Binz students were announced by netizens to stop voting for the final, MCK and TLinh were said to "pour more fuel on the fire"

team youtuberNov 13, 2020 at 17:46

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Right before the announcement of the results of the first season of the reality show Rap Viet, the past noise of the contestants was "plowed up" by some audiences and made a fuss over the past few days. There are people who apologize from the beginning like Gonzo, but there are also people who hold their point like MCK.

"I DON'T RESPECT X. MUSIC PEOPLE WHO DREAM MY PRIVATE LIFE, intending to slander my brother. I HAVE TALENT AND MY MUSIC TO CONSULT EVERYTHING" shared by MCK, the contestant of the Rap Vietnamese program, Coach Karik's team, when he was caught up in the noise of the past few days. MCK thinks he has talent and music has convinced everyone. The male contestant knows his ability and knows he is not alone.

Binz students were announced by netizens to stop voting for the Finals, MCK and T Linh were said to add fuel to the fire - Photo 1.

Binz students were announced by netizens to stop voting for the Finals, MCK and T Linh were said to add fuel to the fire - Photo 2.

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