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Do My Truc: Model ruins Wu Yifan's career, pushes her to 13 years in prison

Phúc Sen17:00:52 04/05/2024
Do My Truc is a female model who has shaken the Chinese-language entertainment industry, when she was an important witness in the case of Wu Yefan's harassment. At the end of the case, she went from an unknown model, to becoming known to a global audience.

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Ngo Dinh Nam: CiiN's rumored boyfriend, netizens protest because he wants to become a singer

Khánh Huyền16:30:52 14/03/2024
Ngo Dinh Nam was once extremely loved by the online community thanks to his cover clips that both sang well and had a bit of charming humor on TikTok. Later, he turned to becoming a singer and was constantly rumored to be dating H.ot TikToker CiiN.

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Ngo Diec Pham was still appointed manager in prison, his appearance was surprising

Trường Nguyễn10:59:36 23/02/2024
Since his arrest in July 2021, Ngo Diec Pham's life after double identity has always been a topic of public discussion. Recently, the former idol's living conditions were exposed, causing many netizens to stir.

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Charmaine Sheh's "news queen" explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out

JLO14:18:14 08/12/2023
Right from the air, Queen of News was immediately loved by the audience. The quality score on Douban increased from 7.9 to 8.2/10, proving the attraction of Charmaine Sheh and the TVB cast.

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Ngo Diec Pham's appeal failed, Do My Truc revealed a recording admitting blackmail, a high-profile figure turned away

Thảo Mai16:16:52 24/11/2023
The appeal trial of Ngo Diec Pham's case officially took place, receiving huge attention from the media and the public. Accordingly, the Beijing People's Court rejected his appeal and maintained the verdict as the first instance court.

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Duong Tu held the hand of "the first screen man", correcting Kris Wu's "mistakes"?

Thanh Anh08:42:20 11/11/2023
Recently, there is news that Duong Tu will officially hold the hand of the first male screen actor to correct the mistake that Ngo Diec Pham made with the Thanh Tram Hanh project after the shocking scandal.

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Ngo Diec Pham lives in prison: From the top of his life to working in a garment factory, behind bars he still hasn't given up one thing

An Nhi10:50:55 28/10/2023
Wu Yi Pham was once an idol admired by many people, but now he sits behind bars and listens to his many crimes being exposed. Up to now, every move of the male artist is still watched and paid attention to by public opinion.

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Song Xue revealed an unexpected connection with Wu Yefan amid the noise of tax evasion, causing fans to riot

Nắng11:26:32 11/09/2023
Tong Tong evaded taxes by splitting contracts and receiving m.oney using his personal account. Cancel 3 individual units for the purpose of tax evasion, take the name of the office to sign a work contract to change personal tax to business tax.

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Li Yifeng first revealed himself after the scandal of buying and selling 'vegetables', beauty attracted attention

Ning Jing16:09:35 31/08/2023
After 1 year of hiding and hiding after the scandal of buying and selling vegetables, having a sick hobby, recently, Li Yifeng surprised many people with the current beauty of the god of thousands of people.

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The two "pink shadows" of Wu Yefan met at the event, accusing the organizers of "psychologically" staging everything

Gia Hoàng12:55:46 18/08/2023
The film's premiere event suddenly became the focus of public opinion when the former love and victim of the male idol Wu Yifan clashed. One of the beauties also bluntly accused the organizers of a settlement.

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Vuong Nhat Bac was arrested at the battle while "trading laksa leaves", following in the footsteps of Ly Dich Phong?

Juni Nguyễn11:18:36 27/07/2023
After issuing an apology to the audience for having to cancel the schedule midway because of the health situation, not long after that, Vuong Nhat Bac was called again when he was suspected of being a male top player who was arrested at the match while buying. selling laksa leaves at a hotel.

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Lam Canh Tan "betrayed" Trieu Le Dinh because of Ngo Dich Pham, netizens demanded a boycott, what is it?

Tuyết Ngọc10:15:54 27/07/2023
Recently, the social network spread information that Lam Canh Tan broke up with the rating queen, preparing to return with Duong Tu to many scenes in Thanh Tram Hanh, correcting Ngo Diep's mistakes.

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Rumored to sell seats to see Ngo Diep Pham being tried in court, what is the truth?

