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Lisa revealed her plan to go to Vietnam, Rosé helped Jennie "recover" from the smoking noise

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:30:51 18/07/2024
Since the e-cigarette scandal broke out backstage at the Jacquemus show in Italy, Jennie has apologized through her own company. By the morning of July 17, many fans had spread Jennie's first image in the US.

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Runner-up Dinh Ta Bi: Orphaned, mother raises 3 sisters alone, whole family participates in beauty contests

Pinky16:40:47 17/07/2024
Dinh Ta Bi is the second runner-up of Mr World Vietnam 2024. This young man from the Central Highlands possesses a handsome beauty, attracting everyone's attention right from the first time they meet.

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Makeup artist Phu Gia Gia's father said that during the last call in Thailand, the student collapsed

Đức Trí14:59:25 17/07/2024
The story of 6 Vietnamese people suspected of being poisoned and dying in a hotel in Thailand is h.ot news causing a stir on the internet. Notably, one of the victims was a famous makeup artist named Phu Gia Gia.

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Male King Tuan Ngoc: A handsome student, his favorite student Ky Duyen, in love with his fellow contestant The Face

T.P13:40:15 16/07/2024
Pham Tuan Ngoc is a h.ot name on social networks after being crowned Mr. World Vietnam 2024 - Mr World Vietnam. Comprehensive in all aspects, Tuan Ngoc has become a model of a man that many people admire.

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Ky Duyen was criticized to her face by the father of Miss Vietnam during the Miss Universe VN competition

Đức Trí11:34:39 16/07/2024
Miss Ky Duyen has been shocking the media in recent days, when she suddenly registered to compete in Miss Universe Vietnam 2024, 10 years after being crowned Miss Vietnam. She is also the first case in Vietnam of a beauty queen competing in another beauty pageant.

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Do Thi Ha "owed a debt" for many years to the new King Tuan Ngoc, times changed

Thanh Phúc13:41:09 15/07/2024
Miss Do Thi Ha is one of the members of the jury of Mr. World Vietnam 2024. Few people know that the new Mr. Tuan Ngoc has a rich past with this queen. Times have changed. Candidates now sit in reverse judging chairs.

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Tuan Ngoc was crowned Mr World. How big is Vietnam's profile?

Hoàng Phúc14:12:11 14/07/2024
The final of Mr World Vietnam 2024 takes place in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of the top 29 contestants. In the end, the male king called Tuan Ngoc. The results received approval from the majority of the audience.

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Dick: founder of a famous freestyle rap group, recovering from the s.hock of an accident

Hoàng Anh12:26:43 14/07/2024
Huynh Cong Hieu, also known as Rap Name Dick, is the founder of You Can Tai Ma, a famous freestyle rap group in the Vietnamese rap community. Cong Hieu's music does not use negative language or unhealthy lifestyle, on the contrary, he raps...

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Tung: a mischievous b.oy who came out of a fairy tale, his voice was as rough as the bark of a shaggy tree

Hoàng Anh11:31:18 11/07/2024
Referring to Vietnamese Indie artists who have been loved in recent times, it is impossible not to mention the name Tung. He brings listeners soft, deep melodies, creeping into the soul and evoking subtle emotions

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Hang Du Muc's stepson loves Vietnamese food, doing something that attracts attention to his grandfather and Quang Linh

An Nhi09:09:45 11/07/2024
The relationship between Hang Du Muc's husband's 2 stepchildren and the female TikToker has always received a lot of attention. Recently, appearing on the livestream, the 2 guys attracted attention to the reaction to Vietnamese food.

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BABYMONSTER and Rosé (BLACKPINK) r.eveal evidence of landing in Vietnam, fans are sure

T.P15:17:23 10/07/2024
Korean g.irl group BabyMonster and BlackPink member Rosé are making Kpop fans in Vietnam stand still, having recently been arrested to land in Vietnam in September. Although it has not been confirmed, fans are sure.

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Dan Truong: lazy to act in his MV, using AI instead to r.eveal scary details

Hoàng Anh12:19:58 07/07/2024
Recently, people couldn't help but be bewildered by Dan Truong's stiff image when releasing the MV Em Oh wallet thanks to the application of AI technology. I thought this creativity would make the MV unique, but in reality it has side effects

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Internally, B.aby Monster fights, wins the position of group leader, is about to return to Vietnam to perform?

