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Famous Hollywood stars turned their backs on President Biden, making it difficult to win the election?

JLO17:23:32 12/07/2024
Big names in Hollywood such as Netflix Chairman Reed Hastings, super agent Ari Emanuel, heiress Abigail Disney, screenwriter Damon Lindelof and author Stephen King have all called on Mr. Biden to abandon his re-election bid.

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Ryan Reynolds: going on the red carpet with the country's ugliest dog, netizens gasped at the strangeness

Lan Chi17:08:23 12/07/2024
Peggy - a dog famous for her strangely ugly appearance - attracted attention when walking the red carpet with actor Ryan Reynolds at the premiere of the movie Deadpool & Wolverine. As soon as they arrived, the two made all the paparazzi freeze. because it's so unique

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Taylor Swift eats this dish all her life to stay young forever, it's shocking to everyone!

Thảo Mai16:42:58 11/07/2024
Elle commented that after many years of singing, the 35-year-old female singer's appearance has changed little, her skin is still smooth, her eyes are not wrinkled, and her b.ody is especially toned and s.exy.

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Shocking a Hollywood male star shouting the name BlackPink, shocked by Kpop culture

Pinky16:14:14 10/07/2024
Hollywood's top male star - actor Ryan Reynolds has just shouted the names of the two top Kpop groups, BlackPink and StrayKids, he expressed his love and said that he was extremely overwhelmed by Kpop culture, when he came to Korea.

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Maddox revealed a bad photo, Angelina Jolie angrily deprived Pax Thien of her inheritance?

Bảo Nam15:27:28 08/07/2024
Recently, some rare images and clips of Maddox have appeared online. Angelina Jolie, the eldest of the family, can be seen u.ndressing to o.ff her b.ody and comfortably drinking a bottle of alcoholic beverages.

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Margot Robbie wears an open-waisted outfit, revealing special details on her b.ody

Hoàng Anh11:49:28 08/07/2024
Multiple sources confirmed to People that Margot Robbie is pregnant. In a photo posted by Dailymail on July 7, the 34-year-old actress wears a crop top to r.eveal a large second round. She was traveling in Lake Como, Italy with her husband.

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Taylor Swift's crew was blackmailed, a powerful woman behind her was exposed

Minh Lợi20:26:41 06/07/2024
Ticketmaster - the ticket issuer to attend Taylor Swift's Eras tour series - is being extorted millions of dollars by a group of hackers. This group claims to have obtained barcode data of hundreds of thousands of tickets to the concert.

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Advisor Michael Jackson praises BTS's Jung Kook for sobbing, "the 2nd king of pop"?

Thảo Mai15:52:10 03/07/2024
In November 2023, Jung Kook took the music industry by storm with his debut album Golden - marking his debut as an independent artist. The youngest golden brother of the global group has achieved countless unprecedented achievements from this debut.

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Kylie - Timothée were rumored to break up, both responded to fans with 1 action

Mỹ Hoa07:24:22 02/07/2024
Because of fear of paparazzi and fear of being discovered, millionaire Kylie Jenner and actor Timothée Chalamet had to hide their secrets when they secretly dated at the TCL Chinese theater in Hollywood recently

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Aaron Carter's twin sister had a bad feeling before her brother passed away

Bảo Nam17:11:54 28/06/2024
Aaron Carter's twin sister, Angel Carter, opened up about the family tragedy in an interview on The Squeeze podcast this week. In it, she had a premonition about her brother's departure.

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Billie Eilish is grateful to Jennie (Blackpink), promising to "repay" with a huge gift

Minh Lợi17:30:03 22/06/2024
On June 18, Billie Eilish had a surprise business trip to Korea. The Gen Z female singer attended the Hit Me Hard and Soft album listening party, personally promoting new music to Korean audiences.

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Justin Timberlake was arrested for drunk driving, Britney Spears fans gloated

Thảo Mai16:56:26 19/06/2024
On the morning of June 18 in Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York, police confirmed to Variety that they arrested Justin Timberlake for driving under the influence. However, the male singer was later released without paying bail.

