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MU owner withdraws Cambodia's copyright, Bao Ngoc is supported to succeed Bui Quynh Hoa?

Hoàng Phúc21:58:29 08/04/2024
Recently, the copyright holder sent Cambodian representatives to compete in the Miss Universe contest has posted a notice that they were withdrawn by the transgender billionaire, so they said goodbye.

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The owner of Miss Universe responded to the arrest information: Decided to sue the opponent

Hương Duy17:53:37 25/03/2024
Immediately after the news that Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip and four directors were ordered to be detained, the spokesperson of JKN Group quickly issued a press release responding to the incident, causing an extremely stir on social networks.

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"Auntie Anne" Miss Universe was arrested for embezzlement, the Thai runner-up acted offensively

Minh Lợi10:05:21 25/03/2024
The fact that transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip is facing an arrest warrant in the case of her company being sued for embezzlement is a topic that is causing a stir among people.

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Miss Universe leaked a private meeting, many secrets were revealed, causing intense controversy

Thiên Di15:48:41 24/02/2024
In recent days, a series of scandals related to Miss Universe have caused the reputation of the most attractive and prestigious beauty contest on the planet to decline. Recently, a series of shocking information in a closed meeting was leaked, causing even more controversy.

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The former president of Miss Universe sued the transgender female billionaire, denying the news of buying and selling the prize

JLO14:21:05 20/02/2024
Recently, on her personal page, Ms. Paula Shugart - former President of Miss Universe suddenly posted a long article about the conflict with transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip - Miss Universe's owner, surprising many people.

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Miss Universe 2022: Explosive controversy "revealed" the final result right from the semi-final night

Kim Lâm14:00:01 16/02/2024
Miss Universe 2022 was one of the beauty arenas that caught the eye at the time. This is the first year Thai billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip has taken over the competition, and the noise about the final result has also caused controversy.

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MU 2024 has just added a new owner and hastily released the schedule, so "sluggish" that only 6 countries registered

Đình Như14:24:06 29/01/2024
The schedule of the Miss Universe 2024 contest was recently unexpectedly released with a full timeline: From the contestant gathering day, to the semi-finals, the national costume contest and the final are all available.

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The reigning Miss Universe is criticized for being a disaster through evil cameras, is MU degraded?

Bảo Nam18:16:58 27/01/2024
Recently, the reigning Miss Universe - Sheynnis Palacios and Miss Universe owner - Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip attracted attention when appearing at the press conference to launch the co-owner of the contest in Mexico.

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A beauty was crowned Miss Universe despite being accused of buying the a.ward, closely related to the sponsor, BGK

Uyển Đình09:54:12 05/10/2023
In the history of the Miss Universe beauty pageant, there are many queens when crowned when the issue of the a.ward caused a stir. Accordingly, 1 Miss has caused a lot of controversy when she was accused of cheating by her fellow contestants.

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Miss Universe was criticized for "alum", out of time: "down the brakes" because of the new owner?

An Tư09:33:32 05/08/2023
Thai billionaire Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip bought the Miss Universe Organization from IMG last year. After taking power, she always expressed her desire to turn the 70-year legacy of the beauty pageant into a platform that empowers real women.

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Miss Universe 2022 was criticized for being rustic, cheesy, where is the beauty of Universe now?

Ngọc Sa14:41:40 20/07/2023
The latest image of Miss Universe 2022 - R Bonney Gabriel was suddenly fiercely criticized. Accordingly, many people think that her beauty is not very prominent among the beauties, with the same rustic, cheesy makeup.

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The Miss Universe hostess apologized to Catriona Gray for a man, Mr. Nawat laughs proudly, showing off the good news

Minh Lợi09:23:06 12/05/2023
Most recently, at the program Fast Talk with B.oy Abunda held by Philippine television station, the new owner of Miss Universe - billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip shared a story about herself and her role in the beauty contest. fiercely beautiful and majestic. When asked by the MC:...

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The greedy CEO of Miss Universe "chased" 2 more countries, happily shaking hands with Mr. Nawat caused s.hock?

KiKo15:04:17 03/03/2023
The upheavals of Miss Universe under the Thai female billionaire continue to cause confusion and controversy. Recently, Miss Universe Cambodia and Myanmar are the next two countries to announce the change of ownership and criticize Anne Jakrajutatip. On March 2, Cambodia...

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The reigning Miss Universe was "lonely" while marching in Vietnam, Uni fans "gloated" with strong coffee?