Nguyễn Kim10:08:35 27/07/2023
Previously, Wu Yifan was sentenced to 13 years in prison and expelled from China. Until recently, there was a stir on the forums that spread a message to sell seats to watch the trial of Ngo Diep Pham.

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Ngo Diep Pham appeared thin, his face was swollen at the trial, dissatisfied with the 13-year prison sentence

Juni Nguyễn07:34:47 26/07/2023
After a period of detention, Ngo Diep Pham's second trial will officially take place on July 25. After this trial, the male idol will likely face a 13-year prison sentence.

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S.HOCK: Thai Tu Khon was released a "rainy cloud" photo, drugged a 2k5 fan g.irl to go to bed like Ngo Diep Pham

Juni Nguyễn13:06:04 03/07/2023
After explaining that she had been single for the past 2 years and being revealed to have a love relationship with a hardcore fan when the g.irl was only 14 years old, netizens were shocked. Recently, a series of photos of rain clouds and disgusting tricks with 2k5 girls.

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Thai Tu Khon was accused of recruiting a concubine again, the victim is a hard fan born in 2k5, saying that abortion is voluntary

Ning Jing11:50:50 03/07/2023
Before a series of emotional scandals of Thai Tu Khon were revealed, recently, Chinese bloggers continued to release more shocking information about the popular male idol of Cbiz.

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Yan Yan: Admits homosexuality, gets hate for having bad intentions with BTS's brother, is about to follow in Ngo Diep's footsteps?

Hoàng Phúc20:20:39 20/06/2023
Yan Yalun used to be a member of the popular Taiwanese music group Phi Luan Hai, along with Wu Zun, Wang Dongcheng and Shen Yiwu. His career is popular, but his private life is equally noisy

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R.evealing the current life of Ly Dich Phong after the scandal of 'buying and selling laksa leaves' made fans cry

Yaya16:56:15 13/06/2023
After a period of fading from the entertainment industry of the country of billions of people, a close friend of Ly Dich Phong recently revealed the actor's current situation, making fans cry.

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Ngo Diep Pham hastily sold his house despite a loss of 43 billion to overcome the consequences, hoping to be released from prison soon

Thư Kỳ13:38:24 13/06/2023
Although he is facing a prison sentence, recently the Chinese-language media has reported that the former EXO member has to sell his million-degree villa in Huangpu, Shanghai.

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'Billion Dollar Young Master' Vuong Tu Thong pulls his hair, the famous long-legged 'physical impact' causes outrage

Yaya16:22:46 01/06/2023
Not only owning a list of famous hotgirl girlfriends, recently, Cbiz's 'billion dollar young man' made netizens stir up with the act of holding his hair, touching hands and feet with a beautiful woman in the shop. bar. Recently, on the Chinese social network, a clip recorded the...

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After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: The property was frozen, no regrets for what he did?

Hoàng Phúc18:51:08 31/05/2023
Used to be the brightest male god of the Chinese entertainment industry, participating in the list of the Four Great Peaks, but Ly Dich Phong suddenly encountered a "fall of the horse" causing his whole career to fall into a "dead end". Following Ngo Diep Pham, the actor also...

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The popular male artist Cbiz was revealed to be 'perverted', soliciting dozens of female fans to bed to record clips?

Juni Nguyễn18:33:41 26/05/2023
Following Ngo Diep Pham, recently Cbiz media has continued to e.xpose a famous male artist who has a habit of regularly recruiting concubines, soliciting female fans to bed to commit depraved acts that violate both the law and the law. morality. Recently, according to the media...

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Ngo Diep Pham worked as a big brother in the prison, served the arts in his free time, where did he go when he was released from prison at the age of 45?

JLO09:22:40 19/05/2023
The former Chinese idol has now fully adapted to the new living situation after a period of re-education here, even thanks to a sense of demand for rehabilitation, she is classified as an "honorary prisoner group". Recently, on May 18, the Chinese media reported on Ngo Yifan's...

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Vuong Nhat Bac was accused of being a king, making his girlfriend pregnant and then denying it, threatening not to speak

Minh Lợi09:15:16 17/03/2023
Vuong Nhat Bac is currently one of the traffic peaks receiving the most attention today. While busy with his career, the actor was suddenly accused by a g.irl of being irresponsible. Currently, netizens are talking about the incident. On March 16, Sina reported that Vuong Nhat...

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