Minh Lợi15:44:08 05/07/2024
Traditionally, idol groups in Kpop when debuting introduce members with fixed positions such as: lead singing, main dance, main rap, visual (the face of the group).

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Mai Phuong: Miss multi-talented, once miserable because of drama, now living in hiding is about to leave showbiz

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:46:49 04/07/2024
Mai Phuong is Miss World Vietnam 2022. She is also the top 5 in the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest. Not only does she have a beautiful appearance and a standard b.ody, but Mai Phuong also owns a respectable academic record.

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Miss Supranational: 1 contestant with a white face and yellowed teeth made fans panic

Gia Nhi12:02:11 03/07/2024
The Miss Supranational 2024 contest (Miss Supranational) is gradually approaching sprint races, potential contestants have also gradually been zoned. In the last semi-final night, fans were panicked by a unique contestant.

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Lydie Vu suddenly appeared at the top of the Model competition, a bad signal at Miss Supranational 2024

Trí Nhi15:46:08 30/06/2024
Vietnam's representative at Miss Supranational 2024 (Miss Supranational) has just entered the Supra Model competition. Competing with a group of famous contestants, the French beauty was unable to compete, leaving the top suddenly, making fans worried.

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Garlic is the antidote to all kinds of evil spirits, is its power as rumored?

Kim Oanh18:14:19 28/06/2024
Is using garlic to exorcise evil spirits really effective? Some people believe that they are just superstition, however there is a lot of evidence and anecdotes that point to the existence of bad spirits.

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Runner-up Hoang Nhung had stones all over her b.ody, her appearance attracted attention, sending her fans something special

T.P10:08:39 28/06/2024
Runner-up Hoang Nhung made people excited when she showed off her beauty 6 months after w.inning the noble title at Miss Universe Vietnam 2023. This big turning point makes Hoang Nhung seem to enter a new chapter of her life.

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Ly Kim Thao is about to final walk, the new Miss Tourism Vietnam Global will receive a car worth 3.5 billion

T.P09:25:19 27/06/2024
The reigning Miss Tourism Vietnam Global 2022 - Ly Kim Thao is about to hand over the crown to her successor, when the second season of the competition has officially kicked off, with a super huge reward the new beauty queen will receive. The car costs 3.5 billion.

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The reigning Miss World spoke frankly about Y Nhi, fans heard it was cool, maybe she will be in the top?

Trí Nhi11:44:39 24/06/2024
During a business trip to Vietnam, the reigning Miss World 2024 - Krystyna Pyszková from the Czech Republic, made frank comments about the Vietnamese representative at Miss World 2025, Miss Huynh Tran Y Nhi. Vietnamese fans feel cool and happy when they hear it.

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Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu received "bad news" and was ranked top 7 days after competing

Pinky11:27:22 23/06/2024
Lydie Vu - Vietnam's representative at Miss Supranational 2024 is receiving a lot of attention from beauty fans. After 1 week of going to Poland to compete, many beauty pages have also begun to have prediction tables, saying Vietnam's position is worrying.

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Vo Minh Toai: The runner-up of The Face with overall beauty, "favorite chicken" Anh Thu now competes in the Mister King contest

Pinky16:54:36 18/06/2024
Vo Minh Toai is a face that is no longer strange in the Vietnamese fashion industry in recent years. Possesses handsome beauty and perfect physique. However, this is not the only thing Minh Toai scores points for, because he also has a remarkable intellectual style.

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H'Hen Niê has a very expensive vedette show, is "different" and dominates Fashion Week

Pinky13:52:54 17/06/2024
Miss H Hen Nie made fans excited when she took on the position of vedette in 3 collections at Vietnam International Fashion Week. Miss Universe Vietnam's class is considered unique and outstanding on the runway.

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Miss Thanh Thuy shows off her visuals, her slim waist, attracting fans' eyes

Hoàng Anh14:45:58 16/06/2024
After being crowned, Miss Thanh Thuy has transformed more and more spectacularly, her fashion sense has clearly improved. In times when she wears r.evealing outfits, the beauty goddess makes all beauty fans shower with praise for her beauty. Every round is sharp and tight

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