Trieu Lo Tu made Tran Triet Vien "jealous", happy with new love to receive good news

Kim LâmJan 28, 2024 at 13:23

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Trieu Lo Tu is one of the most sought-after little flowers in the Chinese entertainment industry today. Her charm is shown by which movie she acts in, which is a h.ot movie. Recently, she and her "new love" continued to receive new good news in their career.

Thanks to the success of the movie Theft Can't Hide , both Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Triet Vien have become the most sought-after actresses on Chinese screens today. The perfect coordination and explosive chemistry in the love story Accidental Theft Can't Hide helped the couple receive enthusiastic support from the audience.

Trieu Lo Tu made Tran Triet Vien jealous, happy with new love to receive good news - Photo 1

However, at the present time, both have new co-stars of the opposite s.ex in upcoming projects. In particular, Trieu Lo Tu is being actively pushed by netizens with Vuong An Vu after the two collaborated in the historical work Than An .

Recently, Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu suddenly received great news when Than An will officially be released on the Netflix movie platform on February 2. It can be said that Hidden Spirit is one of the impressive historical dramas of Chinese cinema in late 2023 - early 2024. According to data on January 15, the film Hidden Spirit ranked 3rd on the broadcasting platform, Trieu Lo Tu reached the top 3 in the character rankings.

Trieu Lo Tu made Tran Triet Vien jealous, happy with new love to receive good news - Photo 2

2023 is considered an active year for Trieu Lo Tu when there are 3 movies on air, appearing densely in the media. Taking on the female lead role in the movie Hidden Spirit, Trieu Lo Tu impressed with her pretty face and petite figure. Not only thanks to her outstanding appearance, she also improved her acting skills; Immerse yourself in a natural, emotional character.

Trieu Lo Tu made Tran Triet Vien jealous, happy with new love to receive good news - Photo 3

Previously, the films starring Trieu Lo Tu all achieved impressive achievements at Netflix in particular and the international market in general. Shining Han Xian Lan, Letting the Heavens Go and Theft Can't Hide all account for the Top 3/10 most-watched Chinese movies on Netflix globally from 2021-2023. Among them, Thirteen Thieves has reached Top 1 views, Theft Can't Hide is currently holding the record for the Chinese film with the highest ranking on the Netflix Global chart, released in nearly 200 countries.

Trieu Lo Tu made Tran Triet Vien jealous, happy with new love to receive good news - Photo 4

During the broadcast of Hidden Spirit, Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu made great efforts to promote the film. However, the film's performance was not impressive and was somewhat inferior to Trieu Lo Tu's previous films. The content of Hidden Spirit is considered somewhat boring and old. The acting of Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu is not really outstanding to hold the audience. However, Hidden Spirit still attracts a segment of the audience and is a suitable choice for those looking for a movie to entertain.

Trieu Lo Tu made Tran Triet Vien jealous, happy with new love to receive good news - Photo 5

At the end of 2023, Trieu Lo Tu joined the Ngoc Chau Sa Curtain group, marking the second collaboration with Luu Vu Ninh since the costume drama Truong Ca Hanh . The film is expected to be released to audiences in late 2024, early 2025.

At the present time, Trieu Lo Tu is considered a talented young actor in the Chinese entertainment industry as he owns a series of huge projects and is not at all shy when acting with famous male idols. She also affirmed that she is truly the "darling" of Cbiz, threatening to overwhelm her seniors Cuc Tinh Y or Bach Loc with a series of great achievements.

Trieu Lo Tu made Tran Triet Vien jealous, happy with new love to receive good news - Photo 6

Trieu Lo Tu debuted in 2016, through Hunan Radio's Super G.irl selection program, and then the science fiction variety show Mars Intelligence Bureau season 2. In 2017, "Divine Traveler" main officially entered the movies with her first supporting role in Phuong Tu Hoang , collaborating with Tong Uy Long, Guan Xiaotong, Bach Loc...

After nearly 10 years of working, Trieu Lo Tu gradually conquered countless hearts of audiences, being considered the person with the most outstanding career in the 95th flower group.

Trieu Lo Tu made Tran Triet Vien jealous, happy with new love to receive good news - Photo 7

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