New Miss Grand made Y Nhi "face-palm" just because of a special action with her post-coronation boyfriend

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On the evening of October 25, the final of the Miss Grand International 2023 contest officially ended with the final victory belonging to the beauty from Peru - Luciana Fuster.

After the final, Luciana Fuster became the focus of international beauty forums. Peruvian beauties are highly appreciated for their beautiful appearance, sweet face, good performance skills and excellent behavior. In the extra competitions, semi-finals or finals, Luciana Fuster shined.

New Miss Grand made Y Nhi face-palm just because of a special action with her post-coronation boyfriend - Photo 1

Before becoming Miss Peace, Luciana Fuster was a famous celebrity, model, and MC in Peru. W.inning the Miss Peace contest helped her gain more fans globally. Currently, her personal page has 4.8 million registered followers.

Peruvian media evaluates that Luciana Fuster is a multi-talented beauty. She was once included in the list of the most influential women on social networks by ComScore.

Not only is she talented, the new beauty queen also makes fans jealous when she has a romantic relationship with her model boyfriend Patricio Parodi.

He was also present in Vietnam to cheer and witness his girlfriend's success in recent days. At the moment Luciana Fuster was crowned, Patricio Parodi was present.

New Miss Grand made Y Nhi face-palm just because of a special action with her post-coronation boyfriend - Photo 2

On his personal page, Patricio Parodi shared a status line expressing pride, emotion, and many emotions that are difficult to name. He calls his girlfriend "queen" and the most wonderful person, worthy of being the champion in his heart. It is known that Patricio Parodi's mother also went to Vietnam to support Luciana Fuster.

While in Vietnam supporting his girlfriend to participate in the Miss Peace 2023 contest, Patricio Parodi took the opportunity to travel and explore tourist attractions in Vietnam. On his personal page, he shares many photos in Vietnam and praises the landscapes in Vietnam.

The love story of Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster began when they both participated in a reality TV show. At that time, they were assigned to host the program. The couple officially confirmed their relationship in early 2022 and just celebrated one year together in January 2023.

New Miss Grand made Y Nhi face-palm just because of a special action with her post-coronation boyfriend - Photo 3

Patricio Parodi (born 1993), 6 years older than his girlfriend, is also a famous face in Peru. He has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. His personal page revolves around daily life, sharing workout tips, fashion sense and travels.

The couple often makes clips about cooking, traveling or dancing together, attracting millions of viewers and tens of thousands of comments. Patricio Parodi possesses an attractive, masculine appearance thanks to hard training and scientific eating.

After the coronation, the 24-year-old beauty sent her sincere thanks to her other half for always accompanying her on her journey to conquer the throne.

New Miss Grand made Y Nhi face-palm just because of a special action with her post-coronation boyfriend - Photo 4

Both had boyfriends before their coronation, Luciana Fuster and Y Nhi suddenly became two "hot" characters that the public brought to the table for comparison.

If Miss Grand International 2023 expressed gratitude for the other person's care, concern and side by side, Miss World Vietnam 2023 left netizens "speechless" by saying: "I am now in a new position, It's truly a giant leap forward compared to me 2-3 months ago. Surely my boyfriend must also make rapid changes and progress more to be able to keep up with me."

New Miss Grand made Y Nhi face-palm just because of a special action with her post-coronation boyfriend - Photo 5

But besides the disparaging comments, a part of the audience did not hesitate to speak up to defend the Binh Dinh beauty, saying that Luciana Fuster's boyfriend is no less famous than the queen, so comparing the two Guys are somewhat lame together.

New Miss Grand made Y Nhi face-palm just because of a special action with her post-coronation boyfriend - Photo 6

It is known that Anh Kiet - Y Nhi's boyfriend is currently a student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture.

On the evening of July 22, the final of Miss World Vietnam 2023 ended with the victory of beauty Huynh Tran Y Nhi from Binh Dinh. After her coronation, she became a rare Queen who was immediately criticized for her shocking and immature statements.

It can be seen that the beauty still lacks experience in media exchange, and at the same time, her health is not good, leading to no control over the content of her answers.

New Miss Grand made Y Nhi face-palm just because of a special action with her post-coronation boyfriend - Photo 7

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