Duc Tien is afraid that Binh Phuong's family will look down on him and will absolutely never spend m.oney on his wife

Đình NhưMay 30, 2024 at 10:12

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In the next part of the program "House with Guests" that just aired, the late actor Duc Tien shared about his wife - Miss Binh Phuong, and also revealed about his life when he first came to America.

He said: "When I first came to America, I had many surprises. The first year I came to America, I worked on my own and did not let my wife take care of me. Since I was young, I have been independent and lived alone. I never used m.oney. of my wife or my wife's family, what if people look down on me? I've never thought about that. If I have the ability, I have to support myself.

Duc Tien is afraid that Binh Phuongs family will look down on him and will absolutely never spend m.oney on his wife - Photo 1

At that time, I worked as a shipper, shipping goods to Vietnam to sell to friends, relatives, and customers. I have a good reputation so people buy from me. I just discovered interesting things here.

Many people will think it's hard for me to come to America and have to sell things online, but I don't think so. I enjoy experiencing and exploring. Every time I go shopping, I find it interesting because I get to explore, explore, and learn.

Since coming to America, I have done many jobs. At first, I worked as a shipper, helped my wife's family in construction because my father-in-law was a contractor, worked as an MC for temples, worked as a nail technician for my wife's nail salon, and gradually became a television and media station..."

Duc Tien is afraid that Binh Phuongs family will look down on him and will absolutely never spend m.oney on his wife - Photo 2

In response to rumors of marrying a rich man and going to America to raise his wife, Duc Tien spoke up: "I can't blame everyone. Life is like that, as an artist, your personal life is always being watched. The important thing is to live for yourself." I don't live for the world. How I live, whether good or bad, is up to me to choose and decide. That's what I like everyone's words".

Duc Tien is afraid that Binh Phuongs family will look down on him and will absolutely never spend m.oney on his wife - Photo 3

Regarding his marriage with Miss Binh Phuong, Duc Tien shared: "Every family life has conflicts. There are times when my husband and I don't understand each other and get into trouble. I believe in living with all your heart, just say anything." It's all together, happiness and sadness, gain and loss.

Living together must be happy to last this long, but if we are suffering and unhappy, we should liberate each other. I always tell my wife that I live best with her, but if she doesn't feel happy, I will free her to find another source of happiness. I never force anyone to stay with me because that would be selfish."

Duc Tien is afraid that Binh Phuongs family will look down on him and will absolutely never spend m.oney on his wife - Photo 4

As for Binh Phuong, she once confided about her husband: "We have come a long way since the first time we met. There have been happy moments, sad moments and misunderstandings, but we have overcome them all." I have no regrets and even if I had the chance to do it all over again, I would choose the same way and no one else but you."

She added: "When he comes home from work and finds the laundry unwashed and the dishes in the sink unwashed, he immediately cleans it up without a single complaint. Every time he goes to the market and sees any cake his wife likes, he buys it. One time he brought home a huge vase of flowers, which surprised me because it wasn't a holiday or anniversary for the couple. He said he thought it was beautiful so he bought it for his wife, which touched me."

Duc Tien is afraid that Binh Phuongs family will look down on him and will absolutely never spend m.oney on his wife - Photo 5

It is known that they met at the Miss Vietnam World contest in 2007. At that time, Binh Phuong was a contestant and Duc Tien was a model who brought beauties to the stage to perform in the finals.

Duc Tien is afraid that Binh Phuongs family will look down on him and will absolutely never spend m.oney on his wife - Photo 6

The actor's wife said that at first she was not very impressed with Duc Tien because of his facial hair and skinny b.ody. However, when she had an incident where she lost her belongings, her shoes broke, and there was no makeup artist, Duc Tien quickly "rescued" her and helped her complete the competition and enter the top 10. The enthusiasm and sincerity of the main actor conquer Binh Phuong's heart. After three years of courtship, they decided to get married with the blessings of friends and family.

Duc Tien is afraid that Binh Phuongs family will look down on him and will absolutely never spend m.oney on his wife - Photo 7

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