Ahyeon is the most favored by YG in BABYMONSTER, the reason is extremely convincing

Khánh HuyềnApr 12, 2024 at 09:53

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Ahyeon's return to activity was supported by many audiences, because before that, the female idol born in 2007 was the member that attracted the largest number of fans. YG even declared Ahyeon as the center of BABYMONSTER, affirming her position in the group.

Last November, YG Entertainment caused a stir when it announced that Ahyeon could not debut in the B.aby Monster lineup and had to take time off due to health problems.

Even when B.aby Monster released the singles "Batter Up" and "Stuck In The Middle" but did not explode as expected, many viewers said that the group failed because of the absence of Ahyeon.

Ahyeon is the most favored by YG in BABYMONSTER, the reason is extremely convincing - Photo 1

This time, when Ahyeon reappeared, the company showed all its efforts to promote BABYMONSTER. Producer Yang Hyun Suk even directly confirmed that the album released on April 1 is B.aby Monster's official debut.

Ahyeon is the most favored by YG in BABYMONSTER, the reason is extremely convincing - Photo 2

For the first time, B.aby Monster will participate in live promotional schedules such as appearing on music stages, holding fan signing events, and even going on the "BABYMONSTER PRESENTS: SEE YOU THERE" tour through various cities. major cities across Asia such as Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore, Taipei, and Bangkok in the first half of this year.

On the YG Life website, Ahyeon was also confirmed as the "center" of the group. YG has never announced important positions such as group leader or main vocalist in BABYMONSTER, but Ahyeon was announced as the center as soon as she joined.

Ahyeon is the most favored by YG in BABYMONSTER, the reason is extremely convincing - Photo 3

This once again shows the company's favor towards Ahyeon, and also shows the expectation that the Korean female idol will help the group improve its reputation in her home country and in the international market.

After a break due to health reasons, Ahyeon was brought back by YG as a "treasure" containing many mysteries.

Ahyeon is the most favored by YG in BABYMONSTER, the reason is extremely convincing - Photo 4

Visual Ahyeon makes people swoon with her charm, captivating charisma and sharp facial features. Ahyeon soon showed star quality even though she was just a rookie. The female idol's big round eyes are the secret "weapon" that makes fans unable to take their eyes off her. Close-up photos are attractive thanks to their charisma, photos showing off their bodies receive a rain of compliments thanks to their ability to "weigh things" to create a luxurious appearance. It can be seen that YG did well in shaping Ahyeon's real debut.

It can be clearly seen that YG is aiming to make Ahyeon the "trump card" representing BABYMONSTER's colors.

Ahyeon is the most favored by YG in BABYMONSTER, the reason is extremely convincing - Photo 5

In recent days, Ahyeon has dominated social networks, but has also caused people to argue because she is too favored. Although she is highly appreciated for her synchronized singing - rapping - dancing skills and high recognition when often compared to Jennie, many people also doubt Ahyeon's ability to be the center.

Ahyeon is the most favored by YG in BABYMONSTER, the reason is extremely convincing - Photo 6

Recently, on Weibo, the topic "Ahyeon replied to fans" went viral. In just two days, the female rookie responded to more than 400 messages from fans on platforms in 3 languages: Korean, Chinese, and English. Cnet gave many compliments to Ahyeon's dedication and foreign language skills, affirming that this is the reason why the female idol is most favored by YG in the group. Ahyeon's sincerity deserves to be famous.

According to Cnet, patiently responding to 400 messages from fans is a commendable record for an idol. Interacting and creating fanservice on platforms sometimes puts pressure on idols. Ahyeon has shown her ability to be a celebrity just by being able to communicate with fans in 3 languages. In it, she speaks Chinese fluently without needing a translator. This will help Ahyeon win the hearts of fans in a country of billions of people, gaining more die-hard fans.

Cnet's reaction was extremely positive towards Ahyeon:

- Her answers are all very serious and sincere. I deserve to be famous.

- Passersby like me really like idols like this. I feel like this is the type of person who will have a lot of die-hard fans in the future.

- Ahyeon's Chinese is very good. She typed in Chinese without needing a translator, and many Chinese fans received messages from her.

- Over 400 replies...It's so amazing, I don't even bother replying to my friends on WeChat

- This g.irl is very capable, can speak Chinese, English and Korean without any pressure, she also has YG's unique charm that attracts others

- Very good!!! She is also very capable and has a strong star temperament. When I saw their group teaser photo before, I had the feeling that she would definitely be famous in the future. YG please do business properly and don't let your talent go to waste.

Ahyeon is the most favored by YG in BABYMONSTER, the reason is extremely convincing - Photo 7

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