Primary school students' homework is overwhelming, they have to cook 24 dishes

Phượng VũMar 21, 2024 at 09:55

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Although we know that students of any age should have homework to practice and consolidate their knowledge, the following assignment from an elementary school has surprised netizens.

Recently, an elementary school in Hangzhou, China gave students homework to learn how to cook a dish. Some parents think that the school assigns this type of homework only as a formality. However, unexpectedly they organized it seriously, even conducting a contest.

Primary school students homework is overwhelming, they have to cook 24 dishes - Photo 1

According to teachers at the school, they hope each student can cook 24 dishes within 6 years of elementary school. This not only helps them know how to cook dishes to serve themselves and their loved ones, but also makes them feel the joy of working.

It is known that this school pays great attention to the comprehensive development of students. This time, cooking exercises are taught in a very special way to help children become familiar with life skills. This method of education received very positive responses from parents.

Primary school students homework is overwhelming, they have to cook 24 dishes - Photo 2

"What a great idea. This not only trains children's practical skills but also helps them learn life skills," an excited parent said.

In addition, many netizens also actively expressed their opinions about the school's approach: "Cooking is a basic skill in life", "I hope this course can run smoothly at school, instead of being assigned to parents to do at home", "That's right! If they don't study well and don't know how to do housework, children will become useless in the world"...

Primary school students homework is overwhelming, they have to cook 24 dishes - Photo 3

In fact, letting students cook not only helps them supplement their knowledge but also improve their life skills. Furthermore, children's confidence will improve when the dishes they cook are appreciated by their families. This confidence comes not only from cooking experience but also from the recognition and support of relatives.

These positive feedback will motivate children to make more efforts to study, learn and grow, making relationships with family members become closer and closer.

Primary school students homework is overwhelming, they have to cook 24 dishes - Photo 4

Parents also cannot ignore the challenges that this educational method brings. For example, how to ensure children's safety, how to properly handle ingredients and kitchen utensils are all issues that parents need to care about.

But this same challenge can give children a more comprehensive education, which is very useful for their development. In short, letting students learn to cook not only helps them learn life skills but also makes them more independent.

Primary school students homework is overwhelming, they have to cook 24 dishes - Photo 5

In another development, also in China, a clip recording the moment a high school teacher in Hunan province used a hammer to break a student's smartphone for bringing it to class has caused a lot of controversy in the community. same network.

Not only that, these smartphones were then dipped in a bucket of water to ensure the product was completely damaged. This male teacher's actions took place in front of the entire school's students.

Primary school students homework is overwhelming, they have to cook 24 dishes - Photo 6

After the clip went viral on social networks, the school representative said that the school's board of directors has banned all students from bringing and using smartphones to class. Those who violate will have them confiscated and destroyed. cancel.

The smashed phones in the clip were devices confiscated from students who violated the ban. This person added that the school had a discussion with the parents of the students who violated the ban and received approval from the parents to destroy the confiscated smartphones.

Primary school students homework is overwhelming, they have to cook 24 dishes - Photo 7

The ban and the breaking of students' phones have caused a lot of controversy in the online community in China. Some netizens supported and defended the school because they believed that this action would help strengthen discipline and prevent distractions from learning.

"Smartphone addiction is becoming a serious problem in China, especially among young people. Students need to focus on studying instead of wasting time on their phones or social networks. That's good." because the school has realized this," users of social network Weibo commented and received much agreement.

However, besides opinions supporting the school's approach, there are also many people who believe that this type of punishment is too harsh and not really necessary.

Primary school students homework is overwhelming, they have to cook 24 dishes - Photo 8

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