Tran Thanh was criticized or talked about philosophy but many times wrong knowledge and attitude, then bored

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Tran Thanh is famous as a male star with many profound and philosophical statements. However, there are also many times when male MCs are controversial because of times when they say seriously wrong knowledge, or accidentally say less charming sentences.

Returning to the role of MC of the show Who is he season 5 , Tran Thanh was booed for saying wrong medical knowledge right from the first episode on air. Specifically, when chatting with a player from Thailand - NPAK is a female-to-male transgender, Tran Thanh asked about the large scar on his left wrist.

Although NPAK did not disclose the details of this surgery, Tran Thanh quickly explained: "One has to open the b.lood vessels and put hormones and everything in to change gender".

Tran Thanh was criticized or talked about philosophy but many times wrong knowledge and attitude, then bored - Photo 1

Tran Thanh's statement was seriously misjudged by doctors and medical professionals. According to professional explanations, the injection of male hormones, specifically testosterone, into the b.lood vessels is contraindicated in medicine.

Right after that, the production unit of the program "Who is that person" admitted to the mistake of giving information about NPAK's transgender process. They also cut out Tran Thanh's controversial share. Although the program apologized, Tran Thanh remained silent.

Tran Thanh was criticized or talked about philosophy but many times wrong knowledge and attitude, then bored - Photo 2

Tran Thanh was criticized or talked about philosophy but many times wrong knowledge and attitude, then bored - Photo 3

In episode 13 of the show The Masked Singer, Tran Thanh commented that the voice of Ti Nau (Thuy Chi) was criticized for having wrong musical knowledge. "This semi-classical style is not Ti Na's forte. She sings this song in a pop style, mixed voice. If she sings in a classical style, it will be heavier and more melodious. But she is too good, her voice is very beautiful. ", the male MC commented.

After the show aired, musician ViruSs commented that Tran Thanh was misunderstanding the opera genre and how to perform the hymns. "I feel that Mr. Thanh is misunderstanding about opera and hymns. This is understandable. The way the chant is performed is not the same as that described by Mr. Thanh, that it must be clear, strong, and loud. The hymn is a song that can be expressed in the lyrics. appears in a place like a cathedral, so this is not a song for singers to o.ff and sing loudly.

My view with songs like Ave Maria is that clarity, lightness, and flight are more important than skill. I'm not defending Ti Nau, I'm just saying so that people don't misunderstand music knowledge, " said the male musician.

Tran Thanh was criticized or talked about philosophy but many times wrong knowledge and attitude, then bored - Photo 4

In episode 6 of Rap Viet season one, when talking about the success of this program, Tran Thanh shared: "We have erased the line between Underground and mainstream music. There will be nothing called unorthodox at all. if it is highly artistic, well done, professional and invested.

Sometimes there are people who put their own opinions in so that the rap can speak for other people's hearts. Those are the things we are very happy about when Vietnamese Rap has initially gradually affirmed its position in the hearts of Vietnamese music-loving audiences."

Hari Won's husband's share caused mixed opinions in the online community. Some people insist that Underground is still Underground, there's no way a show can blur the line between Underground and mainstream music.

Tran Thanh was criticized or talked about philosophy but many times wrong knowledge and attitude, then bored - Photo 5

Also at Rap Viet , Tran Thanh commented when listening to the performance of teachers and students Suboi - Tlinh. "If women are confident and cool like that, why should they go for feminism?", he said. However, his comments received mixed opinions. The majority of the audience said that Tran Thanh is underestimating women and misinterpreting the feminist movement.

After that, it was Suboi - Rap Viet coach who shared his opinion. She said Tran Thanh's statement was not reasonable. The male MC's thinking is also outdated.

"I find what Mr. Tran Thanh said unreasonable. I just want to let everyone know that strong women do not mean they want to compete with men.

The feminist thing here is not about hating men or anything. But on the contrary, since then the people who hate Su or criticize Su are all men. Rather than a b.oy because now I have found a very wonderful man. I'm very grateful for that," the female rapper shared.

Tran Thanh was criticized or talked about philosophy but many times wrong knowledge and attitude, then bored - Photo 6

Despite countless reactions for statements of serious lack of knowledge, or uncharacteristic words on stage, Tran Thanh still remained silent, waiting for the storm to pass. This makes many people unhappy, thinking that the male MC is not responsible for his words.

Tran Thanh was criticized or talked about philosophy but many times wrong knowledge and attitude, then bored - Photo 7

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