Duc Tien's wife was devastated, intending to "embrace her daughter with her husband", his close friend pleaded with public opinion

Châu AnhMay 28, 2024 at 13:31

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After model Duc Tien passed away, information about his funeral attracted everyone's attention. With the support of friends, the actor's visitation ceremony was held in the US on May 29 (local time).

Recently, singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh updated the situation of late model Duc Tien's wife and children in the US. Specifically, she said that Miss Binh Phuong is very emaciated, while her daughter, Cat, constantly asks "when will dad come home?" makes everyone sad.

Duc Tiens wife was devastated, intending to embrace her daughter with her husband, his close friend pleaded with public opinion - Photo 1

In parallel with family and friends preparing Duc Tien's funeral in the US, many netizens have moved to scrutinize and criticize the late actor's family members through the back-and-forth statements of Duc Tien's biological mother. and Binh Phuong. Friends revealed that Binh Phuong was very depressed, painful and tired due to being blamed before her husband's burial ceremony.

There was even a time when Binh Phuong wanted to take her c.hild and follow her husband, that's why Trizzie Phuong Trinh wants the public not to judge her if she doesn't know the true situation inside.

Duc Tiens wife was devastated, intending to embrace her daughter with her husband, his close friend pleaded with public opinion - Photo 2

According to Trizzie Phuong Trinh, every story has two sides, not whoever speaks first is right. The female singer said that, more than anyone else, she understood clearly why she could not get a visa for Duc Tien's mother to go to the US. However, she will not say the reason, Miss Binh Phuong will be the one to officially speak up.

"Because I feel so sorry for my friend's wife, I have to write a few lines to ask everyone to let her breathe. If you don't understand the situation, please don't use bitter words to blame Phuong. Phuong's family story , Phuong will know how to solve the problem peacefully.

A few people have contacted me to say 'I feel sorry for my aunt', but I affirm that no one is more pitiful and in more pain than Binh Phuong at this time. How many people understand the pain, the husband walked out of the house 2 hours ago, before leaving, he hugged and kissed his wife and children, and 2 hours later heard the news that her husband passed away forever," Trizzie Phuong Trinh confided.

Duc Tiens wife was devastated, intending to embrace her daughter with her husband, his close friend pleaded with public opinion - Photo 3

Late on the evening of May 27 (Vietnam time), Binh Phuong also posted a screenshot proving that she contacted and called her mother-in-law. However, Duc Tien's d.eath certificate in the US has not been completed yet, so it cannot be sent as she requested.

Previously, Miss Binh Phuong shared that the sudden passing of her partner left her devastated. Duc Tien's wife said that when he was alive, the actor's wish was to be buried after his d.eath. That makes Binh Phuong worried because "we didn't think this day would come so quickly. We're worried about paying for our current house in installments, and we're not thinking about buying land in the cemetery."

Duc Tiens wife was devastated, intending to embrace her daughter with her husband, his close friend pleaded with public opinion - Photo 4

According to Miss Binh Phuong, the cost to arrange Duc Tien's funeral amounted to nearly 80,000 USD (2 billion VND). She said that thanks to the love and support from friends and artists, she was able to fulfill her husband's wish.

During his lifetime, Duc Tien lived with his wife and daughter in a spacious house valued at more than 16 billion VND. The actor also likes to post photos of small corners inside this house. Not long after Duc Tien and Binh Phuong moved here, the actor passed away. A few hours before he passed away forever, Duc Tien and his daughter even painted a picture together in their yard.

Duc Tiens wife was devastated, intending to embrace her daughter with her husband, his close friend pleaded with public opinion - Photo 5

Before that, singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh shared about the plan to organize the actor's funeral: "Whatever is good will be done for Duc Tien, but there is still a long way to go, Cat is still young, there are many things to worry about later. . Therefore, the more economical a funeral can be, the better, there is no need to be too showy. Anyone who can help Duc Tien should help because in the past Duc Tien lived well with everyone..."

"After the funeral, the remaining m.oney will be created an insurance account for Duc Tien's daughter Cat, so that the daughter can carry on her next journey, which is everyone's love for Cat's father." ", Duc Tien's close friend shared on behalf of Binh Phuong a few days ago.

Duc Tiens wife was devastated, intending to embrace her daughter with her husband, his close friend pleaded with public opinion - Photo 6

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