A confident U40 man with a doll face, after seeing each other 100 times, is still single

Hướng DươngJan 13, 2024 at 18:13

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A matchmaker named Vuong in Hangzhou recently shared that for the first time she met the special case of a 45-year-old man who, despite going on blind dates 100 times, still could not find a suitable match.

According to Sina, Vuong Chi Hue, 70 years old this year, is considered the best matchmaker in Hangzhou (China). During more than 10 years of working, Ms. Vuong has helped many single men and women find their other half.

A confident U40 man with a doll face, after seeing each other 100 times, is still single - Photo 1

In a conversation with the media, the matchmaker said that although he has successfully matched many couples, there are a few cases that make him "helpless" because he is too picky.

Vuong Chi Hue used the example of a man named Feng, also in Hangzhou, who went on blind dates more than 100 times but still could not find a suitable person. According to Ms. Vuong, Phung was born in 1979 and is an engineer at a public agency.

More than 10 years ago, he asked Mrs. Vuong to be a matchmaker and find a girlfriend. It's worth mentioning that at that time, her son was still single and now has a 10-year-old son, but the other man still hasn't found his other half.

A confident U40 man with a doll face, after seeing each other 100 times, is still single - Photo 2

The matchmaker surnamed Vuong said that Phung has a slight lisp but is very confident in his conditions, including finances, appearance and attitude, so his requirements are quite high. That is, I want to find women who are at least 10 or 20 years younger than me. "He belongs to the 7X generation but wants to look for women born in the 90s," the matchmaker said.

That's why, every time Mrs. Vuong introduced many girls born in 1985, even though the other person was good in many aspects, Phung always found enough reasons to refuse, even expressing dissatisfaction like: "Beauty not outstanding", "Not mature enough", "Face is too big", "Appearance is too old"...

A confident U40 man with a doll face, after seeing each other 100 times, is still single - Photo 3

The reason for finding someone younger than him is because in Phung's opinion, he has a "doll face" so he looks much younger than his age, unlike someone born in 1979. This is also an advantage for him to find. Find someone and "have the right to choose someone worthy of you".

Understanding the difficult guest's intentions, Ms. Vuong reluctantly persuaded a g.irl born in 1990 to go on a blind date. The other person has a beautiful, gentle beauty and has an independent career and personality, but is not originally from Hangzhou.

A confident U40 man with a doll face, after seeing each other 100 times, is still single - Photo 4

Hearing that, Phung was not happy and immediately refused because he did not want to marry someone from outside the province, the geographical separation was something he could not accept.

After that, the matchmaker continued to introduce another g.irl who was 1.59 meters tall but still did not like him because: "I am 1.72 meters tall, the general standard is that women must be 1.60 meters tall, missing 1cm. No, then the next generation's children will have outstanding height."

Vuong Chi Hue added that in addition to the requirements of appearance and age, height, education, and place of residence, this man's biggest problem is that he is too stingy. One time, the matchmaker found a suitable person and arranged to meet at a bar. The time of meeting was in the summer, the weather was very h.ot.

A confident U40 man with a doll face, after seeing each other 100 times, is still single - Photo 5

The g.irl came from a long way, so Ms. Vuong repeatedly reminded Mr. Phung to buy a drink for her date. However, the man did not make any move.

"He didn't want to buy a drink for the g.irl even though the drink only cost 10 yuan (about 35,000 VND). In the end, the g.irl bought water for herself and also for the stingy man," the matchmaker breathed. boringly long.

After hearing about Ms. Vuong's difficult "matchmaking case", netizens discussed it very enthusiastically. "It's true that I'm single with my own strength", "I've met this type of person before, very stingy", "I consider myself to have a young face, plus economic advantages, So why can't you find the right person? Then it's time to reflect on yourself, the cause also comes from you",... are the comments of netizens.

A confident U40 man with a doll face, after seeing each other 100 times, is still single - Photo 6

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