Rumor has it that Myanmar "took the throne" as Miss MGI, the Peruvian beauty revealed her past and wanted to "confront" Mr. Nawat

Quỳnh QuỳnhOct 27, 2023 at 10:42

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After being crowned MGI 2023, the Peruvian beauty surprised fans because she "dug up" a past story related to her "archenemy" with Mr. Nawat. Beauty fans are worried that because of this, the queen is at risk of "ceding the throne" to the Myanmar beauty.

The Miss Grand International 2023 final night is currently becoming a "hot" topic across social networking forums. The final result, the title of Miss belonged to the Peruvian representative - Luciana Fuster. The first runner-up is beauty Myanmar, while the second runner-up position belongs to Colombia.

According to research, new MGI - Luciana Fuster, 24 years old, possesses an attractive figure and extensive experience working as a model since the age of 14. She is currently a famous actress, broadcaster, and model in Peru.

Rumor has it that Myanmar took the throne as Miss MGI, the Peruvian beauty revealed her past and wanted to confront Mr. Nawat - Photo 1

Throughout her journey to conquer the crown, Luciana Fuster has always been a potential candidate for the Miss title as she continuously ranked among the top contestants highly appreciated by beauty pages. For fans, this is a convincing and worthy victory for the beauty from Peru.

But recently, social networks have raised questions about whether Luciana will have to cede the Miss position to the 1st runner-up from Myanmar when the host country did not agree with sending this beauty to the Miss Grand contest.

Rumor has it that Myanmar took the throne as Miss MGI, the Peruvian beauty revealed her past and wanted to confront Mr. Nawat - Photo 2

Specifically, netizens "unearthed" old posts around March 2023. At that time, Luciana was crowned Miss Peru with the goal of competing at Miss Universe - the beauty playground that is said to be Mr. Nawat's "sworn enemy". But in the end, the organizers of Miss Peru sent her to compete in Miss Grand International, making her management company unhappy.

Not only that, according to some side information, Luciana Fuster suffered quite a big impact after just 1 week of participating in Miss Grand International 2023. Specifically, the queen lost about 20 advertising contracts, 5 broadcasts and 3 performances at prestigious television stations. Luciana Fuster is also expected to be removed from her MC role on a number of television stations that have been with her for a long time.

Rumor has it that Myanmar took the throne as Miss MGI, the Peruvian beauty revealed her past and wanted to confront Mr. Nawat - Photo 3

Although the managing unit is not satisfied, Luciana herself once shared that she will still do her best at Miss Grand. And as a result, she achieved sweet results with the highest position. So now after being crowned, many fans wonder if this old controversy will affect the final results of the new Miss. There are even fans who question whether the Myanmar beauty will be considered for "promotion". rank" to become Miss or not.

Rumor has it that Myanmar took the throne as Miss MGI, the Peruvian beauty revealed her past and wanted to confront Mr. Nawat - Photo 4

Crowned Miss Grand International 2023, Luciana Fuster also officially surpassed Miss Thuy Tien to become Miss Grand International with the highest number of followers on Instagram over the past 11 years.

Regarding the final results, if the new Miss received support and consensus from a large number of beauty fans, the 1st runner-up caused a lot of controversy, she was even compared to "second Engfa Waraha". 2".

Accordingly, many beauty fans believe that the representative of Myanmar does not have a h.ot body and outstanding pro5, both times in the top 20 and in the top 10 were due to votes. Besides, according to the announcement from Mr. Nawat, Myanmar is also the next country to host the Miss Grand International 2024 season.

Rumor has it that Myanmar took the throne as Miss MGI, the Peruvian beauty revealed her past and wanted to confront Mr. Nawat - Photo 5

Therefore, the Thai President seems to want to "please" and is somewhat biased towards the beauty from Myanmar. Many people believe that the 1st runner-up position should belong to Colombia's representative - Maria Alejandra López, who is equally highly regarded as Miss Grand International 2023.

However, it is impossible to deny the beauty's efforts and tireless efforts during the past time. Therefore, a part of the community also expressed support and congratulations for the title of 1st runner-up Miss Grand International 2023 of the beauty from Myanmar.

Previously, in the final night, through each part of the ensemble competition, swimsuit performance, evening gown performance, and answering questions, the international beauty representatives demonstrated their qualities, skills, and experience. experienced, outstanding beauties also appeared.

Rumor has it that Myanmar took the throne as Miss MGI, the Peruvian beauty revealed her past and wanted to confront Mr. Nawat - Photo 6

As for the Vietnamese representative, Le Hoang Phuong did not disappoint fans when he was officially named continuously in the top 20 and top 10 overall thanks to his ability, not through w.inning from the voting category.

In particular, Queen Khanh Hoa also performed quite well in the presentation and behavior competition, helping her immediately "carry" the title of 4th runner-up. Le Hoang Phuong officially brought home the 2nd crown for Vietnam and at the same time continued "intop" series for 8 consecutive years at Miss Grand International.

Rumor has it that Myanmar took the throne as Miss MGI, the Peruvian beauty revealed her past and wanted to confront Mr. Nawat - Photo 7

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