocent livestreams.

Not only did he cause discontent because of his offensive and uncontrolled speech, Nam Em also revealed a noisy love story in the past that put some people in a difficult position and was massively "spammed" by the online community on his social networking site. festival.

Huan Hoa Hong teaches Nam Ems husband, giving each other advice that everyone agrees with - Photo 5

However, after a series of wild days, challenging public opinion, Nam Em is now said to be paying a heavy price for her work.

Huan Hoa Hong teaches Nam Ems husband, giving each other advice that everyone agrees with - Photo 6

Recently, on her personal account, Nam Em revealed the current balance in her TikTok account. According to the image, Nam Em's current balance is just over 16,000 VND. The number of coins in the account shows the number 0. "People have stabilized and when they have some left, they go out to give out gifts... But they are labeled for views and likes," Nam Em wrote.

Huan Hoa Hong teaches Nam Ems husband, giving each other advice that everyone agrees with - Photo 7

Huan Hoa Hong teaches Nam Ems husband, giving each other advice that everyone agrees with - Photo 8

Nam Em's situation with a few coins left in her account caused discussion on social networks. Based on Nam Em's sharing, many netizens speculate that the m.oney i.n the female star's TikTok account "was wiped out" after giving gifts to colleagues on a livestream to attract attention. Miss Mekong Delta once donated 1 cat and 2 lions with a value converted into real m.oney of nearly 30 million VND to actress Nha Phuong.

In addition, by continuously making statements that lack standards and challenge public opinion, Nam Em lost all sympathy and a positive beauty image in the eyes of the audience. She is considered a trick artist, taking advantage of her own and other people's private lives to attract attention. Currently, the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City has launched an investigation to handle the case of Nam Em causing noise on social networks, spreading negative and unverifiable information.

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