Million Highway From Versace

Topic: Million Highway From Versace

Trieu Lo Tu caused controversy when he encountered Ningning, his styling was severely criticized

Khánh Huyền13:33:55 14/05/2024
Not only was Trieu Lo Tu compared to the same Versace dress model as Kpop idol Ningning (aespa), this time Trieu Lo Tu was also severely criticized for her confusing pose with outfits from high-end brands.

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Beautiful Trieu Lo Tu turned fans around and was unexpectedly proposed with a diamond ring

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:36:28 12/05/2024
Trieu Lo Tu is one of the top beauties in Cbiz at the moment. She possesses a sweet, pure beauty that thousands of people love, worthy of being called the most famous flower g.irl of the post-95 generation.

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Zhao Luxiu humiliated his partner, posed like a market, and destroyed the luxurious image

Bút Máy17:03:45 08/05/2024
The image of Zhao Luotu promoting Versace became the subject of debate on social media. Many viewers believe that the actress lacks flexibility, does not emphasize the beauty of the outfit.

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Zhao Lu Zi was completely underwhelming when he clashed designs with Rosé (BLACKPINK)

Minh Ngọc13:49:48 06/05/2024
Zhao Luxiu continued to clash with a Korean beauty while wearing the same design. Not much more positive than previous times, Lu Tu continues to be compared and disparaged somewhat inferior to the member of BLACKPINK.

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Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each other's exception

Phương Thảo14:54:37 17/04/2024
On April 12, Trieu Lo Tu was present at an event of the fashion brand Versace. Immediately afterwards, a video recording the scene of Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu embracing each other passionately when attending the event was widely shared.

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Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa)

Phi Đức13:53:22 11/04/2024
Recently, Versace posted new promotional images and videos of global ambassador Trieu Lo Tu on social networking platforms, for the Versace Icons campaign. Notably, when this image was compared to Ningning (aespa), Trieu Lo Tu suffered...

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