Y Nhi was called out by netizens when Miss Peru publicly sent her love message to her boyfriend: Not on the same level

Ning JingOct 26, 2023 at 17:30

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After overcoming many beauty competitors from many countries around the world to win the top position of Miss Grand International, the new Miss Peru immediately publicly declared her love for her boyfriend.

On the evening of October 25, the final night of Miss Grand International 2023 (Miss Grand International) took place at Phu Tho Gymnasium, Ho Chi Minh City. This is the second time Vietnam has hosted the Miss Grand International contest.

Through many different competition rounds, Peruvian beauty Luciana Fuster won the beauty crown of the "Miss Grand International 2023" contest. This is also the result predicted by the beauty audience right from the outside rounds. Because, Luciana Fuster continuously shines and is often in the group of outstanding contestants at the competition, appearing in most rankings and additional competitions.

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runner-up titles consecutively belonged to beauties from Myanmar, Colombia, America, and Vietnam.

Y Nhi was called out by netizens when Miss Peru publicly sent her love message to her boyfriend: Not on the same level - Photo 1

In particular, after being crowned and becoming the new Miss International Peace, Peruvian beauty Luciana Fuster hugged her boyfriend. At the same time, on social networks, the Peruvian beauty did not forget to send words of love to her better half. "I love you, the king of my life. Thank you for accompanying me in this dream and understanding everything," wrote Peruvian beauty Luciana Fuster.

Y Nhi was called out by netizens when Miss Peru publicly sent her love message to her boyfriend: Not on the same level - Photo 2

Immediately, her shares attracted attention from beauty fans. Many netizens have praised the new Miss International Peace. One account wrote: " She's in a new position but still doesn't put pressure on the man she loves. What she needs is a man who loves her and is always himself, making her happy. Already",...

Besides, the identity of the new beauty queen's boyfriend is also being sought after by everyone. It is known that Luciana Fuster has a beautiful love story with her model boyfriend Patricio Parodi. The special thing is that if many couples keep their love life private, both of them are not afraid to r.eveal it to the media. Luciana Fuster's boyfriend always accompanies her in many events.

Y Nhi was called out by netizens when Miss Peru publicly sent her love message to her boyfriend: Not on the same level - Photo 3

Besides praising the Peruvian beauty Luciana Fuster, some netizens praised the new Binh Dinh beauty - Huynh Tran Y Nhi and compared it. Some netizens commented: " Miss Vietnam asked her boyfriend to try harder to be worthy of her, while the international beauty queen thanked her boyfriend. They are better than each other in their behavior", "The two "She has two fates, two ways of behaving", "Everyone, leave Y Nhi alone to focus on reforging her character and personality, don't call her anymore"....

Y Nhi was called out by netizens when Miss Peru publicly sent her love message to her boyfriend: Not on the same level - Photo 4

The reason why many netizens called Y Nhi in was because when the Binh Dinh beauty was crowned Miss World Vietnam, she immediately announced her lover. Also after that, Miss Y Nhi expressed her opinion: "I am now in a new position, it is truly a leap forward compared to me 2-3 months ago. Surely my boyfriend must also have rapid changes, more progress to be able to keep up with me. But I still want my boyfriend to remain innocent, carefree, and live according to his age. I don't want to force him for my own sake. Do others follow you or change completely for you?

She added: "I think love will be the motivation for my boyfriend to change for me. Not because I want him to do it. If my boyfriend changes little or not, I will still support him." and respect you. I think this is an issue that everyone cares about, so I hope people don't put too much emphasis on your boyfriend. You're just a normal person, everyone should pay attention to me."

Immediately afterwards, Y Nhi's share caused controversy on social networks. Many viewers criticized Miss Y Nhi for promoting herself and "demanding" her lover to change for her.

Y Nhi was called out by netizens when Miss Peru publicly sent her love message to her boyfriend: Not on the same level - Photo 5

Peruvian beauty - Luciana Fuster was born in 1999 with a height of 1.74m, long, slim legs, hourglass figure, beautiful face and confidence that shines in front of the camera, has been praised by experts. expensive.

Luciana Fuster started her modeling career at the age of 14, so she has a lot of experience performing. She works in many fields such as hosting, participating in entertainment programs, and working as a model. In 2021, ComScore website put Luciana Fuster on the list of the most influential women on social networks.

Y Nhi was called out by netizens when Miss Peru publicly sent her love message to her boyfriend: Not on the same level - Photo 6

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