aespa competes with the goddess duo IVE: B.ody is completely "underdog", but how is the visual?

An NhiJan 04, 2022 at 09:58

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Rarely appearing in the same frame, the beauty of aespa and IVE members was suddenly put on the comparison table by netizens.

aespa and IVE are both the hottest rookie g.irl groups right now. Although they have only debuted for a short time, the two groups have one thing in common: they soon achieved remarkable success. The fact that members of the same group appeared in the same frame was enough to become a h.ot topic of discussion.

Recently, netizens have paid special attention to the moment NingNing and Winter (aespa) stood next to Jang Wonyoung and Yujin (IVE) on the stage of the SBS Gayo Daejun 2021 event.

aespa competes with the goddess duo IVE: B.ody is completely "underdog", but how is the visual? - Photo 1

It can be seen that Wonyoung and Yujin's excellent b.ody proportions almost make NingNing and Winter inferior. Although NingNing and Winter both wear much higher heels than Wonyoung and Yujin, the height difference is clearly visible. Worth mentioning is that both Wonyoung and Yujin are younger than NingNing and Winter. This "ironical" detail made Knet not stop talking.

Some comments from netizens:

- Yujin's b.ody proportions are really good, she's the one who wears low-soled shoes.

- NingNing standing next to Wonyoung is completely inferior.

- You may be surprised: NingNing was born in 2002 as the youngest aespa, Wonyoung is the leader of IVE and was born in 2003.

aespa competes with the goddess duo IVE: B.ody is completely "underdog", but how is the visual? - Photo 2

Although the height may be inferior, the visuals of aespa and IVE are "one nine one ten". When standing next to Wonyoung and Yujin, NingNing's face is still very prominent thanks to her big doll-like eyes.

Fans also enjoyed the lovely relationship of NingNing and the IVE members. On December 31, NingNing caused a fever when releasing a series of intimate selfie photos at the backstage of the MBC Gayo Daejejeon 2021 concert with Yujin.

aespa competes with the goddess duo IVE: B.ody is completely "underdog", but how is the visual? - Photo 3

Besides the beauty scale, netizens also looked at the live singing ability of aespa and IVE. In addition to positive posts, IVE and aespa both receive vocals, arguments about attitudes or skills. Most recently, netizens made a clip to separate live vocals from background music to test the live singing skills of IVE and aespa members.

With IVE, the group has won many victories thanks to the debut song "Eleven". At the encore stage at Music Core, the Starship girls confidently sang live because this program will play music with background vocals. When separating the background music, it was disappointing that only member Liz sang well and did not lip-sync to the music. And the youngest Leeseo seems to let go of the mic because he can't sing. The most controversial was Wonyoung when she lip-synced almost entirely her part.

aespa competes with the goddess duo IVE: B.ody is completely "underdog", but how is the visual? - Photo 4

Along with the show Music Core, aespa surprised again thanks to her good live singing ability. In particular, the two main vocals of the group, NingNing and Winter, are not afraid to hit high notes, showing off their strong vocals. Although the background music has vocals, the group did not take advantage to lip-sync but still sang with their own strength.

aespa competes with the goddess duo IVE: B.ody is completely "underdog", but how is the visual? - Photo 5

It can be seen that, in terms of live singing skills, SM's chickens completely won the representative from Starship.

Previously, the rookie girls of the Starship family caused controversy with their "deceitful" live singing and encore stages on music shows. Accordingly, netizens pointed out a "trick" to avoid singing high notes of Rei. Specifically, every time when the high note is about to hit, Rei tries to do another action to not have to sing that high note. If on the first stage, Rei "crys out" while singing, then the next time, she calls the name DIVE - the group's fandom.

This was repeated many times, not once, making netizens uncomfortable and criticizing her for being "deceitful" and "fake". Earlier at the encore Show Champion on December 8, the IVE member was also controversial because of the lack of serious encore stage.

aespa competes with the goddess duo IVE: B.ody is completely "underdog", but how is the visual? - Photo 6

Despite many controversies, it is undeniable that IVE is the hottest rookie in Kpop today. This g.irl group consists of 6 members: leader Eugene, Autumn, Ray, Wonyoung, Liz and Lee Seo. Since the release of their first single "Eleven", IVE has made its name on various Billboard charts, competing directly with groups that will debut in 2021.

Specifically, just over 2 weeks after debut, the group quickly won 4 trophies on music shows with the song ELEVEN. In addition, IVE also entered the "Billboard Global Excl.US" and "Billboard Global 200" charts at 38 and 68, respectively.

Billboard is a standard music platform that reflects the latest trends in the popular music market, so it is considered one of the major global charts. The fact that IVE was noticed by Billboard shows that the group has strong growth potential.

aespa competes with the goddess duo IVE: B.ody is completely "underdog", but how is the visual? - Photo 7

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