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Hailey Bieber "Hollywood IT girl" leads the Clean G.irl style viral makeup trend

Hoàng Anh16:48:22 18/06/2024
In addition to being the wife of pop prince Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber is also known as Hollywood's big IT g.irl. And the recent super viral Clean G.irl makeup trend, also thanks to a famous beautician's enthusiastic promotion

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Tom Cruise wants to pursue Angelina Jolie out of sympathy, does Pax Thien support it?

Keng14:58:34 13/06/2024
In addition to blockbuster action movies and the noise of neglecting his biological daughter, Tom Cruise also receives a lot of attention from the public about his dating. Recently, information appeared that the actor had a crush on Angelina Jolie.

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Celine Dion clearly spoke about the incurable disease that caused her to lose her voice, her beauty was sad

Keng17:01:40 10/06/2024
Celine Dion is one of the greatest voices in the world. However, over the past time, she had to stop singing because of the rare disease of stiff man syndrome. The diva's current health situation worries the public.

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Shiloh was badly taught by Pax Thien, becoming more and more rebellious, making his biological father heartbroken!

Bảo Nam15:52:49 08/06/2024
Recently, some netizens discovered that Angelina Jolie's daughter - Shiloh had her first tattoo in her life. This tattoo is a tern and it is quite large in size.

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Angelina Jolie held a celebration party with her children, is Brad Pitt happy?

Minh Lợi17:50:36 05/06/2024
In the midst of litigation with her ex-husband, especially in the context of the relationship between her 6 children and Brad Pitt is showing signs of c.racking, Angelina Jolie is said to be looking to celebrate her birthday in the comfort of her own home.

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Adele replaces Katy Perry as American Idol judge, scolds audience for remaining supportive

Hoàng Phúc15:44:03 04/06/2024
After many seasons, American Idol still maintains its appeal. Associated with the success of the show, it is impossible not to mention singer Katy Perry - a judge on many seasons of American Idol over the years.

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Ariana Grande is c.razy about Hanni (NewJeans), about to go to Cbiz to compete in a game show?

Thảo Mai11:49:07 31/05/2024
Recently, Ariana Grande delighted fans when she shared a clip of Hanni (NewJeans) dancing to The B.oy Is Mine on her personal story. Previously, Hanni's dance clip received very high interactions on social networks.

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Famous Hollywood makeup artist was brutally m.urdered by her ex-boyfriend, now what?

Thảo Mai16:59:23 30/05/2024
The Los Angeles Times reported that detectives and medical staff received a call reporting a victim being m.urdered at his home in the Shadow Hills area, Los Angeles at 4:30 a.m. on May 23.

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Another biological c.hild Angelina Jolie disowned Brad Pitt, suspected of being instigated by his biological mother?

Hoàng Phúc17:20:28 27/05/2024
Recently, People newspaper said that Vivienne - Angelina Jolie's youngest daughter - has removed her father's last name from her name. Many people believe that the female star is the character behind instigating the children's affair with Brad Pitt.

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Billie Eilish kicks Taylor Swift, criticizes The Eras Tour badly, drags Beyoncé?

Bảo Nam17:56:09 24/05/2024
Billie Eilish recently continued to have a mouthful of criticism when discussing Taylor Swift and Beyoncé's world show. Currently, the singer is being vehemently stoned by fans of 2 seniors.

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Destiny's C.hild member scolded Cannes staff, former MU 2015 was kicked off the red carpet

Hoàng Phúc15:59:08 23/05/2024
Page Six recently reported that singer Kelly Rowland appeared at the Cannes Film Festival to attend the premiere of Marcello Mio. At the event, the R&B queen wore a striking red dress and expensive diamond jewelry.

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Hunter Schafer: Transgender model worthy of the title "red carpet queen" of the new generation

Minh Lợi17:09:11 20/05/2024
Not only known as an activist protecting the LGBT community, Hunter Schafer is also a famous transgender model in the international fashion industry.

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