Trieu Le Dinh revealed who wanted to get married, fans were surprised because she was a very familiar person

An NhiJul 25, 2022 at 16:55

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After the divorce of Phung Thieu Phong, the love story of Trieu Le Dinh was very interested by netizens. Accordingly, many fans hope that the actress will soon find new happiness.

After the broken marriage with Phung Thieu Phong, Trieu Le Dinh became secretive and focused on developing her career more.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed who wanted to get married, fans were surprised because she was a very familiar person - Photo 1

Recently, a previous interview of Trieu Le Dinh was suddenly dug up. Notably, in the video, Dinh Bao received a question about who she most wanted to marry. The answer the actress gave was her father, which surprised many people. .

However, through it can also see the special love that Trieu Le Dinh has for her father, surely in her eyes, the father is an extremely majestic and tall person.

Going back to the past, the marriage between Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong took place in the surprise of the public. They thought they would witness a super-century wedding, but the two rushed their separate ways after nearly a year together, the root cause of the divorce is still a mystery.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed who wanted to get married, fans were surprised because she was a very familiar person - Photo 2

After that event, the careers of both Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong gradually began to have a clear disparity. One person is successful, has a better reputation than before, which is a h.ot movie, while the other is much less famous. The latest project, released in 2021, of actor Phung Vong Vong Chi Mang seems to be unknown to many people.

As for Trieu Le Dinh, she is very active in joining the group or participating in entertainment programs. After the series Happiness To Van Gia and the upcoming project Da Man Sinh Truong, it is likely that the actress will officially transform successfully.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed who wanted to get married, fans were surprised because she was a very familiar person - Photo 3

Talking about Happiness To Van Gia, since its broadcast, the film has received many positive feedbacks. The film was noticed by the audience, and major newspapers also published praises.

Although it received good reviews, when opening the douban score, the film was only rated 7.3 with 34,000 reviews. This caused the film to be labeled "the title is not worthy of reality".

But recently, Trieu Le Dinh's work achieved new achievements that made many people admire. Specifically, the movie's realtime rating broke 1% on Khuc Van. This is the second work this year to achieve this achievement. In addition, the film also helped Beijing and Dongfang stations have the highest realtime ratings since the beginning of the year so far.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed who wanted to get married, fans were surprised because she was a very familiar person - Photo 4

During the screening of Happiness To The Thousand Houses, Beijing radio inserted a 6-minute advertisement. Dong Phuong Radio is no less competitive when the advertising time between episodes is up to 11 minutes. This is a relatively long time for advertising campaigns.

This achievement has extended Trieu Le Dinh's success chain. The actress still retains the title of rating queen in the television segment.

Worth mentioning, Happiness To Van Gia has a different genre from previous films. In the past, Phung Thieu Phong's ex-wife often acted in idol or historical dramas.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed who wanted to get married, fans were surprised because she was a very familiar person - Photo 5

This time, she reappears in a modern work with a rural theme. Trieu Le Dinh's new image makes many people excited but also more worried.

Most of the audience is familiar with the image of the actress in the historical film series. In addition, the rating of Happiness to Van Gia has not broken 1, the level of discussion is not as much as previous works, so it is difficult to be violent.

Compared to the audience, the crew and the little flower herself put more expectations on this film. However, recently a post appeared that said that the previous expectations placed on Happiness To Van Gia have now been unfulfilled.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed who wanted to get married, fans were surprised because she was a very familiar person - Photo 6

Specifically, according to the blogger who posted, Trieu Le Dinh wanted to rely on Happiness to Van Gia to compete for the prize, for the purpose of image transformation. However, at the present time, the project of director Trinh Hieu Long is not appreciated by people in the profession. Even the film's investors suffered heavy losses.

This news has just been released and quickly attracted the attention of many netizens. Most people think that bloggers post without looking at the truth. At the present time, Happiness to Van Gia is not the highest rated movie, but it is the project with the highest temperature on air. The film ranked 3rd on the Datawin chart with 2,721 points.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed who wanted to get married, fans were surprised because she was a very familiar person - Photo 7

Not stopping there, Trieu Le Dinh's transformation project was also praised by many prestigious units. Typically, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Xinhua News Agency ... Rating Happiness To Van Gia also increased significantly compared to previous projects with the same broadcast on Dong Phuong and Beijing stations.

Currently, Happiness To Van Gia is entering the c.limax stage. Trieu Le Dinh's transformation film is always appreciated for its truest reflection of people's lives in the old society.

Trieu Le Dinh revealed who wanted to get married, fans were surprised because she was a very familiar person - Photo 8

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