Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung

Đình NhưJun 06, 2024 at 15:28

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Once fought by Quang Le and another singer, even scratching the noisy back, but Trong Nghia is still struggling. Many viewers felt sorry for this singer.

Trong Nghia said that because of the poor family situation, his father died, so he had to drop out of school, go for a walk and sell candy to take care of his family. And yet, because Trong Nghia is the eldest c.hild in a family with only two brothers (also dropped out of school due to a difficult family), the responsibility of the "family" pillar almost falls heavily on the young man's shoulders.

Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 1

Every day, Trong Nghia and his cousin hugged bags of candy and music boxes to walk around the sidewalk shops in Long Khanh town, Dong Nai to sing and make a living through the day. He said that on the best days, he only earned about 100 thousand VND. With that little m.oney, he brought it all back to his mother so that she could take care of the m.oney for the hammer market and family activities.

Although he was not educated and had to earn a hard living, the "candy boy" never stopped dreaming that one day he would stand on stage, sing in front of thousands of audiences and receive applause, known as a singer.

Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 2

Trong Nghia chooses for himself folk music, lyrical, close and idyllic. He passionately sings songs such as: Earthly letter, Sad city, Where is the lover's hair, Cold dew in the winter... all over the sidewalk bars.

Then one day, Trong Nghia had the opportunity to meet Quang Le, then Dam Vinh Hung, who was loved by both famous male singers. The young man was favored by Dam Vinh Hung to sing together in the Liveshow Face 2 and introduced to thousands of Mr. Dam's fans. The moment of standing on stage singing with male singer star Dam Vinh Hung must have touched Trong Nghia and was unforgettable.

Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 3

Returning home after singing with Dam Vinh Hung, Trong Nghia did not forget to send a message to Quang Le to share the joy. At the same time, the songs that Trong Nghia uploaded to YouTube with the nickname Dan Nguyen street (because Trong Nghia's voice is very similar to singer Dan Nguyen abroad) also received many positive signals from listeners. This is exactly as predicted by Quang Le when he first met and commented on the development of the "guy who sells candy". Therefore, Quang Le made an offer to sign an official contract with Trong Nghia.

Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 4

Standing between Quang Le's invitation to collaborate and Dam Vinh Hung's silence, "Dan Nguyen Street" decided to return to the male singer S.mash the guitar. Because according to Trong Nghia, in addition to love, Quang Le also has a favor for his family when he once "spent" the amount of 20 million VND to take care of his family. "Dan Nguyen street" said that everyone in his house has a lot of sympathy for Quang Le because the male singer "does not talk in vain" or "promise and leave it" but has very sincere and practical actions.

Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 5

Coming here, it seems that the life of the "candy seller" has changed to the page, but in fact, Trong Nghia has stumbled upon criticism of "betrayal" from Dam Vinh Hung and many netizens. Even because of Trong Nghia, a singer once declared that he was "not in the same sky" with Quang Le.

Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 6

Not stopping there, when Quang Le spoke up in response to Dam Vinh Hung's insults on his personal page and through a number of newspaper pages, the story was pushed further and further away.

However, after that noisy story, those who thought Trong Nghia would get everything turned out to fall to 0. He is still lost in showbiz, still unable to find a foothold.

Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 7

After a few years, no one mentioned "Dan Nguyen Street" anymore, but in the year, Trong Nghia suddenly returned when he released the MV Sad Life. The song was written by musician To Hieu specifically for Trong Nghia's voice and especially wrote about the "breakup" with the two seniors when they could not share the same path on the road to showbiz.

Sharing about the time when he disappeared from showbiz, Trong Nghia confided: "I had about 2 years of rest, not singing. At that time, I recalled all the shows I received. I just stayed at home to help with the housework, not doing anything else because I really didn't have any more minds.

After 2 years, I had the chance to meet singer Son Ha. Hearing me talk about that time, Mr. Son Ha offered to invite me to the cooperation studio."

Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 8

Looking back on the gains and losses since entering showbiz, Trong Nghia confided: "When Mr. Quang Le competed, I was lucky to be noticed by everyone. It was an opportunity, a stepping stone that was too big for me to enter showbiz.

And it was also the biggest event of my life ever. I thank you very much for giving me that opportunity, giving me the opportunity to be known by many people and telling me how much harder I have to work in this profession, if I want to go the long way.

But what I lost was also the audience. People judge me as someone who doesn't know how to appreciate what I have, running after this, running after that. At that time, I was too young, shallow, untouched, immature. Because I was in a hurry, I missed many opportunities that came to me.

But I always cherish the past. It gave me many valuable lessons about life and career. Currently, I only know how to try my best, make products, and release songs. Hopefully, people will welcome me back."

Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 9

Talking more about the relationship with the two seniors after that noise, Trong Nghia expressed: "My brothers are still normal. For a long time, I have seen some guys go to shows, they still encourage me to try on the path I have chosen."

Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 10

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