Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised

Minh NgọcMay 17, 2024 at 07:33

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Even though she is a rookie, the 16-year-old female idol of ILLIT received many compliments for her extremely decisive actions when reading negative comments from netizens on the livestream.

On the evening of May 14, ILIT opened a livestream to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its debut, chatting with fans via Weverse. The focus is on 16-year-old member Wonhee. While the sisters were happy and responded to fans' comments, she was quite pensive. Many observant Wonhee fans are reporting malicious comments appearing on the livestream screen. This moment made fans feel sad.

Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised - Photo 1

Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised - Photo 2

Wonhee quietly read and acted very quickly. The clip cut by fans received more than 1.1 million views on X, along with more than 20K likes and more than 5,000 retweets (to date).

Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised - Photo 3

Wonhee's expression when reporting malicious comments that went viral on many platforms. The female idol lowered her head, clearly showing her sadness and pressed report continuously for several dozen seconds. Meanwhile, ILLIT members still laughed, talked, and read messages sent by fans.

Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised - Photo 4

Netizens all agreed with Wonhee's actions, which were cool, decisive, and much stronger than her fragile and adorable appearance. Instead of paying attention and thinking too much about the malicious and hateful comments, netizens think that idols can do like Wonhee, "click report", and immediately block those accounts.

Also in this livestream, fans caught the moment Wonhee was excited when she read a comment encouraging the group. It can be seen that the 16-year-old female idol does not hide her thoughts at all when standing in front of the camera. She innocently expressed her emotions, from sadness, disappointment to happiness when receiving messages of love from fans. The contrast in the same frame evokes many thoughts.

Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised - Photo 5

Along with the fever of the video of Wonhee pressing report for malicious comments, fans used the hashtag #Belift_Protect_ILLIT to express their anger and put pressure on the company. Netizens questioned, was BELIFT's staff lacking sophistication or did they intentionally give the phone to Wonhee during the livestream? Because more than anyone else, this is a sensitive time for ILLIT, support staff and managers must clearly understand that the comment area will have mixed fans and haters. If Wonhee didn't have a strong mentality, would she be able to withstand those attacks and hate?

Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised - Photo 6

Recently, ILLIT was caught up in the dispute between Min Hee Jin and the parent group HYBE. Female CEO ADOR accused HYBE of copying NewJeans to create ILLIT. Therefore, BELIFT LAB's g.irl group was labeled a "copy" and was attacked by many elements with harsh words on social networks. Furthermore, ILLIT is constantly involved in talent controversies. The group was pointed out for their poor singing skills, a disastrous encore, and recently lip-syncing. Among them, Wonhee is currently the most criticized name.

In a recent exchange, ILLIT performed Magnetic with a handheld microphone. As the opening singer, Wonhee forgot to... lip-sync her own part, causing the group to be exposed for lip-syncing right from the start.

Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised - Photo 7

Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised - Photo 8

Not stopping there, when it came to the part where she had to sing "Baby don't say no", Wonhee continued to forget to put the microphone to her mouth, surprising her teammates and they could only laugh, looking at Moka's expression. is knowing! As for "owner" Wonhee, she was sprayed with glue, stiffened and continued her performance.

Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised - Photo 9

Because ILLIT is so used to lip-syncing, this clip just "adds fuel to the fire". However, many people also frankly believe that the company should focus on retraining the group's skills instead of constantly performing and lip-syncing so blatantly:

- From the beginning, the lip sync was revealed, thank you Wonhee!

- Normally, idols who go to radio shows just hope to hear live singing, which is really disappointing!

- But can I stop acting cute? If you sing badly and lip sync, then let's go normal.

- Rough but true, what do people expect from this group's singing?

- It's true that visuals decide everything, but how did she win the survival show?

- This ILLIT group looks very industrial. Even though the music is good and the achievements are high, it feels like the 5 don't see any individual mark of each member at all.

Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised - Photo 10

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