David Beckham and his wife and parenting principles "immutable"

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It is an undeniable fact that the children of the Beckham family are all obedient, have a civilized and healthy lifestyle, are teenagers who always try to live in a positive direction.

The image of the Beckham children in front of the media - the public is very "clean". This sounds simple enough, but it's actually not. To have such obedient children, the Beckham family has had to follow immutable rules for a long time.

David Beckham and his wife and parenting principles "immutable" - Photo 1

Always focus on family time: In turn, the Beckham family's children are gradually growing up and living independently, work also requires family members to constantly move, arranging time to It is not easy for the whole family to spend time together, but this is always a priority for the Beckham family.

Victoria once said: "I am very fortunate to have a wonderful husband and beautiful, happy, healthy children. We travel a lot for work, but we still make it a priority to spend time together with each other. as a couple, and spend time with the family with all the children."

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Children must be polite from a young age: Both David and Victoria emphasize that teaching their children manners is an important priority in their children's upbringing.

"Children know how to say please, thank you and sorry from the time they are 2-3 years old," David once revealed. Victoria also affirmed: "We are strict parents in how to teach children to behave. Both David and I recognize the importance of teaching our children good manners early."

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Controlling social media use: For adult children, David and Victoria do not control their children's social media use, but for underage children, the control is still in place.

When the "eldest son" Brooklyn had a social media account that attracted millions of followers since he was a teenager, the Beckhams controlled every post of their son. "We keep an eye on every Brooklyn post, everything they do, and we apply this to all of our kids, until they're old enough," David said.

Constantly planning to balance everything: Beckham and his wife are very busy, that's understandable, but David and Victoria also always find a way to balance household chores, so as not to become overwhelmed and neglect children.

Victoria once shared: "I don't go out as much as you think. David and I clearly agreed that we wouldn't go on business trips at the same time, there would always be one of them. I stay at home with my children. Sometimes we even arrange to be able to go to school together to attend important events for our children.

These things need to be arranged and balanced, of course we also have many associates to help us in both work and life."

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Teach your children about gratitude: When living in ideal conditions, it is very important to teach children to appreciate what they have. Victoria once shared: "David and I always explain to our children that they are very lucky when their lives have many advantages.

They understand that in the world there are many children who fall into very difficult circumstances, miserable, hungry, sick, homeless... They understand that they need to know how to share and help those who need help. the less fortunate through charitable activities".

Set an example for his children: Although he always gives his children the first priority, David always sets an example for his children through his hard work and efforts.

David once said: "We arrange everything in the best way for family life, because our priority is our children, but we also work hard with our own work, because we see our parents doing what we do. Working hard is the best lesson we can give our children, to set an example for them."

Victoria also once confided in an interview that: "I once met fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, who I admire very much. I asked her when her children were young and she had to spend a lot of time. time for work, do you feel sorry for the children?

She replied to me: Absolutely not, it just takes time and energy. Just think when I'm working hard, I'm setting a good example to my kids that their mother is a career woman who works hard for her work."

David Beckham and his wife and parenting principles "immutable" - Photo 5

Work attitude is very important: Together, the Beckhams have built a fortune of about $450 million, but they still work very hard. Victoria once said: "I will not let my children just stay at home and do nothing. They must do something".

David also shared his concept of attitude at work: "Work hard, it's as simple as that. I always tell my kids that we have to make choices in life, sometimes in life. have to accept to give up some things for the passion and focus required for the job

I often tell my kids that sometimes you have to give up other things, accept sacrifices. If your friends always hang out on weekends, you probably won't be able to hang out like them. Maybe you're busy practicing sports, going to the recording studio, or preparing for a recording session...

It's times like these that require focus, when your sacrifice needs to be played out in the way you make choices."

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