The case of stealing donated hair: the scandals are fading, how does the owner react?

Kim OanhJun 13, 2024 at 19:12

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1900 Hair Salon suddenly gained national attention overnight, because of the noise of donating hair to cancer patients. Currently, the wave of boycotts and scandals is increasing exponentially, forcing relevant parties to speak up and clarify, giving people an explanation.

The case of stealing donated hair: the scandals are fading, how does the owner react? - Photo 1

Faced with the current wave of outrage from the online community, this hair salon's fanpage has temporarily locked the comment section. What's more surprising is that the previous posts showed signs of being discredited, making many people even more convinced that netizens' speculations were correct. But in a message responding to customers, the hair salon's admin confirmed that the information spread on social networks was completely false. "Other hair salons are slandering us. We didn't do anything wrong, people just heard from other hair salons and were misdirected. We will have a correction post and there is no such thing as selling hair for m.oney. Where's the money".

The case of stealing donated hair: the scandals are fading, how does the owner react? - Photo 2

In addition, Mr. P - Head of Bac Ninh Volunteer Hair Club also informed that his group was invited to participate in calling and cutting hair for people who want to donate hair to cancer patients at the hospital. "That day, our group consisted of 10 people, cutting everyone's hair from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We cut more than 400 pieces of hair, and the rest were brought by people. All the hair was transferred to Bac Ninh Provincial Hospital," he said. Phuong said.

Also according to Mr. Phuong, the information he posted on his personal page with the content "The next time the charity program has 1900 Hair Salon, there will be no PN and members of the Bac Ninh charity barber club", only talking about not wanting to cooperate with 1900 Hair Salon, not accusing the salon owner of taking 650 hair sets to sell, and only giving 50 hair sets to cancer patients as shared online.

The case of stealing donated hair: the scandals are fading, how does the owner react? - Photo 3

The case of stealing donated hair: the scandals are fading, how does the owner react? - Photo 4

Also related to the incident, an account named JY, an employee working at the Social Work Department of Bac Ninh General Hospital, spoke up. The hospital proactively contacted Nguyen Chien and 1900 Hair Salon to seek help. supported and advised the hair donation program, but was recommended by him to contact the Bright Tomorrow Fund of the Ministry of Health, because 1900 Hair Salon is accompanying this fund, for the reason of not doing it personally to avoid misunderstandings. unnecessary mistake.

The charity event then still took place, the number of recipients was 50, but the number of hair donors increased 6 times compared to the initial number of 100 registered people, so everyone had to work very hard, asking for help. More support from hair salons in Bac Ninh. As for the 1900 team and the Bright Tomorrow Fund, leaving before the end of the event was because the group had to carry out a volunteer program in Bac Giang province in the afternoon. Currently, the number of hair that the hospital keeps is 703 sets, waiting to be handed over to the Bright Tomorrow Fund.

So it can be seen that 1900 Hair Salon only cooperates with the Bright Tomorrow Fund to donate 50 wigs to cancer patients and supports haircuts for those who come to donate hair, but does not directly receive or store them. Keep the amount of donated hair.

The case of stealing donated hair: the scandals are fading, how does the owner react? - Photo 5

Regarding this incident, the manager of 1900 Hair Salon said he had received this information since yesterday. After reviewing the information, the male manager said that the above noisy information is just one-sided information, without any evidence or corroboration.

"In anything, Chien (Nguyen Chien - owner of 1900 Hair Salon) always thinks of others before protecting himself. Everything needs transparent information, because it is never too late. Half of the truth is not is never true," the male manager added.

Also according to this male manager, there is currently no evidence to prove that Chien holds the hair or takes it back, but the Salon only takes hair from the Salon to donate.

The case of stealing donated hair: the scandals are fading, how does the owner react? - Photo 6

In the past 2-3 years, the above salon owner's story of receiving donated hair for cancer has spread strongly on social networks. To spread this humanitarian work, the owner and his team re-uploaded videos and stories of people donating hair to various social networking platforms. The sincere sharing of people who came to the salon to donate their hair touched the community, receiving hundreds of thousands of views and interest. Gradually, the hair salon mentioned above has become a place where many people across the country choose to donate their beloved hair.

The case of stealing donated hair: the scandals are fading, how does the owner react? - Photo 7

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