Why do 5 international beauty contests choose to be held in Vietnam in 2023?

Anh AnhApr 06, 2023 at 10:13

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If 2022 is the year of blooming beauty contests of Vietnam, this year 2023 - Vietnam will be the ideal destination for many international competitions. Despite having rich experience in organizing events in the country, but for major international competitions, the audience still thinks that a host country like Vietnam cannot avoid shortcomings in the organization. .

Recently, the announcement of Mister Grand International 2023 officially closing Vietnam as the host representative has increased the number of international beauty contests announced to be held in Vietnam to this point to the year including: Mister Grand International 2023, Miss Grand International 2023, Miss Earth 2023, Miss Global 2023, Miss Charm 2023.

Miss Charm 2023

Why do 5 international beauty contests choose to be held in Vietnam in 2023? - Photo 1

In which, Miss Charm 2023 is the first international beauty contest organized by Vietnamese people. This year is the first season, having taken place in February, the crown was given to Brazilian beauty Luma Russo.

Miss Earth (Miss Earth 2023)

Recently, making the audience extremely interested when the homepage of Miss Earth officially announced that Vietnam is still the host country of the 2023 season, despite many controversies of the organization that received this contest. before.

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Previously, the copyright holder of Miss Earth Vietnam, which is also the unit responsible for hosting Miss Earth 2023, had just been involved in a scandal of "smack" of salaries and costumes of designers. Soon after, a few rumors that the company holding the copyright had disbanded and Ms. Truong Ngoc Anh - national director of the Miss Earth Vietnam contest also resigned.

Thus, with an unavailable and ambiguous potential in who will organize Miss Earth 2023, fans can't help but worry. Because at the beginning of 2023, Vietnam had a bad opening with the International contest - Miss Charm 2023. Therefore, beauty fans were extremely worried when they learned that Vietnam will still be responsible for organizing the Miss Earth contest in 2023.

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On the other hand, many opinions are quite optimistic, saying that Miss Earth is a contest aimed at nature and the environment, so it does not need to spend too much m.oney to organize a grandiose event. In the last 2022 season, the organizers in the Philippines brought a true "homegrown" competition when giving contestants a performance on a makeshift stage, lack of light and "unstable" angle. .

Miss Grand International 2023

The Golden Lotus Company and Miss Grand International - Miss Grand International have officially announced that Vietnam will be the host country of the 2023 contest.

Established in 2013, the contest has gradually asserted its position and is ranked in 1 of the 6 biggest beauty contests on the planet. In 2017, Miss Grand International - Miss Peace Vietnam was first held in Vietnam and marked an impressive season with international friends.

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It can be said that through the contest, the image of the country and people of Vietnam will also be widely promoted. This is an opportunity to stimulate tourism as well as spread the traditional beauty and national cultural identity to friends around the world.

Miss Global 2023

Miss Global 2023 is an international beauty contest for women and single mothers aged 18-35. Established and held since 2013, Miss Global has received much attention from the loving public. global beauty.

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The Miss Global (Miss Global) 2023 contest marks a 10-year journey and this is also the first year that Vietnam hosts the event, so it has received the attention of many beauty "fans".

The contest organizers said that the criteria for selecting Vietnamese beauties to participate in Miss Global 2023 is not only possessing external beauty or readiness for all challenges.

The contest looks for girls with both beauty and talent, the important thing is to possess leadership thinking and organizational ability "to join Miss Global in creating the next journey to support women and children. all around the world".

Mister Grand International 2023

Mister Grand International 2023 is an international beauty contest co-owned by Vietnamese people. This is a beauty contest for men that took place for the first time in 2017 in the Philippines. After 6 years, the contest has been held 5 times.

Why do 5 international beauty contests choose to be held in Vietnam in 2023? - Photo 6

Mister Grand International celebrates the positive qualities of men: masculinity, sportsmanship and social influence.

The male king of the 2019 contest was awarded to Nguyen Van Tuan of Vietnam. After the coronation, the male king was not as active in the entertainment industry as most other male kings.

But the organizers promise that the winner of Mister Grand International 2023 will carry out many meaningful community projects, set foot in many countries around the world to spread the influence of the contest and himself.

Why do 5 international beauty contests choose to be held in Vietnam in 2023? - Photo 7

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