Hair salon case in 1900: Bac Ninh General Hospital exposed the whole truth

Trí NhiJun 14, 2024 at 09:04

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Regarding the scandal of a 1900 hair salon stealing charity hair, claiming to donate hair to cancer patients but fraudulently selling it for profit. Recently, relevant parties have officially participated, including Bac Ninh General Hospital and the Bright Tomorrow Fund.

On the evening of June 12, a series of Fanpages and users on the social network Facebook in turn spread a series of articles with the content of "exposing" the hair salon owner who sold hundreds of real hair sets (donated to patients). cancer) for profit.

Specifically, social networking sites posted information about the case of Mr. Nguyen Van Chien - Owner of 1900 Hair Salon and his staff participating in charity activities at Bac Ninh Provincial General Hospital but leaving very quickly.

Hair salon case in 1900: Bac Ninh General Hospital exposed the whole truth - Photo 1

The social network also posted information that 1900 Hair Salon received 700 hair sets from people who volunteered to donate to cancer patients, but only gave 50 sets to charity, the rest were sold at high prices. Articles posted on social networks quickly attracted a lot of interest.

Hair salon case in 1900: Bac Ninh General Hospital exposed the whole truth - Photo 2

In the past 2-3 years, the above salon owner's story of receiving donated hair for cancer has spread strongly on social networks. To spread this humanitarian work, the owner and his team re-uploaded videos and stories of people donating hair to various social networking platforms.

However, when faced with the information that the hair donated by people was not actually used for charity purposes, many people were very upset. The hair salon's fan page has received many angry comments and negative comments. The salon has limited comments and expressions on the fanpage.

Hair salon case in 1900: Bac Ninh General Hospital exposed the whole truth - Photo 3

Mr. Phuong (Head of Bac Ninh Volunteer Hair Club), who previously posted information on social networks, said that his group was invited to participate in calling and cutting hair for people who want to donate hair to cancer patients.

According to Mr. Phuong, on June 7, his group of 10 people cut everyone's hair from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. with more than 400 sets of hair, the rest were brought by people. The hair was all transferred to Bac Ninh Provincial General Hospital.

"Information online about the owner of salon 1900 taking 650 hair sets and only giving 50 hair sets is not true. Currently, the hair donated by people is in the social work department of Bac Ninh Provincial Hospital," Mr. Phuong added.

Hair salon case in 1900: Bac Ninh General Hospital exposed the whole truth - Photo 4

On the morning of June 13, hair salon 1900 still operated normally, crowded with people coming in and out. A hair salon manager said that the information that the salon donated 50 sets of hair and took back 650 sets when implementing a hair donation program for cancer patients at Bac Ninh General Hospital was fabricated, one-sided, and had a very negative impact. much to the reputation of this hair salon.

"We will have accurate information posted on social networks. When people come to the salon to donate their hair, we have cooperated with a number of hospitals and foundations. Before cutting time, we give it back to the foundations and Because the funds are handled, the salon only supports the barbers internally. If we make a mistake, our career will be ruined," the manager said.

Hair salon case in 1900: Bac Ninh General Hospital exposed the whole truth - Photo 5

Mr. Nguyen Van Duong, Deputy Director of Bac Ninh General Hospital, said that this is untrue information.

According to Mr. Duong, on June 7, the hospital combined with the Bright Tomorrow Fund to organize a hair donation program for cancer patients. In the program, Apo Hair Company, through the Bright Tomorrow Fund, donated 50 sets of hair to patients of the hospital's Oncology Center. There is no such thing as salon 1900 donating 50 sets of hair, they only participate in helping cut and repair hair. hair for patients and donors.

Hair salon case in 1900: Bac Ninh General Hospital exposed the whole truth - Photo 6

In addition to hair salon 1900, there are 15 other hair salons in Bac Ninh participating in supporting the hospital in cutting and editing hair for donors and patients at the hospital. In addition, they provide free support for hair donors to come for free editing. at 16 hair salons above.

Deputy Director of Bac Ninh General Hospital said that on June 7, a total of 703 sets of hair were donated to cancer patients at the hospital. Currently, this amount of hair is being kept by the hospital's social work department, waiting to be transferred to the Bright Tomorrow Fund.

Hair salon case in 1900: Bac Ninh General Hospital exposed the whole truth - Photo 7

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