Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving?

KikoMay 29, 2023 at 15:05

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Distributing hundreds of meals to the homeless, but just because of the act of not getting off the bus when distributing, Xoai Non suddenly received mixed opinions. Right after that, many people expressed their defense for his wife Xemesis.

Specifically, recently, on her Tiktok channel, hotgirl Mango Non shared a clip recording her volunteering journey with some close friends. Accordingly, she and her friends cooked delicious and nutritious meals together, packed them and distributed them to homeless people, night workers, people in difficult circumstances...

Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving? - Photo 1

The image of a young mango with a bare face, cooking by himself has received many compliments from netizens. However, an action while this 10X hotgirl gave gifts to difficult situations created many mixed opinions. Specifically, in the shared clip, his wife Xemesis sat in the car for a person to walk around to receive gifts. Many people believe that, rather, Non mango should get out of the car and go to the recipient's location to give it.

Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving? - Photo 2

However, besides that, there are also many people who speak up for her because Mango Non goes out to distribute rice a lot of people, if you keep getting in and out of the car continuously, there are also some obstacles, so everyone should look at it in a more positive way. . Mango's actions are already very meaningful. Moreover, it is also very respectful to give rice with both hands.

Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving? - Photo 3

Some comments from netizens:

- Recognition is a free gift by giving, that is also the culture and respect for others

- Should get off the car so that the recipient feels more respected.

-I'm sure there will be a lot of comments, but cheers everyone

-I think in a positive way, everything will be better

- It's important that I have a heart and a heart, everyone, it's respectful to give it with both hands. The clip is so cute but everyone is so strict!

Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving? - Photo 4

Possessing a beautiful beauty like a doll, Mango Non is a famous face in the lookbook photography village in Saigon. She also regularly appears in sitcoms and music videos. Since returning to the same house with "Vietnam's richest streamer" Xemesis, her life as a bride and groom has received more and more attention.

Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving? - Photo 5

Young Mango and Xemesis have known each other since the end of 2018 and in February 2021, both officially announced their relationship. However, the couple received mixed opinions due to the age gap and family background. However, Xemesis revealed that Mango Non was the first Vietnamese girlfriend that his family agreed to let him know. Xemesis herself also said that he feels lucky to love and marry a h.ot g.irl born in 2002, so he always loves and pampers her to the fullest.

Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving? - Photo 6

In 2020, the wedding of Non Mango and Xemesis once caused a media fever and social network due to the extent of the groom's family. Stepping into the moat, Mango Non's life seems to have turned to a new page. She was adored by her husband.

In addition, she is also very popular with her husband's family. Mango Non revealed that she was loved by her parents-in-law because of the youngest age in the family. Her father-in-law promised to "hang a reward" for the hotel and house when she gave birth to her first c.hild: "My father-in-law said that if I give birth to a son, I will give the hotel, the daughter will give the house, twins give it to both". Even in a vlog about visiting her husband's house, her mother also concluded: "How much property will give you (Spring Mango) all".

Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving? - Photo 7

However, despite being married for 4 years, Mango Non and Xemesis have not yet given birth, causing many people to question. Recently, in a livestream chat with fans, she and her husband suddenly shared about their plan to welcome their first babies by artificial insemination.

Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving? - Photo 8

Before the mixed opinions of netizens about the decision not to choose the natural birth method, Non mango confided: "If people say that I can't give birth, what must I do to not give birth naturally, I will also have a b.aby. I will accept because what is safe and reasonable I do. More and more I learn to not care about what other people say anymore. My life is my decision, no one can decide but they also I don't live for me. Why do I have to look at what other people think and say and then I dare not do it?".

Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving? - Photo 9

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