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Trieu Lo Tu caused controversy when he encountered Ningning, his styling was severely criticized

Khánh Huyền13:33:55 14/05/2024
Not only was Trieu Lo Tu compared to the same Versace dress model as Kpop idol Ningning (aespa), this time Trieu Lo Tu was also severely criticized for her confusing pose with outfits from high-end brands.

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Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa)

Phi Đức13:53:22 11/04/2024
Recently, Versace posted new promotional images and videos of global ambassador Trieu Lo Tu on social networking platforms, for the Versace Icons campaign. Notably, when this image was compared to Ningning (aespa), Trieu Lo Tu suffered...

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Trieu Lo Tu is famous for being "better than losing" with Kpop beauties, who would have expected to r.eveal her shortcomings

Kim Lâm13:38:23 22/01/2024
When mentioning Trieu Lo Tu, people will immediately think of the image of a sweet and cute little flower g.irl. The problem is that Trieu Lo Tu often appears in h.ot serials that exaggerate her figure, causing netizens to doubt her true hotness.

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Ningning: Chinese beauties who went to Korea were "evicted" because of their noisy attitude and unjust truth behind?

Xuân Xuân16:47:08 09/06/2023
Ningning is a female singer with a unique and hard-to-find beauty in the Asian entertainment industry. She is also considered a rare talent that SM has searched for gold to discover. But since then, Ningning has only been remembered by the noise of the market.

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Karina (aespa) - SM's beauty has an unreal beauty that has been mocked by BTS and EXO

An Nhi08:06:05 27/07/2022
Karina is known as the most prominent member and has the largest fanbase of aespa. She is famous for her unreal beauty and well-proportioned b.ody. However, before her debut, Karina also faced many criticisms. aespa is a group that SM oriented towards the concept of AI...

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NMIXX was named the best vocalist in Gen 4 by Knet, helping JYP get rid of the "incompetent" label?

Hoàng Phúc17:23:28 11/03/2022
Not only conquering the audience with their looks, NMIXX is increasingly proving their talent, presenting themselves as a formidable rookie on the Kpop race. NMIXX's performance on KBS CoolFM is currently a h.ot topic of discussion on Knet. After impressive live stages in the...

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"National MC" Yoo Jae Suk was criticized by Chinese fans, the reason why netizens fell back

Duyên Trần14:57:39 21/02/2022
The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics (Olympic Games) is watched and supported by the Korean people for domestic athletes. On February 7, in the 1,000m speed skating competition, Korean athlete Hwang Dae Heon was unable to advance to the final round due to bad play by an athlete from...

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NingNing (aespa) - The unblown "Jennie clone" is about to die: Who thought the trump card would be saint thi Phi?

Hoàng Phúc14:09:24 16/02/2022
In recent days, NingNing (aespa) is the "brightest" name on Korean social networks, every topic about her constantly receives huge interactions. For the first time after more than a year of debut, the Chinese female idol surpassed Karina and Winter to capture the attention of...

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Winter (aespa) is criticized for his inferior skills compared to SM seniors, but why is the fancam still increasing views?

Duyên Trần20:51:57 10/02/2022
In recent days, the fancam Step Back of Winter (aespa) has continuously attracted attention from netizens. As of February 10, after 12 days of posting, Winter's fancam reached 8.3 million views. Winter quickly rose to the top 3 in the Gen 4 idol fancam chart with the most "huge"...

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NingNing (aespa) hacked her private Instagram after being criticized for "eating stone porridge"?

Duyên Trần08:48:19 10/02/2022
Recently, a Korean netizen shocked when he announced that he had hacked NingNing's private Instagram, and announced the following list of female idol SM. Accordingly, NingNing's private Instagram account is said to have followed many famous Kbiz stars as well as the world. Kpop...

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NingNing (aespa) was boycotted by Korean netizens and asked to be kicked out of the group for blatantly doing this?