Chi Chu13:34:14 27/02/2023
On the scale of comparison between Miss Universe owned by Uni and the new unit, it is clear that the welcome of the audience is vastly different. Recently, the Thai billionaire's Miss Universe delegation marched in Vietnam in a "lonely" setting with no one welcoming. The final...

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Miss Universe was turned away by her partner, Aunt Anne "shakes hands" with Mr. Nawat, r.evealing his domineering, mercenary face?

Hoàng Phúc11:24:55 26/02/2023
After Miss Universe Ghana and Belize, it was the turn of the Miss Universe Cayman Islands organization to give up the right to nominate candidates to participate in Miss Universe. Many impoverished countries are said to lack the economic resources to maintain copyright. On...

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The reigning Miss Universe "vindicated" Ngoc Chau, regaining the "main palace" position from CEO Anne

KiKo09:59:21 25/02/2023
In the midst of Miss Universe CEO - billionaire Anne, who was constantly controversial for taking the spotlight of the new Miss, R'Bonney Gabriel proved her "main palace" position and acted beautifully for both Miss Ngoc Chau. Recently, Miss Universe and billionaire Anne...

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Miss Universe issued strict regulations, Thao Nhi Le was released by the new owner, still can take the exam?

Minh Lợi09:23:38 22/02/2023
During the press conference to announce the copyright of Miss Universe Indonesia taking place in Bali on the afternoon of February 21, the new owner of Miss Universe, Mrs. Anne Jakapong Jakrajutati, announced important contents. These shares do not receive the support of global...

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MU was "overtaken" by MGI, Anne prepared her best friend Nawat: Stop "screaming" for the price to "jump" the spotlight Miss?

N.P13:34:18 21/02/2023
The Thai president of Miss Universe is currently constantly criticized for the noise of the competition, even being compared to Mr. Nawat. On the side of MGI, this contest continuously received good news and surpassed both Miss Universe and Miss World. After being crowned Miss...

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President Anne received "brick and stone", international excitement because Thao Nhi Le lost her place to compete in Miss Universe 2023?

KiKo10:12:11 20/02/2023
The fact that Miss Universe Vietnam changed hands and no longer had the right to send people to the biggest beauty arena on the planet caused an unexpected effect internationally, in which Thai billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip was heavily criticized. Over the past few days, the...

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Miss Universe follows in the footsteps of Nawat: The new owner "ruffles his hair" asking for 3 faces and 1 word, many countries decide to boycott?

KiKo10:26:23 13/02/2023
Noisy raising the copyright price of Miss Universe is currently becoming a h.ot topic of the beauty audience. In the face of a wave of boycotts of many countries because of being considered "money-hungry" by the new owner of Miss Universe - Mrs. Anne spoke out extremely harshly...

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Miss Russia "unmasked" the new owner Miss Universe, accusing BTC of favoring the US, Ngoc Chau out of the top because of being affected?

Hoàng Phúc10:11:29 03/02/2023
Although Miss Universe 2022 has ended for more than 2 weeks, the stories on the sidelines of the contest have always aroused the curiosity of the audience. Recently, the fact that the representative of Russia shared a hidden corner behind the scenes of the contest once again...

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Mr. Nawat has a headache because of 2 quarreling pets, a former runner criticized the scoring method of Miss Universe 2022

Hoàng Phúc11:36:27 01/02/2023
Netizens couldn't help but wonder about the two queens of Miss Grand 2022 with disapproving faces. If this is true, surely Mr. Nawat will be heartbroken because her daughters don't get along. Recently, netizens suddenly spread the clip of 2 runner-ups of Miss Grand 2022 when...

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Ngoc Chau spoke about the new Miss, Miss Universe 2022, accused of cheating in the final?

KiKo11:28:31 18/01/2023
Ngoc Chau recently shared about the new Miss Universe 2022. Besides, the final night of the contest is also facing many controversies and accusations of cheating. Recently, the final night of Miss Universe 2022 has officially ended with the victory belonging to the 28-year-old...

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Miss Universe "closed the door" on 1 contestant because of a private life scandal, the new owner was criticized for being "exaggerated" and exploding too much?

N.P08:11:01 13/01/2023
With the promise to regain the glory and class for the Miss Universe playground, but, after the semi-final round, netizens have to doubt this promise of the Thai female billionaire - Anne Jakrajutatip. Besides, Miss Universe Philippines is also said to have a hard time getting...

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