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Miss Grand Cambodia "flirted" with Nawat, causing the contestant to overdo it and lie flat on the ground

Bảo Nam16:54:47 13/06/2024
When mentioning Miss Grand, beauty fans will think of a seduction contest, a vibrant and energetic performance. However, besides that, many people are also bored by the ridiculous performances of some beauties.

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Miss International 2024: Thanh Thuy meets a "tough" opponent with an extremely competitive profile

Kim Lâm21:33:59 11/06/2024
Miss International Peru 2024 recently awarded the prestigious crown to beauty Sofica Cajo. She is considered one of the fiercest warriors that makes other contestants wary.

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Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu received good news, predicted to be crowned

Bảo Nam16:05:50 06/06/2024
Recently, the beauty website Vcrown released a table predicting the results around the Miss Supranational 2024 season. Accordingly, Lydie Vu is said to have all the elements to be crowned the highest.

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R.evealing the opponent "far behind" Miss Thanh Thuy at Miss International, VN sighed?

Đức Trí14:47:44 10/05/2024
On the eve of Miss International 2024, beauty fans are buzzing as the Dominican Republic has just revealed its warrior. However, many people believe that this beauty deviates from the standard of Miss International, far behind Thanh Thuy.

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Reigning Miss Universe banned from returning home, sobbing in the middle of a street in the Philippines

JLO17:35:30 06/05/2024
Reigning Miss Universe 2023 Sheynnis Palacios is on a business trip to the Philippines. On May 5, she was arranged by the organizers of Miss Universe Philippines to parade through the streets of Manila, Philippines.

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Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine "war horse" facing Thanh Thuy

Thiên Di15:46:59 17/04/2024
Lopez Angelica Danao is a Philippine beauty. Miss International 2024 is scheduled to take place next December in Tokyo, Japan. Beauty experts predict she is a potential candidate for this year's crown.

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MU owner withdraws Cambodia's copyright, Bao Ngoc is supported to succeed Bui Quynh Hoa?

Hoàng Phúc21:58:29 08/04/2024
Recently, the copyright holder sent Cambodian representatives to compete in the Miss Universe contest has posted a notice that they were withdrawn by the transgender billionaire, so they said goodbye.

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The 4th runner-up of Miss International 2022 gave up the crown, dreaming of Miss Universe

Nguyễn Kim16:17:34 08/04/2024
The news that Celinee Santos Frías will remove the title of 4th runner-up at Miss International 2022 has received interest from beauty fans. To make this decision, the beauty said she will continue her dream of conquering Miss Universe.

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Miss Earth posts photo drowning Miss Grand, demeaning Mr Nawat, fans fuming

Hoàng Phúc17:31:28 06/04/2024
Beauty fans expressed their disappointment with the reigning Miss Earth as the beauty reshared a photo of herself drowning Miss Grand International - Miss Peace International 2023.

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International queens crowned in Vietnam in 2023, what is the academic beauty?

Phương Thảo07:18:55 05/04/2024
2023 can be considered a brilliant year for Vietnam when it is continuously the host country of Miss International pageants. One of them is also a contest organized by the organizers in the country for the first time.

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Miss Thanh Thuy was 'harmed' by Aunt Dung, calling Nam Em her c.hild, with a disdainful attitude?

Pinky11:12:22 31/03/2024
Miss Vietnam 2022 - Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy recently had a clip cut from her livestream spread, but everything is worth mentioning when during the live, Aunt Dung opened her mouth and her statement was criticized about Miss Vietnam. You.

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What advantage does Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy have when representing Vietnam in Miss International?

Vân Anh13:27:12 28/03/2024
As the first Miss Vietnam to be sent to the Miss International contest, Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy possesses advantages that help her become a potential beauty to conquer the noble crown in this arena.

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Thuy Van "tips" Thanh Thuy for the MI 2024 exam, telling her juniors this one thing!

