Truong Triet Han hinted that he was harmed by Cung Tuan and lost his career

Hoàng PhúcMay 04, 2022 at 16:45

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The actor born in 1991 has just posted a video r.evealing that the person who harmed him lost his entire career.

Specifically, in the video, Truong Triet Han said that he was at the bottom of the pan, but when he wanted to climb up, someone always poured oil in, making the actor feel helpless.

"Everybody knows who it is. A person on a show has to use my childhood photos to lead fans to put us together, causing my perception to collapse. I always thought friends had to support, I have been an actor for more than 10 years, have collaborated with many people, whether competitors or friends, in my opinion it is the right thing to develop yourself, "Truong Triet Han said.

Truong Triet Han hinted that he was harmed by Cung Tuan and lost his career - Photo 1

The actor added, "But maybe when it's famous, it's the benefits that matter. The person with the record is guilty. I didn't expect some people to be able to fabricate other people's lives. They spread rumors. false about the stance of a young patriot. They fix keywords on Baidu, link up with bloggers, take advantage of a large number of marketing accounts to smear others."

Truong Triet Han concluded: "The success of a film is not wrong, it is wrong that people cover their conscience to make money".

According to information Truong Triet Han shared, the person who harmed the actor was his co-star in the movie Son Ha command Cung Tuan and the team behind. Cung Tuan's side edited the information, created false rumors to bring him down, causing the actor's career to collapse in August 2021.

On April 30, Truong Triet Han published a handwritten letter clarifying his relationship with actor Cung Tuan. He implied that he was taken advantage of by the actor born in 1992. Before that, they were close colleagues and made a name for themselves thanks to the passionate work Son Ha Order.

Truong Triet Han hinted that he was harmed by Cung Tuan and lost his career - Photo 2

Truong Triet Han was born in 1991, started acting in the arts in 2010, but his career only started to flourish in 2018 thanks to playing the male lead Long Phi Da in the story of Van Tich. In 2021, he suddenly became a cult star, warmly welcomed thanks to the role of Chu Tu Thu in the movie Son Ha command, adapted from the romantic novel Thien Nhai guest.

Truong Triet Han's term came in a sloppy way, just a negligent act, lack of political sensitivity and understanding of history and culture, but the career of this cult star suddenly fell apart. In August, a photo of a smiling Truong Triet Han taking pictures at the Japanese Yasukuni Shrine was "dug up" by netizens, and the actor immediately received a wave of heavy criticism. This shrine is a place to commemorate the Japanese soldiers who died in World War II, a "taboo" place for the Chinese, who received a lot of pain from the Japanese army.

A few hours after this scandal broke out, 27 brands simultaneously terminated contracts with Truong Triet Han. Despite publicly apologizing on his personal page with nearly 19 million followers, the actor was still unable to appease public opinion. On August 14, social media accounts, information about Truong Triet Han in the film crews have been completely removed, and ongoing projects have been suspended. Along with Trinh Sang and Ngo Diep Pham, the actor was listed on the list of banned waves forever, restricting all activities on social networks. His career is considered over, there is almost no chance to return to the entertainment industry, considering the current situation.

Truong Triet Han hinted that he was harmed by Cung Tuan and lost his career - Photo 3

Regarding the story of Truong Triet Han, Li Hoc Chinh, a famous producer and art manager in China, said that the case still had many inadequacies. He said that the actor was handled too quickly, losing his career after only 3 days of scandal broke out without the right to speak up.

Besides, Ly Hoc Chinh said that it is impossible to equate the crimes of Truong Triet Han as Ngo Diep Pham or Trinh Sang. Ngo Diep Pham and Trinh Sang were found guilty. Meanwhile, the matter of Truong Triet Han is just a question.

Currently, Truong Triet Han also said that he is currently writing music, learning to play the guitar and learning about psychology to heal himself. After being banned from artistic activities, Truong Triet Han's life was severely affected. The actor returned to his hometown. His mother dared not go out the door.

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