Lee Bo Young was treated badly, the salary was cut after publicly dating Ji Sung

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It seems that Lee Bo Young's decision to publicize her love relationship has had a huge negative effect on Lee Bo Young.

One actor even flatly refused to cooperate with Lee Bo Young just because she had a boyfriend, Ji Sung.

Lee Bo Young debuted in the entertainment industry as an advertising model in 2002. In particular, she worked as a model for Asiana Airlines and was known to the public as the face of the show.

Lee Bo Young was treated badly, the salary was cut after publicly dating Ji Sung - Photo 1

Lee Bo Young started acting after playing a small role in the MBC drama "Nonstop 3". She impresses with her pure visual and is considered by many as the standard for the image of first love.

However, because of this image, Lee Bo Young suffered many disadvantages after publicizing her relationship with actor Ji Sung - her current husband. Lee Bo Young once surprised when he confessed:

"I didn't get a job after publicly dating. After that, the ads were cut and my income dropped by 10% even though I still appear on TV from time to time. Maybe it's because of my first love image. That's probably why things turned out like that when I had a boyfriend."

The 43-year-old actress added, "Even when I tried to do a project, my co-star said he didn't want to work with me because I already had a boyfriend. At that time I felt very hurt. much".

Lee Bo Young was treated badly, the salary was cut after publicly dating Ji Sung - Photo 2

Lee Bo Young is not a college-trained actor. She originally majored in broadcasting, and "crossed the field" into acting after participating in the Miss Korea 2000 contest.

In 2000, she won the top position in the local beauty contest, representing the Daejeon - Chungnam area to participate in the national competition.

Unfortunately, Lee Bo Young did not win outstanding achievements, the recipient of the Miss crown was Kim Sa Rang. However, Lee Bo Young's slim figure, bright smile and confident performance on stage also helped Lee Bo Young get the attention of directors.

Lee Bo Young was treated badly, the salary was cut after publicly dating Ji Sung - Photo 3

After the competition, she was offered a commercial, then got a small role in Escape From Unemployment (2003). A year later, she received a supporting role in the movie Save The Last Dance For Me (2004), co-starring Eugene, Ji Sung and Ryu Soo Young.

This is also a charming work for her and her husband Ji Sung. The K.ill Me Heal Me actor fell in love with his beautiful co-star after months of filming. It is worth mentioning that he is currently dating Park Sol Mi.

Lee Bo Young was treated badly, the salary was cut after publicly dating Ji Sung - Photo 4

Therefore, for a long time, Lee Bo Young was identified as the one who interfered in the love story of Ji Sung and Park Sol Mi. The audience criticized Ji Sung for being unfaithful and called actress Mine "small tam".

Ignoring the public opinion about the love affair with Ji Sung, Lee Bo Young worked hard in filming and continuously improved her acting through each role. From the criticisms of the young acting and lack of emotion when she first hit the cinematic lane, she gradually received praise from the audience and professionals.

Lee Bo Young tried her hand at film in the period 2004-2009, then focused on acting in dramas. She rose to the ranks of A-list stars thanks to the success of "My Daughter Seo Young" (2012). The last episode of the drama hit the 47.6% rating and became the highest rated drama of the year.

Lee Bo Young was treated badly, the salary was cut after publicly dating Ji Sung - Photo 5

After that, the actress continued to attract attention with hit works such as I Hear Your Voice, Whisper, Mother... She was continuously nominated and won prestigious awards at TV drama awards. Korea's largest image. Even Mother - with Lee Bo Young's emotional acting - became a movie star

With increasingly improved acting and a series of achievements through films, the audience gradually forgot that Lee Bo Young was once entangled in the question of a noisy love triangle for a while. Instead, her appearance is often associated with beautiful words such as "beautiful", "rating guarantee", etc.

Lee Bo Young was treated badly, the salary was cut after publicly dating Ji Sung - Photo 6

In 2007, three years after meeting Lee Bo Young on set, Ji Sung publicly dated co-star Lee Bo Young.

The actor once revealed to the media that she was really difficult and made him face many difficulties in the pursuit. The 44-year-old actor even thought about retiring if she didn't want to date someone in the same profession.

Dating for 6 years, the two decided to get married in 2013. Ji Sung proposed to her in Spain, in the sweet melody of the song Your Song (Elton John) - Lee Bo Young's favorite song.

Lee Bo Young was treated badly, the salary was cut after publicly dating Ji Sung - Photo 7

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young's marriage has lasted 8 years, the two are still happy together and have two children. The star couple became the ideal family model of the entertainment industry.

The secret to keeping the couple's happiness is to refuse to r.eveal any details about their family life to the media.

A show about life after marriage of artist couples once invited Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young to participate, but the actor and his wife refused with the reason that "marriage is a matter of two people, it should only be left for later." house door".

Lee Bo Young was treated badly, the salary was cut after publicly dating Ji Sung - Photo 8

Talking about his wife, Ji Sung often spends the most emotional words to describe his love for his wife. The actor said that she is the biggest spiritual support, and the source of energy for him.

"Even if my work schedule lasts until morning, when I come home, I will still have Bo Young's rice cooked for me. My wife said that I have to eat at home to be able to act well, then earn a lot of m.oney. More. For me, the rice cooked by my wife has magical power," said Ji Sung humorously at the 2013 KBS Drama Awards.

Lee Bo Young was treated badly, the salary was cut after publicly dating Ji Sung - Photo 9

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