International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty?

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2023 can be considered a brilliant year for Vietnam when it is continuously the host country of Miss International pageants. One of them is also a contest organized by the organizers in the country for the first time.

The common point of all three contests: Miss Charm, Miss Grand and Miss Earth is that they all find the crowned beauty extremely worthy, thanks to which these girls also receive special love from Vietnamese beauty fans.

Miss Grand International 2023 - Luciana Fuster

Excellently overcoming 68 competitors in the finale of Miss Grand International 2023 taking place in Ho Chi Minh City. In HCMC, the beauty Luciana Fuster (Peru) was named at the highest position. The beauty couldn't help but burst into happiness when she received the Miss Peace International crown from her "predecessor" Isabella Menin (Brazil) and took the first steps in her tenure.

International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty? - Photo 1

In addition to her outstanding stature and excellent performances at the pageant, many people think that the president of Miss Grand International is difficult to ignore Luciana Fuster, especially when the organization is looking for influential girls to bring many lucrative contracts and promote the pageant.

International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty? - Photo 2

The beauty, born in 1999, is a popular TV star and model in her home country with an Instagram page of more than 4.6 million followers. She has a charming beauty, height of 1.74m, a sharp b.ody, and elongated legs.

International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty? - Photo 3

Sharing after the coronation, Luciana said: "When I was named in the Top 10, I listened to Vietnamese fans chanting the name of Peru as a word of support. That moment that reminded me for the rest of my life, will never fade from my mind. I am extremely happy! I am happy to have been crowned in Vietnam."

Miss Earth 2023 - Drita Ziri

The final of Miss Earth 2023 concluded on the evening of December 22 in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM with the emotional coronation of beauty Drita Ziri. The victory of the Albanian beauty received the approval of the majority of the audience watching the contest. Previously, she was among the outstanding contenders at the crown race and was predicted by beauty site Missosology to be crowned the highest.

International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty? - Photo 4

At the time of her coronation, the Albanian beauty had just turned 18 years old, 1m73 tall, belonging to the youngest group of contestants. The beauty possesses a beautiful beauty like a Barbie doll with blonde hair and large round eyes.

International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty? - Photo 5

Miss Earth 2023 is currently a student of Tourism Management and a model in her hometown. Drita Ziri was crowned Miss Albania 2022 and then represented Albania at The Miss Globe 2022, w.inning the 2nd runner-up and the Best Swimsuit Beauty sub-award.

The beauty actively participates in social activities and has initiated the breast cancer awareness month campaign, which is celebrated every October 10.

International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty? - Photo 6

Miss Charm 2023 - Luma Russo

On the evening of February 16, the finale of the Miss Charm - Miss International Beauty 2023 contest took place at the Peace Theater (Ho Chi Minh City). HCM) with the competition of 37 contestants. This is a beauty pageant founded by Vietnamese people and 2023 is the first to be held.

Overcoming many heavyweights, Luma Russo - Brazilian representative was crowned Miss Charm 2023. Luma Russo was born in 1995, impressed with her beautiful face, height of 1.68m, three-ring measurements of 89-61-92cm respectively and a toned waist.

International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty? - Photo 7

From the beginning of the contest, she was a potential contestant, often entering the prediction tables of many beauty experts thanks to her appearance, performance and communication ability. In the final round, the Brazilian g.irl showed her confidence and healthy beauty through swimsuit, evening and behavior competitions.

In her hometown, Luma Russo is known to a large audience as a photo model, passionate about theater and regularly participating in social activities.

It is known that in addition to Brazil, she has lived in Bolivia, the UK, Qatar and the US, so she is quite fluent in foreign languages, which helps to support well in the conduct sections.

International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty? - Photo 8

From 2008 to 2010, she studied at Park House School in Newbury, England. In 2012, she graduated from the Instituto Nossa Senhora do Sagrado Coração in Divinópolis. In 2016 she obtained her air transport pilot's license at Flying Time Aviation in Shoreham Airport, West Sussex, England. At the same time, take the professional pilot course at Skymates, Inc. in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA.

International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty? - Photo 9

In 2019, she was crowned Miss Divinópolis and represented Minas Gerais at Miss Supranational Brazil 2019. On 28/11/2020, she represented Minas Gerais at Miss Supranational Brazil 2020 and was the 2nd runner-up overall.

International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty? - Photo 10

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