Duc Tien's mother revealed the current situation after her son's funeral, has a wish

Quỳnh QuỳnhJun 06, 2024 at 09:08

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At Duc Tien's recent funeral, the late actor's biological mother could not go to the US to see her son's face for the last time. Previously, Ms. Ngoc Anh shared that if she did not attend the funeral, she would arrange to visit her son's grave later.

At 10 a.m. (local time) on May 29, Duc Tien's funeral took place at the Lambert Pastoral Center in Garden Grove (California, USA). Binh Phuong - the wife of the late actor wore a black ao dai and a white scarf to mourn her husband. Next to her is the couple's young daughter, making many people even more sad.

Duc Tiens mother revealed the current situation after her sons funeral, has a wish - Photo 1

It is known that Ms. Ngoc Anh - the biological mother of the late actor did not have time to go to the US to see her c.hild's face for the last time. Therefore, it is possible that she will come to the United States for Duc Tien's 49-day or 100-day visit.

"In the case of Tien's mother, she can go and do the paperwork herself without asking someone else to guarantee her. You can hire someone to make emergency documents, go to the US Embassy for an urgent interview, apply for a visa to the US to attend the funeral of a relative," comedian Thuy Nga once shared.

Duc Tiens mother revealed the current situation after her sons funeral, has a wish - Photo 2

Recently, on his personal page, singer Quach Tuan Du shared pictures of visiting Duc Tien in Vietnam. It is known that the male singer had just returned from a European tour when he immediately went to visit the family of his ill-fated best friend.

Quach Tuan Du shared, Duc Tien's mother confided to him that "Fate is like that, so we have to face it. Unlike before, the grief is overwhelming, sometimes I don't want to live anymore." Through the sharing of Duc Tien's mother, Quach Tuan Du saw that her spirit was stable, so she hoped that the actor would also rest assured.

Duc Tiens mother revealed the current situation after her sons funeral, has a wish - Photo 3

Besides, Quach Tuan Du also told about Duc Tien's mother's wish after her son's funeral: "I wish to go to the US soon for a 100-day ceremony, I hope that Du hopes to accompany me because I am worried alone."

Quach Tuan Du's sharing about Duc Tien's mother made many viewers emotional. Previously, the sudden d.eath of the actor at the age of 44 in the US shocked the Vietnamese entertainment industry.

Recently, a close friend of actor Duc Tien revealed unannounced images at the funeral in the US. In addition to the view of the visit and funeral, the image of Duc Tien's wife holding the phone for the late actor's biological mother to see her c.hild's face for the last time, or the moment Binh Phuong closed the coffin lid for her husband by herself also touched many people.

Duc Tiens mother revealed the current situation after her sons funeral, has a wish - Photo 4

At Duc Tien's funeral, Binh Phuong shared: "Binh Phuong and his family thank everyone for loving Mr. Tien for coming to see him off and visit him for the last time. Mr. Tien is a very good person, so when he lies down, everyone mourns and wants him to return to God soon. I thank everyone."

Duc Tiens mother revealed the current situation after her sons funeral, has a wish - Photo 5

On the morning of June 4 (Vietnam time), Binh Phuong wrote a letter of thanks to each individual and organization for helping her take care of the aftermath for her late husband. Actor Duc Tien's wife confessed: "Binh Phuong and b.aby Madison Hoang were extremely sad to see off our husband and father, MC-Actor Duc Tien, to their final resting place. All thanks to the love of everyone, those feelings have helped Binh Phuong's family have more energy to face this loss, and Mr. Duc Tien has had a solemn, cozy and complete funeral.

Due to the single situation of a widowed mother and orphan, the family was supported by brothers and sisters in the funeral rites. If there is something wrong, please forgive me. The passing of Mr. Duc Tien is an extremely great loss, but in return, Binh Phuong and the cat have received a lot of love from everyone."

Duc Tiens mother revealed the current situation after her sons funeral, has a wish - Photo 6

After Duc Tien's d.eath, the artists also set up a fund to take care of the future of the late actor's 4-year-old daughter. "After the funeral, the remaining m.oney will create an insurance account for Duc Tien's daughter Cat, so that her daughter's luggage can be carried on the next journey, which is everyone's love for Meo's father," Duc Tien's close friend shared on behalf of Binh Phuong.

Duc Tiens mother revealed the current situation after her sons funeral, has a wish - Photo 7

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