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Bella faded next to her boyfriend, r.evealing her reaction to meeting her husband's family for the first time

Bảo Yến17:10:41 29/06/2024
Disney Princess Bella and her businessman boyfriend just had a trip to the US. The two posted a rather blurry photo together, making fans laugh incessantly. The female lead then spoke up and revealed her adorable reaction when she first met her husband's family

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Nine Naphat's mother separated her son from Baifern and openly disliked his future bride?

Bảo Yến10:25:09 27/06/2024
Talking about the breakup rumors, Nine once posted a message giving me a little more time to arrange and resolve the issue, and said that both families were having problems, making netizens suspect the reason why they broke up. It's because his mother forced them to break up

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Nine Naphat clarifies the breakup rumor with Baifern Pimchanok, confirming one thing

Kim Oanh16:37:46 26/06/2024
Many fans were confused when there was news that two famous Thai stars Baifern Pimchanok and Nine Naphat were suspected of breaking up. After a while of things being quite quiet, the b.oy finally made a correction on his personal Instagram page

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Put Puttichai announced the good news, his wife continued to be pregnant for the second time, fans admired

Lan Chi17:40:00 24/06/2024
The Flying Leaf actor once revealed that he and his wife were suffering from infertility and had to struggle to stimulate eggs to have their first c.hild. And that joy has now doubled as the two have just announced the gender of their second c.hild, surprising fans.

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Bella Ranee is a "copy" of her future mother-in-law, making fans excited

Bảo Yến13:33:21 22/06/2024
Admitting that she has not been dating her handsome businessman boyfriend for long, Bella Ranee continues to make fans gasp when they discover that her captivating beauty resembles the face ID of her future mother-in-law.

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Mai Davika causes fever with her muse-like fashion sense, the highlight being this accessory

Bút Màu17:54:17 21/06/2024
Besides her attractive hybrid beauty and slim figure, Mai Davika also makes people memorable with her stylish fashion style. The actress has quite a diverse style but still has a unique feature, which is femininity and charm.

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Mai Davika revealed huge assets: real estate worth 300 billion VND, expensive brand name collection

Bút Màu17:04:51 20/06/2024
Mai Davika is one of the actresses who is very active. Thanks to working in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years, Mai Davika has now owned a huge amount of assets.

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The male lead's grandmother has a feverish fashion sense and is currently a Gucci ambassador

Bút Mực18:25:47 12/06/2024
Billkin Putthipong is not only known for his acting and singing talents but also for his special fashion sense. His style is a blend of classic and contemporary, often creating trends and inspiring fans.

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Thai beauty used to be the female lead of the disaster, now it is sought after the top 1 movie at the box office

Bút Máy16:09:20 11/06/2024
Appearing briefly in a few scenes, both Mui's character and actress Tu Tontawan made a strong impression on the audience. Previously, many Vietnamese fans knew her through her role as the disaster heroine in the remake movie Meteor Garden.

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Baifern Pimchanok reveals his hobby with his boyfriend, hearing that he knows each other's destiny

Bút Chì16:05:38 05/06/2024
No need to dress too much, Baifern and Nine still score points with youthful travel outfits that are perfect for each other. The two have made people happy again through a series of couples photos on Instagram.

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Bright Vachirawit sings unacceptably, apologizes to the audience but still wants to sing again

Bút Máy17:27:26 04/06/2024
Thai god Bright Vachirawit's The Kingdoms Concert is causing mixed controversy as his performance has been badly reviewed. The actor apologized to the audience but insisted he would continue singing.

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Baifern Pimchanok "beautiful glow", scored points thanks to his muse-standard fashion sense

Bút Máy21:16:30 03/06/2024
Possessing a pretty face and natural acting style, Baifern Pimchanok is considered the most comprehensive beauty in Thai showbiz. Not only that, she also impresses with her delicate fashion sense, which is considered a new fashion icon of Thailand.

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Thailand's No. 1 hotgirl loves Son Tung, how beautiful is it that "kicks" Hai Tu?

Bút Chì17:05:28 01/06/2024
Son Tung attracted attention when he just released the MV poster "Don't Make My Heart Hurt". The co-star in the upcoming music video is Thai actor Pimtha. She was born in 1993, has a pure, gentle appearance.

