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Harry Lu already has a strong opponent, the popular talent Le Hai, who will the audience choose?

Khánh Huyền09:55:39 22/03/2024
Recently, Harry Lu has been feverishly returning with the image of a handsome patriarch, but now the Vietnamese screen has welcomed another man who can take care of Le Hai - the general who makes Thoi Yen just a the name.

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Le Hai: Vietnamese film director who captured the hearts of millions of fangirls, making Thoi Yen overshadow him

Mẫn Nhi14:36:32 17/03/2024
General talent Le Hai in Wishing We'd Fly Together is making fangirls fall for him because of his good looks and acting. Even though his name was quite obscure before being known in the movie, he became a fan-attractor, making him The film received extremely good feedback.

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Quang Dai, Consul Qing suffered from "inferiority" to the emerging general, causing social fever

Mẫn Nhi16:50:25 06/03/2024
Both are two famous male gods of Vietnamese showbiz, but Quang Dai and Lanh Thanh both suffered from inferiority to the general talent Le Hai when participating in the film project "Wish I Fly".

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The total talent of Vietnamese films caused the producer to change the script because he was "threatened" by the audience

Phương Thảo14:24:35 06/03/2024
Recently, social media has been buzzing with the drama series aired on VieON thanks to the appearance of many young faces, good acting and especially the rumbling chemistry of the couple Chao (Le Hai) and Nhi (Trinh Thao).

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The total talent of Vietnamese films made Time Yen forgotten, causing the audience to threaten the station

Vân Anh14:09:11 03/03/2024
The TikTok social network in the past days suddenly appeared a screen couple that emerged as a phenomenon because of extremely adorable interactions. It is the opposite pair of Chao (Le Hai) - Nhi (Trinh Thao) of the drama "I wish I could fly".

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Bach Loc in 2023: which films are criticized, acting does not improve

Mẫn Nhi23:18:53 07/01/2024
Despite diligently receiving films, there are even many famous works. But all in all, Bai Loc's 2023 is considered a pathetic year with performances in acting that bored audiences.

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Cbiz posted harshly about many famous names in the entertainment industry: Thoi Yen, who is H.OT, was also called out

Mưa15:37:02 26/12/2023
When they cooperated in Di Ai Vi Doanh, it was highly anticipated. But the movie only received a quality score of 4.3 on Douban because of the bad acting of both. Bach Loc couldn't control his expression.

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Quoc Truong recreates the character Thoi Yen, but is called "The Weather" "The Weather" by the online community.

Mẫn Nhi20:23:24 20/12/2023
The fever of Di Ai Vi Doanh and especially the character Thoi Yen played by Vuong Hac De still hasn't stopped being h.ot even though the movie ended a while ago. Topics surrounding the movie are still discussed enthusiastically by netizens on social networking forums.

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Vuong Hac De was "caught" going back and forth with Bach Loc during an action, netizens couldn't sit still.

Gia Linh13:22:40 22/10/2023
No longer hiding it, Vuong Hac De was recently caught by netizens being in love with senior Bach Loc, making fans of both families excited. Even though he didn't speak up, the day of returning home is not far away.

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