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Nam Em reveals valuable things and learns lessons after the noise of selling pork in Da Lat

Bút Màu07:42:42 25/05/2024
Nam Em's above move shows that she is gradually returning to a more positive image. Currently, her posts on social networks are receiving many positive comments from the audience.

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Nam Em's husband swore to himself at the altar that he would never be violent or i.nsult a Styrofoam box

Thanh Phúc08:48:14 15/03/2024
Bui Huu Cuong - Nam Em's fiancé made people stir with his extremely infamous actions on a recent livestream. Accordingly, he swore at the altar not to create a breakup tactic for the media. Affirmed that he has never beaten a woman.

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Nam Em's husband-to-be shamelessly gave fake goods, admitted to being a freeloader, and will not 'let go'

Phúc Sen10:45:17 12/03/2024
Although Nam Em continuously made accusations against her fiancé Bui Huu Cuong, on a recent livestream, the male businessman still declared that he would not break up with the beauty. Even said it bluntly, claiming to be a parasite.

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Nam Em mournfully told family stories, his brother messed up, Nam Anh ran away from home to avoid each other

Trí Nhi14:39:16 01/03/2024
Miss Nam Em continues to make people boil with her lamentable confession on the livestream. Accordingly, the beauty of Tien Giang origin admitted that her family is not perfect, behind there are still many troubles that few people know.

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Nam Em was deposed by the Miss Mekong Delta Organizer after a series of noises

Trí Nhi08:41:02 01/03/2024
Nam Em has just received bad news from the organizers of the Miss Mekong Delta 2024 contest, she was officially deposed from the pageant, not being accompanied despite being the reigning beauty of the 2015 season.

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Nam Em said two words and continued to cry live, regretting falling in love, wanting to rebuild his life

Thanh Phúc11:08:59 27/02/2024
Miss Nam Em continues to make people tired with excessive emotions on a recent livestream. Accordingly, even though she promised to stop livestreaming, she continued, even crying and complaining about her love.

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Nam Em mentioned TG's name on the livestream, r.evealing that he always looks for alcohol to "relieve his sadness" every day.

An Nhi09:37:04 19/01/2024
Not only his singing career, Nam Em's love story is always a h.ot topic that many audiences are interested in. Recently, on her livestream, the beautiful Tien Giang suddenly recalled an old story with TG, attracting attention.

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Nam Em holds the b.aby after suspected miscarriage, affirming that this is "motivation" every day

Kim Lâm10:24:29 17/01/2024
Recently, a clip about Nam Em caused a stir on social networks. Specifically, the beauty born in 1996 is carrying a cute-looking b.aby. At the same time, she happily shared something that made everyone choked up.

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Nam Em dug up old clip after noisily making up the missing story, showing signs of unrest through 1 sentence

Nguyễn Tuyết07:22:40 01/12/2023
After the scandal related to her fiancé in the past days, Nam Em took time to relax and rest. However, her latest statement has once again made the public think.

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Nam Em announced her engagement date with her boyfriend amidst the noise, is the last minute change suspected to be an omen?

Snow13:38:24 28/11/2023
Nam Em has just made the next move regarding the love story between herself and her fiancé. More specifically, the beauty born in 1996 shared the first information about the big day.

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Nam Em "exposed" her fiancé's past, mentioning being "cuckolded" and having a patriarchal personality

Quỳnh Quỳnh08:36:17 28/11/2023
Being rumored by netizens about her husband-to-be's past, Nam Em couldn't help but angrily speak out. In addition, the beauty from Tien Giang also personally shared the old story of her boyfriend who is 14 years older than her, attracting attention.

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Nam Em explained a series of bad rumors about her fiancé, writing a 'long note' that also mentioned Ms. Phuong Hang's name

Pinky06:33:02 27/11/2023
Beauty queen, singer Nam Em suddenly made a long post that caused a stir on the internet, once clearly stating the bad rumors about her fiancé. People were surprised and even more shocked when she also borrowed Ms. Phuong Hang's image to hint at her story.

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Nam Em is suspected of being proposed to by her boyfriend, showing off her billion dollar ring, everyone is dazzled, fans are looking for her identity

Đức Trí17:04:04 14/11/2023
Beauty queen, singer Nam Em just had a post that caused a stir online, when she suddenly showed off her hand wearing a ring, sparkling with a not inconsiderable value. Netizens are excited to confirm that she has been proposed to, because not long ago she also confirmed that she has a boyfriend.

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