Young Mango was asked "it's easy to get married early with 2 husbands" and the answer made antifan "stiff"

Hoàng PhúcJan 08, 2022 at 08:35

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Before the idea that "the age of the horse gets married early, it's easy for two husbands", Xoai Non calmly gave his thoughts.

Recently, Non Mango excitedly opened a Q&A (question - answer) on Instagram to interact with everyone. Among the questions for the wife of Xemesis, the most interesting one is the question of a person about the age of the Mango Young when he gets married.

Specifically, the account asked: "What do you think about people saying the horse's age should not get married early, it will be easy to break and two husbands?".

Faced with this person's questions, Mango Non calmly gave his own thoughts. She thinks that marriage is predestined, let's just "enjoy with this moment".

Young Mango was asked "it's easy to get married early with 2 husbands" and the answer made antifan "stiff" - Photo 1

Mango Young is now feeling very happy, happy with life with Xemesis. After that, if the fate is lost, the young wife of the Youtuber village will also happily accept it.

" Mango also heard the same, but marriage is predestined. Mango's feeling at that time only knew this was the right person and I would marry them. The future is uncertain, so I dare not confirm anything.

It's just that I'm happy right now so I just live with it. If something happens tomorrow, it's out of luck, I'll be your friend.

Everyone who comes and goes will teach them a lesson. No one knows the future, so I'm just happy," said Xoai Non.

Mango Non's share received much agreement. Who knows what life is, so just live it to the fullest, enjoy the fun and happiness of the present!

In another development, recently, Mango Non continued to create "waves" because of the clip she and Xemesis gave birthday gifts to her mother-in-law. Specifically, at the party at the new villa of his brother Xemesis, the couple gave their mother a pair of diamond earrings. Receiving the gift, the streamer mother was very surprised and happy, constantly hugging and kissing her daughter-in-law.

Young Mango was asked "it's easy to get married early with 2 husbands" and the answer made antifan "stiff" - Photo 2

Young Mango was asked "it's easy to get married early with 2 husbands" and the answer made antifan "stiff" - Photo 3

However, what caught many people's attention was the outfit of Non Mango in the party. She wore a shirt that was almost like a bra, which was rather r.evealing despite the crowd. Earlier, Xemesis explained that this was a rather crowded party, not only with family but also a few friends.

Young Mango was asked "it's easy to get married early with 2 husbands" and the answer made antifan "stiff" - Photo 4

Below the clip, netizens have expressed many conflicting opinions about Mango Non's outfit. Many people disagree with the shirt because this is a party and there are many people in the house, not a private place:

- Can the elderly and young people in the house wear it all?

- Did Mrs. Trang go to a party or take a bath?

- Dress like you're about to go swimming.

- Bringing gifts for mom but thinking to bring clothes to the beach.

- What kind of clothes are you wearing?

- I just wonder why are adults and children dressed so strangely?

However, there are also many opinions that it is not her job to wear Mango Non, even if her mother-in-law does not say anything, it is not the turn of netizens:

- Is it okay to dress comfortably? The richer the house, the more comfortable it is.

- The mother-in-law has not said a word, the family also has no opinion, what do you guys say?

- Is your mother-in-law easy?

- If someone's husband doesn't say anything, what do you guys think? I can be so beautiful, I wear it even more fierce.

Although it's just a clip cut out of Xemesis's vlog on YouTube and posted by a "pha-ke" Tik Tok channel, the clip has now garnered nearly 2 million views after 9 hours of posting.

Non mango real name Trang Pham (born in 2002, nicknamed Mango Non) is known as the " h.ot g.irl Instagram", owns hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks.

Her name is even more interesting when paired with Xemesis (born in 1989) - famous in the gaming community with a rich background. People often call him "the richest streamer in Vietnam", "the young master of the YouTuber village",...

Xemesis - Non mango got to know each other in a game event at the end of 2018. After a period of passionate love, the couple decided to get married, the wedding was held on November 14, 2020.

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