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Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry

Phượng Vũ21:31:11 27/02/2024
Appearing in the final episodes of Rap Viet season 3, Wokeup immediately caused a stir because of his bright appearance and outstanding musical talent. He was even given an absolute score by h.ot g.irl Tay Ho CiCi.

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Minh Tu and her fiancé have been in love for 11 years, where is Andree Right Hand during this time?

Phi Đức12:00:09 24/11/2023
The news that Minh Tu proposed to her foreign boyfriend on November 23 caused a stir in the online community. Besides, the information that the two have been dating since 2011 makes many fans wonder and wonder: so where has Andree Right Hand been during this time?

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Ngoc Thao: From a hotgirl to a famous actress, her career has skyrocketed thanks to her collaboration with Kim Woo Bin

Hướng Dương15:49:37 23/08/2023
If anyone has ever watched Pho, they must know the cute hotgirl Ngoc Thao. Many viewers love and call her with the nickname Genie Albee Ngoc Thao or Pho Ngoc Thao.

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RICHIE D ICY - SMO'S COUSIN: "Driller" of rap, conquers Andree Right Hand within one note

Hướng Dương13:11:53 20/08/2023
Richie D ICY is a game programmer based in Australia, he suddenly became a phenomenon in the Vietnamese underground world with the explosion of Rolling. Recently, he continued to make headlines when he enrolled in Rap Viet season 3.

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SMO - 95G LEADER: Having raped diss WOWY, seeing his teammates as opponents, what will be the outcome?

Hoa Tuyết15:11:43 18/08/2023
SMO is known as the leader of the group 95G, one of the rappers who created a wave of trap music and breathed life into HipHop Vietnam. Recently, he attracted attention when appearing at Rap Viet season 3.

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DLOW: Contestant gets bumper season after 2 Rap competitions, Andree also "has no door" for 1 reason

Hoa Tuyết14:07:14 14/08/2023
Dlow is known as a young male rapper who is loved by many viewers for his outstanding musical talent and handsome appearance. Recently, he attracted attention when he returned to participate in Rap Viet season 3.

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Andree Right Hand was criticized for his lack of color, his love of color, his attitude when he was told "Destroyer of the contestant"?

Đình Thi12:04:38 14/08/2023
Becoming a coach at Rap Viet season 3, Andree Right Hand attracted attention by being the King of playful rap. However, after many episodes aired, this rapper received a series of intense criticism and was labeled as the contestant Terminator.

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Andree - Phuong Ly: From friendzone to "on friendship", rumors of being in love still do not correct

Nhật Hân13:41:22 21/07/2023
Since being suspected of falling in love, Andree - Phuong Ly has never once clarified all the speculations of netizens. No longer close friends, Andree - Phuong Ly has now upgraded to a love relationship?

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