BLACKPINK was allowed to gather by YG, is there a fanmeeting schedule in Asia in 2024?

Quỳnh QuỳnhJun 13, 2024 at 10:30

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Since not signing a personal contract with YG, fans can hardly see the 4 girls appearing together. However, according to recently spread information, the group will prepare to hold a fanmeeting in Asia in 2024.

It has been more than half a year since November 2023, BLACKPINK has not appeared together since causing a stir with their appearance at Buckingham Palace. But that doesn't mean fans have to repeat "history" with the time when idols were "enlisted" by YG.

On the contrary, since announcing their departure from YG, the 4 BLACKPINK members have not had a moment to rest but are constantly busy with personal projects. This also partly makes the fans calm down and support each activity of the 4 global girls.

BLACKPINK was allowed to gather by YG, is there a fanmeeting schedule in Asia in 2024? - Photo 1

Recently, Yuanta Securities - a Korean securities company - mentioned BLACKPINK's fanmeeting in YG Entertainment's event plan. Specifically, in the plan that Yuanta made public, in addition to projects related to BABYMONSTER and TREASURE, BLACKPINK will have 7 fanmeeting events across Asia in 2024.

BLACKPINK was allowed to gather by YG, is there a fanmeeting schedule in Asia in 2024? - Photo 2

It's worth mentioning that BLACKPINK's fanmeeting event appears in YG's plan in the second quarter of 2024. This makes the fan community skeptical because in reality, the second quarter of 2024 is only... 3 more weeks will end.

However, international fans believe that the information that BLACKPINK will hold a fanmeeting in the second quarter is a mistake. Many people confirm that BLACKPINK's Asia-wide fanmeeting plan is scheduled for the second quarter of this year. This means that it is likely that the second quarter is the time for planning and will be implemented later. Thus, it is likely that BLACKPINK's fanmeeting will be held on the occasion of their 8th debut anniversary on August 8, 2024.

However, this is only one-sided information from a Korean securities company and has no confirmation from YG.

BLACKPINK was allowed to gather by YG, is there a fanmeeting schedule in Asia in 2024? - Photo 3

At the end of May, Touring Data - an American company system specializing in tracking concert ticket sales around the world - updated sales and announced a list of the Top 35 highest-grossing tours of all time. by artist. Notably, BLACKPINK's BORN PINK concert was confirmed to earn a total of 331.82 million USD - equivalent to 454 billion KRW and nearly 8.4 trillion VND.

This record has helped BLACKPINK continue to make history by having the highest-grossing tour of all time by Asian singers, Kpop singers and g.irl groups worldwide. BLACKPINK's BORN PINK world tour includes 66 shows in 34 cities with a 100% sell-out rate with a total of 1,815,183 tickets sold.

BLACKPINK was allowed to gather by YG, is there a fanmeeting schedule in Asia in 2024? - Photo 4

BORN PINK is also the highest-grossing tour of any Pop group of all time, helping BLACKPINK "share the same tray" with other b.oy bands such as One Direction (Where We Are Tour) with a total revenue of 290 million USD and BTS (World Tour Love Yourself) with 246 million USD.

It can be said that with the series of "dream" achievements that BLACKPINK has achieved, it is very difficult for any g.irl group to surpass them in the near future. Even for BLACKPINK to break their own record, it will take at least 2 to 3 more years for the girls to come back and recreate an unprecedented historic world tour in the future.

BLACKPINK was allowed to gather by YG, is there a fanmeeting schedule in Asia in 2024? - Photo 5

However, this historic record of BLACKPINK has caused netizens to criticize YG and the Korean media. The reason is that although this is a legendary milestone for a Kpop g.irl group, YG - the company BLACKPINK's manager was "still silent" and seemed to ignore it, making no move to "show off" the achievements of the 4 girls.

Many people also pointed out that even the Korean media completely ignored this achievement of BLACKPINK. On the contrary, foreign media sites paid attention and published articles about this proud achievement of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK was allowed to gather by YG, is there a fanmeeting schedule in Asia in 2024? - Photo 6

Many opinions criticized YG and affirmed that if BLACKPINK belonged to another company, this historic achievement would certainly have been boasted everywhere as the first and only record of a female artist, helping to enhance the prestige of YG. national credit.

BLACKPINK was allowed to gather by YG, is there a fanmeeting schedule in Asia in 2024? - Photo 7

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