Brooklyn Beckham was criticized for "worshipping" his girlfriend but forgetting his biological mother and sister

Hoàng PhúcMar 12, 2022 at 13:29

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Brooklyn Beckham's latest action caused great controversy.

According to Hello magazine, Brooklyn Beckham gave loving words to his fiancée - actress Nicola Peltz - on the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8.

"Wish you a happy International Women's Day. You are the one who inspires me every day. I can't imagine what life would be like without you. You are forever my angel and my soulmate. the most talented, sweet and kind person I've ever known. Love you so much," Brooklyn wrote. Nicola Peltz responded to her fiancé's feelings: "I love you more than that".

Besides congratulating the future couple, many people left comments feeling annoyed when Brooklyn Beckham did not honor Victoria Beckham on International Women's Day.

"What about your mother? The first person you should honor is your mother", "I think you should thank the woman who brought you into the world. She is amazing and inspirational" ... are some comments of the online community.

Brooklyn Beckham was criticized for "worshipping" his girlfriend but forgetting his biological mother and sister - Photo 1

A few days earlier, Brooklyn Beckham posted a photo of her 23rd birthday. Under the post, Mrs. Beck commented to show her affection for her son: "Happy birthday to you. Mom and family love you very much".

Brooklyn Beckham (born 1999) is the first son of the cult couple Victoria and David Beckham. Since its birth, Brooklyn has lived in a halo of glory, receiving great attention from the world's media. All his information and pictures caused a storm on social networks.

Everyone expects Brooklyn to follow his father's football career and become a famous player of the second generation. Or at least Brooklyn must become a talented fashion designer like Victoria's mother. However, no matter how much he was held and taught, everything Brooklyn showed disappointed his parents. His son Beckham was even called "incompetent" by the media.

Brooklyn Beckham was criticized for "worshipping" his girlfriend but forgetting his biological mother and sister - Photo 2

Strictly raised by parents from a young age

When he was a teenager, this warm b.oy was taught strictly by his parents and managed very closely. When Brooklyn was only 14, 15 years old, David Beckham managed everything his son shared on social networks, media, or all his actions. David Beckham emphasized that families must make efforts to keep their children safe both in the virtual world and in real life. "I'm constantly monitoring my 16-year-old son. He doesn't post anything on Instagram that we don't see first. He talks to his parents about everything," the former Manchester United player once shared. share with the press.

In addition, the Beckhams also teach their children about gratitude, always directing them to family values. If you regularly follow the Beckham family, you will see that, no matter how busy, all family members will gather on special holidays such as birthdays, Christmas, ...

Brooklyn Beckham was criticized for "worshipping" his girlfriend but forgetting his biological mother and sister - Photo 3

Being held by my parents, giving my best support but still... incompetent

Not only training their children in character, the Beckhams also support their children in terms of study and work. Having a father who is a famous player, since he was a c.hild, he has studied at Royal schools with extremely expensive fees. It is known that Brooklyn used to study at Curtis private school, which costs £12,000/year (about 350 million VND) and West London School, which costs 18,000 pounds/year (more than 500 million VND).

Right from the age of 2, Brooklyn followed his father to the field to get acquainted early. The image of a b.oy holding a round ball, running slowly on the Old Trafford pitch caused a storm of tradition at that time.

However, in any field, talent is still the most important factor. Realizing that she had no talent for modeling, Brooklyn jumped back into photography. With their power, the Beckham couple back their children wholeheartedly.

And this time, things seem to have gone too far. Despite having no talent, Brooklyn won the right to take charge of the image segment of the advertising campaign for Burberry. This caused a stir in public opinion, fiercely criticizing the brand for favoritism and special treatment for the eldest Beckham.

In June 2017, Brooklyn released her first photo book called "What I see" - a photography disaster according to the media and experts. After that, he attended a photography training school in New York, but quickly dropped out and returned to England to live with his family.

After so many incidents, the world's public opinion gave Brooklyn the nickname of incompetence, relying on his parents. From football, fashion to photography, the son is held by his parents, creating conditions 10 times more than others. But every time, Brooklyn disappoints Mr. and Mrs. Beck. What a gentleman does is superficial, even bored quickly.

Many people even compare Brooklyn with Cristiano Ronaldo Junior - son of football superstar Ronaldo. The b.oy is only 10 years old, but he has worked hard physically, making his father proud of his football talent.

Change your life by marrying a billionaire's daughter?

Despite being incompetent, Brooklyn is very flowery. The son of the Beck family is often in the newspaper thanks to the dense dating news. In just 5 short years, Brooklyn has changed to 20 girlfriends, all famous Hollywood actors and models. In particular, the love affair that consumed the most ink was with actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

The more mature Brooklyn is, the more unruly and only know how to fall in love. The son once made his parents disappointed and angry when he was absent from a series of important family events such as his grandmother's birthday, the baptism of his biological son's daughter, etc. After that, Beckham "ignored" " handsome son when Brooklyn posted a congratulatory Father's Day post. However, the family quickly made up after that.

Brooklyn Beckham was criticized for "worshipping" his girlfriend but forgetting his biological mother and sister - Photo 4

Brooklyn Beckham was criticized for "worshipping" his girlfriend but forgetting his biological mother and sister - Photo 5

Recently, Brooklyn caused a stir in public opinion when announcing the news that he was about to get married. It is known that his fiancée is Nicola Peltz - the daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz - a famous investor in New York, holding shares in many large companies such as Pepsi, Procter & Gamble.

Nicola is also quite famous. She started acting at the age of 11, having a breakout role in The Last Airbender (2010) and starring in Transformers: of Extinction (2014). Many people think that getting Nicola is the biggest "accomplishment" that Brooklyn Beckham has achieved, up to the present time.

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