Hoàng Phúc19:35:07 26/03/2024
After Vietnam's representative at Miss International 2024 was announced, Thuy Van - who won the 3rd runner-up position and is also the Vietnamese beauty holding the highest achievement at Miss International - had some surprising shares.

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Thanh Thuy competed in Miss International and was "noticed" by the organizers for something special!

Bảo Nam14:15:18 23/03/2024
After more than a year of being crowned Miss Vietnam, Thanh Thuy was recently officially announced by her management company that she will represent Vietnam at Miss International 2024.

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The 1st runner-up was "instigated" by the reigning MI to compete in Miss Universe, her arrogant past was brought up again

Hoàng Phúc21:35:10 21/03/2024
On her personal page with nearly 200,000 followers, Miss International 2023 1st Runner-up - Sofía Osío - posted a series of extremely seductive photos in a swimsuit, attracting the attention of beauty fans.

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Miss Grand Thai: Going to the exam by ambulance, riding horses, pole dancing, being ridiculed by fans

Bảo Nam12:37:58 04/03/2024
On March 3, 77 Miss Grand Thailand 2024 contestants officially entered the competition to compete for the succession of reigning Miss Aoom Thaweeporn Phingchamrat. Each g.irl chooses a striking style and appearance.

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New Miss Global: Great education, bullied in childhood, only 26 years old and already being criticized for being old

Keng10:01:50 20/01/2024
The Miss Global 2023 final night officially ended with the victory of beauty Ashley Melendez - representative from Puerto Rico. The new beauty queen has an attractive b.ody and great education.

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Miss International 2022 Jasmin "exposes" her large tattoo, writes a letter r.evealing her past

Nguyễn Kim14:45:44 15/01/2024
Jasmin Selberg is one of the queens who is highly appreciated for her beauty in the history of Miss International. She is known as the living doll, however, recently, Jasmin caused surprise when she publicly announced her large tattoo that attracted attention.

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Phuong Nhi made antifans "spray glue" with this action after the international exam

Mẫn Nhi13:32:42 15/01/2024
After finishing in the Top 15 at Miss International, runner-up Phuong Nhi fulfilled her promise before going international, which was to return to the lecture hall to conquer the path of knowledge.

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Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why?

Phong Trần16:10:43 12/01/2024
Miss Thanh Thuy has a beautiful figure and is considered the beauty with the best b.ody shape at the Golden Lotus. In addition, she has a very calm demeanor, gentle and gentle demeanor, good education and attractive performance skills.

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Miss Earth 2023: Judges r.eveal 3 bright candidates for the crown, Lan Anh is defeated by this person

Thảo Mai09:34:15 21/12/2023
In an interview, a judge expressed his impression of beauties from the Philippines and the Netherlands, along with the representative of Vietnam, Do Lan Anh, who is also a bright candidate for the Miss Earth 2023 crown. .

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Filipino doll once 'knocked out' Thuy Tien - Ahtisa quit her international title, looking for tickets to Miss Universe

Thanh Phúc06:32:50 08/12/2023
1st runner-up in Miss International 2018 - Maria Ahtisa Manalo from the Philippines, the beauty who defeated Thuy Tien surprised beauty fans by confirming to shelve the title, determined to return to the beauty track after 5 years to find tickets to Miss Universe 2024.

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Runner-up Ngoc Hang officially took off for the international competition, is she beautiful enough to establish "B2B" after Bao Ngoc?

Bình Yên10:46:27 27/11/2023
When asked about exchanging experiences with the reigning Miss Intercontinental - Bao Ngoc, Ngoc Hang said she had learned a lot from her seniors, especially effort and discipline.

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Phuong Nhi spoke out for the first time about the series of disastrous statements in Miss International, feeling sad because of negligence

Pinky06:31:41 02/11/2023
Runner-up Phuong Nhi made an official statement after her top-7 exit at Miss International 2023, speaking for the first time about her mistakes during her participation in the pageant. Self-admittedly negligent, sad with what he has done.

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