Yen Nhi: The youngest member of Mat Ngoc group, was betrayed and went bankrupt because of starting a business

Kim LâmMay 12, 2024 at 16:50

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Yen Nhi - the youngest member of Ngoc Mat group, admitted that there is no stability in her career after 14 years of artistic activities. She once put her singing career on hold for 3 years, then returned to it but still burst into tears because of being isolated by her colleagues.

Yen Nhi's stage name is Yinee, born in 1989, from Kien Giang. In 2017, she joined Mat Ngoc - a group familiar to the early 8X and 9X generations and is the youngest member of the group.

Yen Nhi was born and raised in her hometown of An Bien, Kien Giang. Although she was born in a family with no one following the artistic tradition, from a young age Nhi has had a love and passion for art, especially singing. Therefore, Yen Nhi actively participates in cultural and artistic activities organized at school and class. Everyone complimented Nhi on her beautiful, sweet, and attractive voice and advised her to pursue a professional artistic career.

Yen Nhi: The youngest member of Mat Ngoc group, was betrayed and went bankrupt because of starting a business - Photo 1

Because of that encouragement, Nhi has more motivation to pursue the profession. However, to be as successful as she is today, the Kien Giang female singer also had to go through many difficulties and pressures that seemed insurmountable.

Nhi shared: "I started my singing career from scratch, with no acquaintances and no material conditions, so I only knew how to try and go step by step. I started singing from small stages. Most importantly, being looked down upon as a not-so-famous singer, being pressured, being chased down by the audience because they just want to see famous singers sing well, having their salaries stolen, having things thrown on stage,... I have all experienced it. It took me nearly 6 years to stabilize and it can be said that it was not until I joined the Ngoc Mat group that I achieved success.

Yen Nhi: The youngest member of Mat Ngoc group, was betrayed and went bankrupt because of starting a business - Photo 2

Recently, when participating in the program Emotional Suitcase, singer Yen Nhi shared that looking back on 14 years of artistic activities, she saw "keep going up and down with her career, not knowing what success is and what she has achieved." ".

Yen Nhi realizes that Vietnamese music is so developed today, she is almost about to be left behind even though she has tried hard. "The most difficult thing I see most clearly is the pressure in the profession. From a rosy dream, it quickly turned black, making me decide to stop. After 3 years of quitting singing, I regretted giving up too early.

Yen Nhi: The youngest member of Mat Ngoc group, was betrayed and went bankrupt because of starting a business - Photo 3

She often blames herself that if she had been more persistent and tried to overcome the initial difficulties, perhaps she would have achieved her achievements sooner. When she decided to return to her passion for singing, Yen Nhi joined a music group with her husband and her husband. Once again, the female singer felt sorry for herself because she was isolated by her colleagues.

"The band was very urgent in finding participants and rehearsed 9-10 songs for me to perform during Tet. That year was the first year I spent Tet away from home because of a performance. That was also the first time I had to sing at the same time." , I had to remember the moves of the group performance while dancing, so I confess that I didn't do well right after the first performance, and I was isolated by my colleagues, going out to eat or do anything . I felt like it was a punishment because I didn't perform well in my first performance. At that time, I was very sad, felt lonely and just stayed at home crying alone," Yen Nhi confided.

Yen Nhi: The youngest member of Mat Ngoc group, was betrayed and went bankrupt because of starting a business - Photo 4

In addition to her career, Yen Nhi was also unlucky in love and right after her 2-year-long relationship ended, she lost all confidence. The youngest member of Ngoc Eye group said that she has been in love with someone for more than 2 years and considers the other person as a relative, and also wanted to consider a long-term relationship.

But the other person disappointed her when his feelings were over but he didn't say it and there was someone else. "I always rely on others to feel happy, that's why when I met this person, I saw that she was sincere, had also experienced many hurts, so we loved each other because of sympathy. But she disappointed me. I was disappointed when I fell out of love but still treated me very responsibly, keeping it as normal as possible until I silently left," Yen Nhi recalled.

Yen Nhi: The youngest member of Mat Ngoc group, was betrayed and went bankrupt because of starting a business - Photo 5

The female singer shared that after her unfinished love affair, she was very depressed and had to throw herself headlong into work. The youngest brother Mat Ngoc decided to put all the m.oney he had into running a flower shop, but because he was busy with singing, he couldn't manage it well, leading to failure, and he had to constantly make up for losses and then go bankrupt.

After the events, Yen Nhi even had negative thoughts, but because she was worried about her family, she continued to try. "If I'm no longer there, my parents will have to bear the debt, so I can't help but continue. I try because I have no other choice but have no motivation or ambition," Yen Nhi said.

Yen Nhi: The youngest member of Mat Ngoc group, was betrayed and went bankrupt because of starting a business - Photo 6

Currently, her management company is directing her to pursue solo activities. At the end of 2023, she still released a new music product in collaboration with rapper Young D but could not achieve the success as expected. The female singer admitted that she is currently making the MV just to preserve the moments of her youth.

Yen Nhi: The youngest member of Mat Ngoc group, was betrayed and went bankrupt because of starting a business - Photo 7

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