Duyên Trần11:26:57 09/02/2022
As an idol of Chinese origin, NingNing (aespa) was met with bad comments by Knet for supporting the home team during the Beijing Winter Olympics taking place from February 4 to 20 / 1. 2. Even many Kpop fans in the land of kimchi are ready to boycott aespa because of their anger...

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Mina (TWICE), NingNing (aespa), Yujin (IVE) and the "deceitful beauties", were robbed of Visual by teammates

Duyên Trần08:52:47 06/02/2022
The stories of Kpop's female visuals are too many to tell. In addition to the official visual role appointed by the company itself, some female idols also cause regret to the audience because they possess the same beauty as their teammates but lack the opportunity to express...

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Karina (aespa) is considered to be the most incompetent in the group, netizens criticize for not causing internal wars

Duyên Trần09:57:38 25/01/2022
aespa is currently SM's main g.irl group and is expected by netizens to become a leading factor in the new generation of Kpop. Along with the success of Next Level and Savage, aespa continuously won great prizes, too good for a rookie. But with a top-notch reputation is always...

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NingNing (aespa) is constantly being "disguised" for lip sync, turns out to be related to SM?

Duyên Trần19:11:33 23/01/2022
Since the comeback with Savage, aespa has often been screened for lip-syncing when performing on large and small stages. Not only causing the above controversy at year-end awards ceremonies such as MAMA 2021, KBS Gayo Daechukje 2021, SM's rookie g.irl group also embarrassed fans...

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Jennie has Jisoo (BLACKPINK) as the main vocal, Momo (TWICE) just needs to dance and split the line, is that okay?

Hoàng Phúc08:07:09 16/01/2022
A post on pann-nate about how to divide the singing line appropriately in g.irl groups is receiving mixed reactions from netizens. Recently, opinions about dividing lines in g.irl groups like BLACKPINK, TWICE, aespa... are creating mixed views. Many people feel it is right, but...

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IVE cover of Taeyeon's music: Without the "whispering queen" Wonyoung should be smooth, vocal disaster like rumors?

Hoàng Phúc07:46:01 13/01/2022
2 pieces of IVE's "marketing" have just performed a cover of the classic song of senior Taeyeon (SNSD), will the voice impress netizens? IVE is currently one of the most prominent rookie groups today. Debuting in early December 2021 with the song Eleven, the group attracted...

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Winter (aespa) is suspected of "stealing" NingNing's singing line, all because of SM pushing too much, racist?

Hoàng Phúc08:28:49 08/01/2022
NingNing's fans complained when the female idol was not present in the GOT The Beat project even though she was aespa's "real product" main vocal. The story of dividing lines in each group has always been a hotly debated topic among fandoms. Recently, fans of NingNing (aespa)...

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aespa competes with the goddess duo IVE: B.ody is completely "underdog", but how is the visual?

An Nhi09:58:24 04/01/2022
Rarely appearing in the same frame, the beauty of aespa and IVE members was suddenly put on the comparison table by netizens. aespa and IVE are both the hottest rookie g.irl groups right now. Although they have only debuted for a short time, the two groups have one thing in...

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YoonA (SNSD) competes with Karina (aespa), the goddess's beauty, but still loses 1 point to juniors?

Duyên Trần08:00:41 01/01/2022
Recently, the annual music festival MBC Gayo Daejejeon 2021 took place extremely excitingly with the participation of popular Kpop idols such as IVE, STAYC, aespa, ITZY, NCT, Stray Kids, MAMAMOO, OH MY G.IRL. .. This year, YoonA (SNSD) continues to take on the role of host for...

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NingNing (aespa) was given the beauty to "eat" Karina but was not pushed by SM for 1 reason

An Nhi21:09:47 17/12/2021
Although NingNing (aespa) was commented by the online community as having the most popular visual in the group, it was still ignored by SM. After only 1 year of debut, SM - aespa has been considered one of the top g.irl groups in Kpop. Not only attracting attention with their...

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