VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the "national baby" of the Vietnamese Indie village

An NhiJun 11, 2024 at 16:12

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VSTRA is considered a "special breeze" for the Vietnamese music market. Currently, as a musician, Hanh Ngan has composed more than 100 works and is a familiar face of many young people who love Indie music.

VSTRA (born in 2001) real name is Nguyen Thi Hanh Ngan. She is a young singer who sings Indie music. Her artistic talent and unique musical color have helped her stand out in the Indie music industry. She is called the "national baby" by the audience because she is known at a relatively young age. Not widely promoted, but over the years, she is still an impressive name in the hearts of young music lovers.

VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the national b.aby of the Vietnamese Indie village - Photo 1

The Indie muse owns a series of MV covers with millions of views on the M.A.D Production channel and her debut MV released in 2020 - Internet Love and is a birthday gift she gave to her boyfriend, rapper Obito.

The name VSTRA is derived from "astra" (meaning star in Latin). With the letter A upside down, it symbolizes her personality that goes against the majority. When skimming through the name VSTRA, readers will be able to think that this word stands for the phrase "Vietnamese Star" - also a position that Hanh Ngan hopes to achieve in the hearts of the audience in the near future.

VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the national b.aby of the Vietnamese Indie village - Photo 2

Hanh Ngan's musical path began at the age of 17 when she was an international student in New Zealand, she began to release the song "We Know Together". The song is a combination of the song "Anh Know" by Ngo and "I also know" composed by Hanh Ngan herself to form the song "We know" with very simple, rustic lyrics but very pure emotions, showing very true love of young adults.

The song has created a fever, in just a short time on her personal page, she has garnered more than 11 thousand interactions and more than 4 thousand shares. It can be said that this is a very impressive result of an unknown singer. It was that support of young people that helped the talented young g.irl Hanh Ngan have more motivation to release other songs immediately afterwards.

VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the national b.aby of the Vietnamese Indie village - Photo 3

Hanh Ngan's songs have received millions of listens. Even Thinh Suy - one of the famous artists in the indie music genre, went to the place to listen to this young g.irl's song and praised this talented young g.irl Hanh Ngan.

In the past few years, Hanh Ngan has been noticed by many young people, receiving a lot of love from young people with many songs that have caused a fever in the online community. Although not a well-trained professional singer, Hanh Ngan emerged quickly.

VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the national b.aby of the Vietnamese Indie village - Photo 4

The music genre that the singer was born in 2001, originally from Ha Thanh, pursues is Indie who talks about the theme of love. Hanh Ngan is commented by many people to have strange music, new and youthful musical colors. Even Hanh Ngan's Indie voice is different from many other professional singers. And Hanh Ngan is loved by even more people with her ability to sing live or "swallow a disc".

Possessing a deep, rustic, sweet voice with impressive note handling, the young singer looks personality on the outside but lets cuteness and humor overwhelm on the inside. Her strong but no less lovely personality is also shown extremely skillfully through each lyric.

VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the national b.aby of the Vietnamese Indie village - Photo 5

In terms of love story, Hanh Ngan and rapper Obito are one of the couples loved by many audiences. Both are talented young artists, good at being comprehensive, so when they became a couple, they were enthusiastically supported. Obito shared that it was Hanh Ngan who helped him wake up in the darkest days of his life.

VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the national b.aby of the Vietnamese Indie village - Photo 6

It is known that the couple has been openly in love since 2021. Not only lovers, Obito and Hanh Ngan also consider each other as close friends and colleagues to share their passion for music together. Besides, the couple's promotion career has the presence and help of the other.

The reason is, Obito and Hanh Ngan are loved by netizens because of the way the two love is not noisy but still sweet and affectionate. Although they don't always appear together on social media, the gestures and actions that the couple has for each other from everyday life to music make those who follow the love story "twist" because they are too cute.

VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the national b.aby of the Vietnamese Indie village - Photo 7

However, at the end of May, rumors that Obito and Hanh Ngan had broken up made the online community express confusion and suspicion. Not long after, the Radio page. posted a separate source, confirming that the couple had broken up.

Accordingly, Obito and Hanh Ngan decided to stop their relationship around March 2024. Currently, Hanh Ngan is traveling with her family and will continue to return to work after returning to Vietnam. As for Obito, the male rapper focuses on work, actively participates in performances and has many schedules.

VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the national b.aby of the Vietnamese Indie village - Photo 8

In addition, Hanh Ngan's manager also confirmed on her behalf that there was no "cuckolding" while still in a relationship as some false rumors. Hanh Ngan herself wants to spend this time with her family and music plans.

According to the original plan, the couple's manager wanted the two to stabilize their emotions and reorganize their lives before notifying fans. However, because many accounts are currently spreading false information, they decided to notify.

VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the national b.aby of the Vietnamese Indie village - Photo 9

Below the post, netizens left many regretful comments on the decision of the two. Because the couple are both talented young artists, good at all-rounding, when they became a couple, they were enthusiastically supported by the people.

VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the national b.aby of the Vietnamese Indie village - Photo 10

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