Human face appearance... On the trunk of the tree, people rushed to pray, authorities advised

Nguyễn KimSep 13, 2023 at 14:23

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In the market area of Nghia Hung commune (Gia Lai), there is a large si tree shaped like a human face that has attracted the curiosity of many people in the locality and other places to come to light incense, pray, take pictures ...

In recent days, social media has spread images and clips of a large number of people gathering at 1 si tree stump in the market of Nghia Hung commune, Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province to light incense, offer flowers and pray.

Human face appearance... On the trunk of the tree, people rushed to pray, authorities advised - Photo 1

According to the spread, starting on September 9, people discovered that on the bark of this si root there was a lighter piece of bark around, combined with the root of the tree, so it looked like a human face. Seeing that the "face" of this tree resembles Jesus, many people began to offer flowers and pray under the tree, despite the continuous rain in the past days.

People who come here want to touch the "face" at the base of the tree. Along with that is taking photos, sharing strongly on social networks about Jesus appearing in the "mysterious" tree (!?). Since then, more and more people have come to pray and witness.

Human face appearance... On the trunk of the tree, people rushed to pray, authorities advised - Photo 2

A resident who was praying under a tree said his home in Kon Tum province, since yesterday when he saw the information shared on social media, was so curious that he had to go early this morning to see. Arriving to see the "human face" appearing at the base of the tree resembles the god, one believes that the god has an epiphany(!?)

On September 12, Mr. Huynh Trong Quang - Chairman of the People's Committee of Nghia Hung commune (Chu Pah district, Gia Lai) said that in the past few days, many curious people have come to the market of this commune to see the image of Jesus' face on the perennial sycamore.

However, due to the fear of falling trees in the rainy and stormy season, causing danger to small traders and people in the market, in April 2023, the market management board has allowed people to prune the branches of this tree. On August 20, the market management decided to lower the canopy to ensure the safety of the upcoming typhoon season.

After lowering the canopy, some small traders in the market looked at the trunk about 1.5 meters from the ground with a shape similar to a human face, so they communicated with each other. After that, rumors quickly spread out. A section of Catholics believe that the shape on the trunk resembles the face of Jesus, so they gathered here to pray and offer flowers.

Human face appearance... On the trunk of the tree, people rushed to pray, authorities advised - Photo 3

According to Mr. Quang, the locality has advised relatives not to focus on superstition. Moreover, this area is a market, not a place to pray or worship. Local authorities have also sent police and order forces to ensure the security of the market.

According to Mr. Quang, 13 years ago, when establishing the Nghia Hung commune market, this si tree was planted in the yard, in front of the market to create shade. A few days ago, a woman selling goods at the market picked up her phone and dialed the stump, saw an image resembling Jesus' face on the tree, and then posted it on social media. Many curious people flocked to watch.

"This is an ordinary stump, just a perception of each person, some people come and see nothing, some people see spiritual images, so they should perform the ceremony," Mr. Quang shared.

Human face appearance... On the trunk of the tree, people rushed to pray, authorities advised - Photo 4

Human face appearance... On the trunk of the tree, people rushed to pray, authorities advised - Photo 5

According to Mr. Quang, the large gathering of people is due to people's curiosity, there is no agitation or disturbance. However, if people continue to pray at the base of the tree, there will be a complex factor related to religion and affect the operation in the market.

Therefore, the Party Committee and Commune People's Committee instructed the police force to continue to grasp the situation. At the same time, coordinate with the Front and mass organizations to propagate and mobilize people not to put information on social networks Zalo, Facebook ... The Commune People's Committee has proposed the District People's Committee to remove the si tree from the market premises to avoid large gatherings, affecting trade and security and order here.

Human face appearance... On the trunk of the tree, people rushed to pray, authorities advised - Photo 6

"The planting of sycamore trees at the communal market is intended to create shade. However, a section of people posted on social media, causing many curious people to come here to lay flowers and pray. This is superstitious behavior. In the coming time, we will continue to propagate and mobilize people to raise awareness, if they want to worship, they will go to churches and pagodas as sanctuaries. At the same time, we will carry out ropeing, prohibit people from laying flowers, lighting incense at the base of this tree," Chairman of Nghia Hung Commune People's Committee added.

Human face appearance... On the trunk of the tree, people rushed to pray, authorities advised - Photo 7

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