Trieu Lo Tu uses a "secret weapon" to defeat Bach Loc, and his old love experiences tension

Hoa TuyếtJan 22, 2024 at 16:43

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Recently, Trieu Lo Tu was praised for her beauty after being "harmed" many times. Thanks to the "small yet powerful" item, the little flower can carry many types of outfits with ease.

Among the post-95 flower girls of the Chinese screen, Trieu Lo Tu, although not highly appreciated for her beauty, is often among the top best-dressed stars because of her excellent ability to mix and match clothes. Recently, netizens discovered an accessory that actresses often use to enhance their beauty.

Trieu Lo Tu uses a secret weapon to defeat Bach Loc, and his old love experiences tension - Photo 1

In a series of photos posted on social networks, it can be seen that the "time travel saint" is very diligent in promoting the beret, combining it with many different outfit styles. This accessory not only helps the l.ittle g.irl hide her round face piercing, but also creates a youthful, dynamic feeling that is no less elegant and feminine.

Trieu Lo Tu's dressing sense is very sought after by young people in China. Her series of outfits often become h.ot topics on social networks in the country of billions of people. Even KOLs have to make videos to learn how to apply makeup or coordinate outfits in the style of female lead Than An.

Trieu Lo Tu uses a secret weapon to defeat Bach Loc, and his old love experiences tension - Photo 2

From here, netizens discovered that the beret is also a favorite item in the wardrobe of Bach Loc or Cuc Tinh Y. The proof is that these female stars often wear it in everyday photos and are also upgraded. beauty increased significantly.

Many people commented that if you put on the scale and compare all three flower girls when matching outfits with beret hats, the beauty named Trieu is slightly better than the other two seniors. So it can be said that this accessory is also a "secret weapon" that helps her improve her beauty level significantly.

Trieu Lo Tu uses a secret weapon to defeat Bach Loc, and his old love experiences tension - Photo 3

Currently, Trieu Lo Tu is the second most popular actress in the Chinese entertainment industry. In 2023, the little flower g.irl has up to 3 movies on air: Than An, Hau Lang and A Clumsy Thief Can't Hide. However, only the school youth drama starring Tran Triet Vien received positive reviews.

"Holy Cross" is actively completing the filming of "Jade Pearl Curtain" - the second reunion project with Luu Vu Ninh. The film is expected to be released to audiences in late 2024, early 2025.

Trieu Lo Tu uses a secret weapon to defeat Bach Loc, and his old love experiences tension - Photo 4

While Trieu Lo Tu's career is not going well, due to the recently aired project "Hidden Spirit" having disastrous results, her co-star Tran Triet Vien also encountered continuous misfortune with "Fairy Kiem Ky". Half 4" in collaboration with Cuc Tinh Y.

In addition to the scandal, the film also made the audience bored because of its poor quality, not living up to initial expectations. For that reason, the career status of the new generation male god also became a h.ot topic of discussion among netizens.

Trieu Lo Tu uses a secret weapon to defeat Bach Loc, and his old love experiences tension - Photo 5

Many people believe that even though Tran Triet Vien was fully supported by IQIYI and held many great IPs in his hands, he still could not rise to the level of an A-list star. Having debuted nearly 10 years ago, the genre of films he has acted in is extremely diverse. format: Tuyet Dai Song Kieu (martial arts), Sat Pha Lang (beauty), Tien Kiem 4 (fairy tale), Clumsy Thieves Can't Hide (modern romance), Dark Night and Dawn (national).. .

His career was more favorable than that of his peers when he received countless leading roles even though he was new to the profession and had limited acting ability. His co-stars are also all top flower girls such as: Ngu Thu Han, Trieu Lo Tu or Cuc Tinh Y.

Trieu Lo Tu uses a secret weapon to defeat Bach Loc, and his old love experiences tension - Photo 6

In any aspect, Tran Triet Vien has the ability to become an A-list star in a short time. Yet a decade has passed, he is still only on the "waiting list". Even far behind some young students of the emerging Chinese screen.

"He's still not h.ot after nearly ten years of hard work", "Now I know that IQIYI pushed Tran Triet Vien to play the main role for so many years. When Theft That Can't Be Concealed aired, I thought he was a new actor. ", "It's true that he has no visuals, no qualifications", "Even though he's so favored, he still can't get ahead, his future career is really difficult to say",... are comments left by netizens.

Trieu Lo Tu uses a secret weapon to defeat Bach Loc, and his old love experiences tension - Photo 7

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