Duc Tien's wife sobbed and remembered her fate with her late husband, 21 years old fell in love

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Miss Binh Phuong - the wife of the late actor Duc Tien has just made remarkable shares about her husband after her husband died. She sobbed and remembered the destiny of her life, at the age of 21 she fell in love and immediately wanted to get married.

Recently, at a livestream, actor Duc Tien's wife, Miss Binh Phuong, shared about her current situation: "I'm better now, but I'm still sad every time my daughter asks where her father is, she wants to visit him. During the day, I try to go back to work. I have to strive to take care of my life, replace my husband to raise my children, and compensate for my daughter."

Duc Tiens wife sobbed and remembered her fate with her late husband, 21 years old fell in love - Photo 1

Next, Binh Phuong shared about her life: "I came to the US with my parents when I was 5 years old. Initially, my family lived in Cali, but by the time I was in 5th grade, my parents moved to Texas. I grew up there, moved to China for a while, and then came back to Cali, where I live until now. Because I came to the US early, I am not familiar with Vietnamese, and I can't read it clearly. Thanks to my husband, I can speak Vietnamese as I do now. I have known Mr. Tien since I was 21 years old, and now it has been 17 years, almost half of my life.

Duc Tiens wife sobbed and remembered her fate with her late husband, 21 years old fell in love - Photo 2

I have a youngest sister and a younger brother. In 2007, I won the Miss Vietnamese Ao Dai a.ward in Texas. After that, I was sponsored by Thanh Nien newspaper to return to Vietnam to compete in Miss Vietnamese World. I met Mr. Duc Tien from that time, very by chance and fell in love with lightning.

Mr. Tien and I have a fate that few people know about. When I was 17 years old, I went back to Vietnam to visit my grandparents in Thu Duc. When my cousin drove me to the market, I saw the image of Mr. Duc Tien h.anging on the billboard. I didn't know who Duc Tien was, but I also told my cousin that, if I had the chance, I would like to marry this person as my husband.

Duc Tiens wife sobbed and remembered her fate with her late husband, 21 years old fell in love - Photo 3

When I was 21 years old when I returned to Vietnam to compete in the Miss Universe contest, I met Mr. Duc Tien but I didn't remember that it was the person in the photo I saw before. Some time after we got to know each other, my cousin told me that Duc Tien was the person I had seen in the past.

When I returned to Vietnam to compete in Miss Vietnam, Mr. Duc Tien was asked by the organizers to lead the contestants, but he refused because he was tired. After that, he saw my photo in Thanh Nien newspaper and immediately commented that I had potential, looked good and called on my fans to support me. Mr. Duc Tien also called the organizers back to ask to participate in that event again. Later, Mr. Tien told me, it was his fateful trip."

Duc Tiens wife sobbed and remembered her fate with her late husband, 21 years old fell in love - Photo 4

After her husband died, Binh Phuong used to drive about 20 minutes from home to Westminster Memorial Park - Duc Tien's resting place. She was glad that the wreaths to see him off were still there; In particular, the flowers on the family's cross have bloomed, turning pink.

Duc Tiens wife sobbed and remembered her fate with her late husband, 21 years old fell in love - Photo 5

Huong Nguyen - Duc Tien's close friend - said that Binh Phuong missed her, wanted to meet her husband, so she arranged time to visit the grave even though she was busy. Currently, she is both working, managing housework and taking care of her children alone because her mother has returned to Texas. "There are only two mothers and daughters at home, Ms. Phuong picks up and takes care of the cat after coming home from work. In the past few days, Ms. Phuong has been better and Cat still often asks for her father," Huong Nguyen said.

Duc Tiens wife sobbed and remembered her fate with her late husband, 21 years old fell in love - Photo 6

Previously, on the evening of June 5, Huong Nguyen and her husband went to the house to visit Binh Phuong's mother and children, then went to the cemetery to place flowers on Duc Tien's grave. She said that she was still not used to feeling empty and disappointed when a good friend in her life was absent.

A close friend also said that he would arrange time, take advantage of visiting Duc Tien's house to encourage and help his wife and children. In California, Binh Phuong has no relatives other than her husband's friends and colleagues.

Duc Tiens wife sobbed and remembered her fate with her late husband, 21 years old fell in love - Photo 7

During her lifetime, Duc Tien once said that she was very grateful to Binh Phuong when she chose to leave her family in Texas to go to California with him to start a career. Initially, he and his wife did not have a place to live, had to rent for several years, lived in a prefabricated house and then bought a property of nearly 1,000 m2 in installments. Despite the difficulties of life, Duc Tien's wife does not whine but is happy because her husband has the opportunity to return to art.

Duc Tiens wife sobbed and remembered her fate with her late husband, 21 years old fell in love - Photo 8

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