Binh Phuong told a strange phenomenon at the funeral of Duc Tien's husband, sobbing for his daughter

Gia NhiJun 10, 2024 at 12:31

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Miss Binh Phuong - the wife of the late actor Duc Tien shared her heartache after her husband's funeral took place. It has been 2 weeks since her husband passed away, Binh Phuong still does not stop grieving when recalling memories.

On May 30, the funeral of actor Duc Tien was solemnly held according to the Christian rite in California, USA. According to his wishes at the time of his birth, the male artist was buried at Westminster Memorial Park. Recently, Miss Binh Phuong - Duc Tien's wife shared for the first time after completing the funeral for her husband.

Binh Phuong told a strange phenomenon at the funeral of Duc Tiens husband, sobbing for his daughter - Photo 1

After experiencing a great loss, Binh Phuong said that her mood has become more stable. She tried to get up to go back to work, take care of her daughter's life (b.aby Meo, 4 years old this year). Binh Phuong said that she still doesn't understand that her father has passed away. She was touched when she said that Little Cat asked to hug and kiss her father's photo every night.

Binh Phuong shared: "Every night I want to hug my dad's picture, I want to bring it down to hug and kiss. I asked Mr. Tien to bring down the picture for Cat to hug and kiss. The cat said: 'Mom and I need you here. I also want to go to the Lord to visit you.' I just said that when I grow up, my father will still be waiting for me, then I will go to see him. The cat said: 'Then I'll go around the house, find my dad's footprints so I can go see him."

Binh Phuong told a strange phenomenon at the funeral of Duc Tiens husband, sobbing for his daughter - Photo 2

Recounting the funeral, Duc Tien's wife surprised when she revealed the strange phenomenon of white chrysanthemums forming a cross. Accordingly, only the wreath prepared by her and her daughter turned pink after 3 days of displaying at the cemetery.

"The cross says 'Wife and children', put the photo right away, and when it is taken to the cemetery, it is brought to the front. There are 2 more holy trees on both sides, the flowers are all white chrysanthemums. But the 2 crosses on both sides did not change color, especially the cross of my wife and c.hild changed to pink, getting darker and darker. Pink is the most favorite color of children and cats.

Binh Phuong told a strange phenomenon at the funeral of Duc Tiens husband, sobbing for his daughter - Photo 3

I'm not superstitious, but there are many unexplained phenomena. So when I saw this, I comforted myself that there was some signal to me that he loved me because I hadn't said goodbye yet," she said.

Talking about her husband, Binh Phuong said that Duc Tien is a father who loves his children and is very meticulous in taking care of b.aby Cat. Notably, she mentioned her plan to have a second c.hild with her husband.

Duc Tien's wife said: "I plan to come back this summer to transfer more embryos, because there are still frozen embryos in Vietnam. Mr. Tien said that he is also old, extreme once. Every time he plays with the Cat, he says that he wants to have another b.aby for the Cat to play with."

Binh Phuong told a strange phenomenon at the funeral of Duc Tiens husband, sobbing for his daughter - Photo 4

During the sharing session, Miss Binh Phuong shared about not bringing Duc Tien's mother to the US to live together. She said she had proposed to her husband, but he did not agree because he was afraid that his mother would not be used to life in the US. When Duc Tien died, Binh Phuong was surprised when there were bad rumors about the mother-in-law - daughter-in-law relationship.

She said: "When Mr. Tien died at the hospital, the first person I called was my mother. I facetimed, showed it to my mother, I was afraid that it would be a little different later. Mom is now nearly 70 years old, her health is also weak, if something happens when she walks through here, Mr. Tien blames me even more because when she was alive, he had already told her. I have a hard time being my mother's son, I can't let him pass, but if something happens halfway, how can I survive."

Binh Phuong told a strange phenomenon at the funeral of Duc Tiens husband, sobbing for his daughter - Photo 5

It is known that at Duc Tien's funeral, Binh Phuong called back to Vietnam so that her mother-in-law could see her son's face for the last time before burying him. Stable after her husband died, Duc Tien's wife said she wanted to learn another solid profession to take care of her daughter in the future.

Previously, Duc Tien died on the evening of May 18 in the US. The actor came to play at a friend's house, after cutting jackfruit, he suddenly fell to the floor. Although he was taken to the emergency room quickly by friends, Duc Tien did not survive due to a heart attack.

Binh Phuong told a strange phenomenon at the funeral of Duc Tiens husband, sobbing for his daughter - Photo 6

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