Tran Thanh is the MC of 'Say Hi', netizens are afraid to sing for the contestants

Khánh HuyềnApr 10, 2024 at 10:53

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Tran Thanh was announced as the MC of the reality TV show Brother "say hi", immediately the online community erupted with many controversial opinions, with supporters and "frowns" in frustration.

The reality TV show "Say hi" brother will air in June. Music game show for male artists. They will go through the competition rounds and reach the final goal of forming a lineup of singers and creating new music products. And especially, this program is for artists under 30 years old.

Recently, the hosting MC was also announced by the organizers, and is none other than artist Tran Thanh. This result is not too surprising to the audience. Because the producer of Anh Trai "Say Hi" is also the producer of Rap Viet in all seasons, so trusting and entrusting the responsibility of leading to Tran Thanh is understandable.

Tran Thanh is the MC of Say Hi, netizens are afraid to sing for the contestants - Photo 1

Having just announced his role as MC, Tran Thanh also "revealed" other information about the "brothers" who sing well, dance well, have the ability to compose, have good sound sense, and the music director of the show. The names that the audience has predicted and expected so far include JustaTee, Masew...

Tran Thanh is the MC of Say Hi, netizens are afraid to sing for the contestants - Photo 2

He said: "The brothers are all young, so am I. This year I'm only about 18-19 years old. What's young doesn't bring vitality, right?

All the brothers on the show are beautiful! Me too, I think I'm still beautiful! Everyone has talent, I have a little too! I think it's interesting, this will be a show where women will scream."

Sharing about this appearance, the "national" male MC added: "The first difference of "Say Hi" Brother is that the program has all male artists, 'selected' and sought after. .. from everywhere. The participating faces have gone through the process of practicing and living together, thereby upgrading themselves to form a perfect group."

Tran Thanh is the MC of Say Hi, netizens are afraid to sing for the contestants - Photo 3

Although Tran Thanh being an MC is not new, the organizers' announcement received many opinions from the audience. Just a few minutes after posting on the show's fanpage, there were nearly a hundred comments.

Below the announcement post, many netizens left mixed comments. Some opinions say that Tran Thanh is not a new face, the program needs a new breeze to attract more audiences. In addition, many netizens expressed concern when "digging up" a few times Tran Thanh placed a lot of emotions and somewhat overwhelmed the professional judges.

Tran Thanh is the MC of Say Hi, netizens are afraid to sing for the contestants - Photo 4

An audience member advised: "Don't sing for the contestants." Some people say: "Although Tran Thanh is hated a lot, he attracts a lot of views" ;

However, some netizens think that Tran Thanh's MC position could not be more suitable. Smart, humorous, skillful and sensitive to situations helps the male MC win the hearts of many viewers. Tran Thanh's hosting ability is indisputable and the male MC is a safe name to "open the bowl" for the first season of "Say Hi". The series of programs that Tran Thanh recently hosted all left a strong impression on the audience: Vietnamese Rap, Who is that person, Vietnamese Super Intelligence.

Tran Thanh is the MC of Say Hi, netizens are afraid to sing for the contestants - Photo 5

As the MC of the program, Tran Thanh will play the role of connection so that the audience can better understand the story, passion and ambition of his brothers.

"Say Hi" is a music program that aims to bring new experiences to listeners' emotions, as well as update world music trends. The brothers participating in the program will undergo rigorous and professional training to upgrade themselves, bringing hits that suit the entertainment trends of young people. According to the producer, the performances on the stage "Brother Say Hi" will be elaborately and majestically staged.

Tran Thanh is the MC of Say Hi, netizens are afraid to sing for the contestants - Photo 6

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