The owner of Miss Universe responded to the arrest information: Decided to sue the opponent

Hương DuyMar 25, 2024 at 17:53

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Immediately after the news that Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip and four directors were ordered to be detained, the spokesperson of JKN Group quickly issued a press release responding to the incident, causing an extremely stir on social networks.

Recently, social networks were constantly buzzing about the fact that the JKN group of Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip (copyright holder of Miss Universe) was sued by TCG Social Media. Accordingly, the transgender female billionaire and four company directors were accused of transferring assets from the manufacturing plant of MN Beverage Co., Ltd. (MNB) without notifying TCG Social Media.

In addition, Ms. Anne was also sued by TCG Social Media in another case for defamation. Not only that, TCG Group also asked the female chairman to pay compensation of one billion baht (about 685 billion VND), on the grounds that Ms. Anne had spread false information leading to the cancellation of cooperation in the project. Miss Universe Coin digital currency.

The owner of Miss Universe responded to the arrest information: Decided to sue the opponent - Photo 1

Faced with this series of unfavorable information, Ms. Anne's JKN group quickly issued a press release to respond to the incident that is causing a stir on beauty forums.

Accordingly, JKN Group said that the incident of JKN leaders jointly committing the crime of embezzling assets of the drinking water factory with a damage value of 44,000 baht according to the Kabinburi Provincial Police Department is completely false.

"Currently, MNB has received financial support from JKN in the form of loans with a total value of more than 50 million baht. TCG is a 40% shareholder of MNB so it has never provided financial support to MNB in any way. "Therefore, there is no reason for JKN executives to conspire or order any person to sell stolen assets worth only 44,000 baht with the intention of defrauding," it said. of JKN said.

The owner of Miss Universe responded to the arrest information: Decided to sue the opponent - Photo 2

Ms. Anne's group also said that such complaints are unfounded and have caused JKN and the board of directors to suffer heavy losses. Therefore, the lawyers were assigned the task of suing TCG Group for providing false information to the authorities.

Regarding the case of Ms. Anne being sued by TCG Social Media for defamation, TCG Social Media said that Ms. Anne spread false information leading to the cancellation of cooperation in the Miss Universe Coin digital currency project.

TCG Social Media said that when the project was about to launch, Ms. Anne's side reported that Miss Universe Coin was a scam and advised people not to buy this product. Meanwhile, the cooperation project was signed between the two parties on June 30, 2023.

The owner of Miss Universe responded to the arrest information: Decided to sue the opponent - Photo 3

However, in the latest press release, JKN Group affirmed: "JKN would like to announce that this memorandum of understanding does not create contractual obligations between each other. And it is just a memorandum of understanding." , is not legally binding".

JKN side said that according to the agreement, neither party is allowed to issue a press release about the preparation of this memorandum without receiving the prior written approval of the other party.

"From the above reality, JKN believes that publishing a warning message to the public and investors is an honest action and in the public interest. Therefore, this action is considered exempt according to regulations of the law", JKN side affirmed.

The owner of Miss Universe responded to the arrest information: Decided to sue the opponent - Photo 4

The lawsuit between TCG Social Media and Ms. Anne's JKN group has lasted for the past year, but has not yet been resolved.

The investigation agency summoned Ms. Anne to work twice. The second summons is expected on February 29, but Ms. Anne's JKN company has sent a representative to request a postponement of the trial. The trial was postponed for March 19, but Ms. Anne and the four directors still did not appear in court.

The owner of Miss Universe responded to the arrest information: Decided to sue the opponent - Photo 5

The consecutive lawsuits are said to seriously affect the reputation of the transgender female billionaire as well as the Miss Universe contest run by Ms. Anne.

The owner of Miss Universe responded to the arrest information: Decided to sue the opponent - Photo 6

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