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Bella Ranee dated Thailand's richest heir, r.evealing a chance meeting

Bút Mực16:47:51 31/05/2024
Beauty Goes Back Time To Love Him Bella Ranee shared the happy love story of herself and Will Schwin Chearavanont. She said they both met by chance when the flight was delayed and did not know who the other was.

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Baifern Pimchanok is attractively beautiful in Switzerland, r.evealing the truth about the love of a c.hild 4 years younger than her

Bút Màu20:41:34 27/05/2024
Baifern Pimchanok and actor Nine Naphat had a fun trip to Switzerland. Here, the two had many romantic moments together. The actress excitedly showed off her boyfriend's photography talent, no need for any editing.

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Chompoo Araya shows off her beauty in Cannes, her billionaire husband immediately does something cool

Bút Máy16:10:15 24/05/2024
Chompoo Araya's appearance on the Cannes red carpet this year attracted great attention from fans. She is known as a beauty with a happy marriage with billionaire Nott Visrut.

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The owner of Miss Universe responded to the arrest information: Decided to sue the opponent

Hương Duy17:53:37 25/03/2024
Immediately after the news that Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip and four directors were ordered to be detained, the spokesperson of JKN Group quickly issued a press release responding to the incident, causing an extremely stir on social networks.

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Susie Naenna: A s.exy beauty who went back in time to love you, the tragic fate of the movie comes to life

Đào Thị08:30:28 23/11/2023
Although she only takes on the female role in Back in Time to Love You, the character Malee played by Susie Susira Naenna receives a lot of attention thanks to her extremely beautiful beauty. However, her love story is just as tragic as the character in the movie.

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Prim Chanikarn: From the c.hild star who went back in time to love you to the Thai 'goddess of youth'

Thanh Thanh16:50:08 08/11/2023
Prim Chanikarn is known for participating in the movie Back in Time to Love You in 2018. However, it was not until her role as Porridge in the Thai version of Meteor Garden in 2022 that her name could come. closer to international audiences.

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Dew Jirawat (F4 Thailand): 1m90 tall, beautiful as a flower, talented off the table, loves Vietnam and cats

Tiểu Yến Tử16:44:46 06/03/2023
Meteor Garden Thailand (F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers) officially aired in mid-December, 2021. After more than 2 months of its debut, this television work gradually attracted a large audience thanks to its beautiful and majestic setting and outstanding-looking cast. Taking on...

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Mai Davika caused a war, the female lead "Back in time to love you" was mean, vying for position

Tin11:25:02 01/03/2023
Recently, the Thai public can't help but be excited about the 'drama' case between Mai Davika and a group of close friends and the beauty 'Back in time to love you' Bella Ranee. The incident stems from the latest video posted on Mai Davika's own Youtube channel. Specifically, in...

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Tangmo's mother (The leaf rolled away) caused anger when she yelled at the village to r.eveal the shocking story after her son's d.eath

Hoàng Anh10:53:38 15/02/2023
Nearly 1 year has passed, however, the truth about the departure of actress Tangmo - Tangmo is still a big question mark for fans. Especially the audience's interest in Tangmo's mother has always been a topic of interest to many people. Recently, in an interview video, Tangmo's...

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Aokbab Chutimon (Bad Genius): Fly like a kite in the wind when falling in love with the Chinese screen

Tiểu Yến Tử14:59:27 10/02/2023
Bad Genius is the work that "storms" in 2017 with an attractive script and a quality cast. In particular, the female lead Lynn, who possesses a genius brain and a strong personality, is a character that receives much love from the audience. Aokbab Chutimon was the beauty who...

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Dream Ho Diep - Khun Chai: The last film of Tangmo Nida, causing a fever because of the passionate couple

Hoàng Phúc12:00:14 18/10/2022
The film Dream Ho Diep - Khun Chai (To Sir, With Love) from the opening date of October 3, in parallel with Thailand, has become a feverish drama in recent times. Not only causing a fever because of the excellent cast, the film is also a tribute to the late actor Tangmo Nida...

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